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Instructions: Read each question and choose the correct answer.

Hint: You can find many of the answers to these and other job interview issues and questions by checking out our Job Interviewing Tutorial or comprehensive Job Interviewing FAQ … as well as using one of more of the many interviewing resources you can find in our Guide to Job Interviewing Resources.

For the most assistance with job interview questions and answers, check out our Job Interview Questions Database for Job-Seekers, which provides a large sample of typical job interview questions — and sample good responses.

  1. Which of the following is not one of the suggested strategies for preparing for your job interview:
    conduct research on the company/industry
    prepare answers to possible interview questions
    gather key resources (extra resumes, reference list) to take with you
    research salaries so you can ask about salary and benefits at the beginning of the interview
  2. True or false: Wearing a formal suit is always the safest “dress for success” attire.
  3. True or false: Being the most qualified candidate for the position just about guarantees you will get the job.
  4. The STAR (situation, task, action, results) Technique refers to a tool you should consider using for developing answers to what type of interview questions?
    traditional/conventional job interviews
    psychological job interviews
    behavioral job interviews
    panel job interviews
  5. True or false: Greeting the receptionist/assistant when you arrive and treating him or her with respect is an important key to your success.
  6. Which part of the interview is the most important?
    first minutes
    answering the “toughest” questions well
    final minutes
    the whole time
  7. What are three most important keys to success in interviews?
    good perfume/cologne, nice smile, fresh breath
    making eye contact, showing enthusiasm, speaking clearly
    fresh breath, nice smile, making eye contact
    developing rapport, good posture, fresh breath
  8. It’s best to arrive how early before an interview?
    1 hour
    30 minutes
    15 minutes
    1 minute
  9. True or false: You should use only examples from your actual work experience to answer questions during a job interview.
  10. The best thing to do in an interview when you get a question that stumps you temporarily is:
    sit there and just stare at the interviewer
    keep saying, “good question, good question”
    respond with, “I just really can’t answer that”
    paraphrase the question while giving yourself time to think
  11. True or false: Taking detailed notes in an interview is an accepted practice.
  12. When the interviewer asks you the question, “tell me about yourself,” s/he really wants what from you in response?
    a 10-minute detailed story of your life, from birth to present
    a concise narrative of your personal and professional background and goals and how they relate to the job at hand
    a short narrative of your personal life, leaving nothing to the imagination
    a long-winded account of what you want from the employer
  13. How should you respond to the question, “where do you see yourself in five years?”
    “I just want to be at a place in my life when I’m happy with who I am — the job I’m doing would have to support that.”
    “I could see myself starting my own business.”
    “I would hope I am still with this organization in a position of increased responsibility, making a vital contribution to its success.”
    “I just want to have a steady income that I am satisfied with and that allows me to be financially independent.”
  14. The best way to answer the question, “Why do you want to work for our company,” is by saying:
    “You’ve been the market leader for the past five years because of the reputation of your products and quality of customer satisfaction and I would like to contribute my services to continue the organization’s successes.”
    “You’ve been the market leaders for the past five years, and I think it would be really great for my career to work for your organization.”
    “I love the fact that I can dress in jeans every day and that the office is only a five minute bike ride from the beach.”
    “I’m really attracted by the great salary and benefits your company offers.”
  15. True or false: If you’re asked to discuss your current boss, whom you dislike, you should tell the truth about him.
  16. If you are returning to the workforce or have gaps in your employment history and are asked about what you were doing during that time, you should:
    talk about volunteering or consulting work or training you completed
    mention that being a parent takes top priority in your life
    discuss the long mourning period over the loss of a loved one
    state that you tend to need breaks between jobs
  17. True or false: No matter what, you should always ask at least one question when the interviewer asks if you have any questions about the job or the company.
  18. Which of the following is not one of the most common mistakes job-seekers make during job interviews:
    limp, clammy handshake
    over-emphasis on money
    lack of interest and enthusiasm
    too much knowledge of the company
  19. True or false: At the end of the interview, you should always ask about the next step in the process.
  20. As soon as you get back from the job interview, you should:
    put your feet up and relax, knowing you did a great interview
    spend hours kicking yourself for some poor answers you gave
    immediately fire off thank you letters/e-mails to each person who interviewed with you
    quit your current job in anticipation of a new job offer


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