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You want to make hiring managers’ jobs easy by providing them with an incredible application that makes them compelled to want to speak with you further. To create a resume like the one pictured here, you want to utilize our painter resume template for Word to help you craft each individual section. Focusing on one part at a time can make a daunting task all the more manageable. Once you have reviewed the below guidelines, you will know precisely what is expected in the summary statement, work history, skills and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A large part of writing the summary statement comes down to conveying your personal brand. This means talking about where you are in your career now and what your professional level currently is. Since the summary statement is first on the painter resume template for Word, you want to get the reader interested right off the bat.

You need to communicate important information within three lines or bullet points. You need to be certain your summary contains the following:

  • Professional experience

  • A couple job-specific skills

  • Areas where you excel

Here are some well-written examples of summary statements.

Example 1

Professional painter with six years of experience working on residential properties. Proficient in a variety of painting techniques, including using rollers, brushes and sprays. Familiar with painting on several types of surfaces from wood to concrete.

Example 2

Detail-oriented painter who has been painting buildings for over 10 years. Capable of spending hours at a time bending and lifting. Additional expertise in making minor repairs to a building’s siding.

Example 3

  • Efficient painter with eight years’ experience helping homeowners get beautiful homes

  • Excelled at mixing different paints together to come up with new colors

  • Capable of removing graffiti and old paint from a surface

Example 4

  • Customer-oriented painter who has been working at reputable remodeling companies for 12 years

  • Expertise in waterproofing buildings

  • Efficient in using safety devices, such as scaffolding, and never once had a mishap on a job site

Writing Your Skills Section

Next, you want to focus your attention to discussing your skillset. You should be able to come up with between six and eight relevant skills to the industry you want to work in. Display these skills in a bulleted list immediately after your summary statement, as shown on the painter resume template for Word. Here are other pointers to help you write this portion:

  • Short phrases should be used instead of complete sentences

  • There should be no periods at the end of the bullet points

  • Dividing the list into two columns is perfectly acceptable if you are looking for ways to shorten your resume

Good skills for painters to have include the following:

  • Proficient with hand sprayers, pressure washers and putty knives

  • Knowledgeable of photo imaging software

  • Experienced in painting indoor and outdoor surfaces

  • Able to use finishing techniques, such as layering and sponging

  • Time management skills

  • Arm-hand steadiness

  • Great attention to detail

Writing Your Work History Section

The summary statement and skills sections should get the hiring managers interested in what you have to say. The work history section is where you reel them in. As seen in the painter resume template for Word, it takes up a sizable portion of the page. Do not be afraid to really get into the details of why you deserve the job. These tips will help you greatly as you are writing:

  • List the job that is most current and then work backwards from there

  • Include specific information and details so that the section does not read like a job description

  • Provide the dates you worked at each job

  • Show how your responsibilities have grown over the years

Here are a few good responsibilities that would work well on a painter’s resume.

  • Smooth surfaces with steel wool, brushes and scrapers to guarantee paint will last for at least five years

  • Erect scaffolding to ensure crew is safe while on a job site

  • Create stencils to put decorations or lettering on a building’s surface

  • Calculate costs to provide accurate estimates and have final price often come in lower than initial quotes

Writing Your Education Section

Finally, the painter resume template for Word ends with the education section. Some employers may expect a certain level of education with their painters while others will not. Either way, you want to mention your highest level of education and any other noteworthy certifications or licenses you have. Additional tips include the following:

  • Omit GPA unless you are presently a student

  • Mention coursework in addition to any degrees you have earned

  • Leave out your high school diploma if you went to college

Example 1

Completed Residential Painting Program – 2015

Completed Painter’s Apprenticeship – 2014

Rolf & Hiden Painting

Example 2

High School Diploma – 2011

Purdue High School

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