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When you write a help desk recommendation letter, you should make the candidate’s professionalism and adherence to corporate policies the centerpieces. Help desk personnel are under a great deal of stress and potential employers want candidates who can handle the stress and get the job done.

Mallory Pineda

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Felicity Weeks,

Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Andrew Cap as a help desk associate for your organization. I worked by Andrew’s side for four years as a help desk manager and can attest to his professionalism and desire to get the right result for the client and the company.

Andrew works hard to use company policies to resolve any help desk issue. In those instances where company policies do not apply, Andrew is not shy about getting guidance from management. This is why Andrew became such a respected help desk associate in our organization and why his termination due to layoff was so devastating. Andrew consistently rated among the highest of all help desk associates in customer satisfaction ratings and best call time.

Andrew believes that each situation has a solution that can benefit the customer and the company and he operates under that notion on every call. He is a great listener who is genuinely concerned about the customer’s situation. I would strongly recommend hiring Andrew as your next help desk associate and I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have about Andrew’s work ethic.


Richard Thomas

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