Gifted and Talented Recommendation Letter Sample

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Jameson Gould,

This letter is being written as a recommendation for Jonathan Walker for your Gifted and Talented educational program. As Jonathan’s third grade teacher, I can no longer ignore his special gifts. I feel that if I do not recommend him for this program, then I would be holding back an exceptional educational career.

Jonathan started to display exceptional talents in math and science as early as first grade. In my class, I tried to give Jonathan material that was a full two grades ahead of his current level and he mastered it in days. His exceptional memory also makes him very talented at social studies, biology and other classes.

After talking with Jonathan’s parents, it has become obvious that Jonathan is an educational prodigy waiting to be discovered. At home, Jonathan spends his free time researching calculus concepts and studying history with an insatiable need for knowledge. It is extremely obvious to everyone that Jonathan comes into contact with that he is a special student who needs your gifted and talented program to reach his full potential.

My recommendation is an immediate entry into your gifted and talented program without the fear of Jonathan falling behind. You can call me at 000-000-0000 or email me at if you need further details.

Sincerely Yours,

Gwen R. Hart

Third Grade Teacher

Benson Elementary School

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