Writing An Office Assistant Recommendation Letter

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An employer wants to get as much information about a candidate and there skills, and the resume can only convey so much. Your job application can really be brought to the next level with a good office assistant recommendation letter, because this gives employers a chance to see how you function in a work environment and what you can truly accomplish.

Keyla Gallegos

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Jason Jamsen for the position of office assistant at your company. Jason was an office assistant at the company I work for, Company Name, for nearly four years, and his performance was always exemplary. We had Jason handling many different tasks, probably too many, but he always did an excellent job and worked diligently.

In our offices we had a great deal of correspondences along with complex shipping and logistics tasks, and Jason would provide us with significant assistance with both of these things. From procuring materials and recording or relaying information to making calls and processing shipments, Jason maintained complete organization, professionalism, and efficiency. No matter what we asked Jason would figure out a way to do it, often with minimal direction.

Jason’s greatest strength is his initiative and creativity, he doesn’t need to be prodded to do anything, he simply gets things done. He upheld nothing but the highest standards for himself and never failed to meet them. If you want comprehensive, reliable assistance, Jason would be a great choice.


Marissa Schuler

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