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Your resume is your best tool for setting yourself apart from all the candidates you will be competing with when applying for a job. To make sure your resume meets and exceeds the hiring manager’s expectations, review and implement the guidelines laid out in this office clerk resume template for Word. Because employers read so many resumes for a single job opening, it is vital that you spend the time to improve your own. Be sure to include a summary statement, as well as skills, experience and education sections similar to what is shown below.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is one of the most important sections of your resume because it is the first thing employers will read. This means that not only will it form their first impression, it will determine whether they read the rest of your resume. The office clerk resume template for Word demonstrates how to write a summary that will catch readers’ attention.

  • Your summary can be a short paragraph or a short list of bullet points

  • Write in first person, but do not use any personal pronouns

  • It is acceptable to write sentence fragments in this section

The following are additional summary examples:

Example 1

Organized and professional office clerk, fully confident, fulfilling administrative responsibilities quickly and effectively. Extensive history working in office environments. An active professional with strong multitasking abilities and an attention to details.

Example 2

  • Talented office administrative professional with more than 10 years of working experience

  • Strong interpersonal and professional communication abilities

  • Analytically-minded and capable of in-depth critical thinking

Example 3

Professional office clerk with five years of experience holding an administrative position and fulfilling organizational tasks. Confident sorting and filing documents, answering calls and completing other clerical office jobs. A candidate that prioritizes working effectively and accurately.

Example 4

  • Self-motivated and results-driven professional capable of managing an office

  • More than a decade fulfilling administrative responsibilities in an office environment

  • Strong communication abilities, both interpersonal and professional

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is a relatively short section that should capture your abilities quickly and effectively. Your goal for this section should be to create a short bulleted list that employers can understand even if they only glance at it.

  • Aim to include between five and eight bullet points. Each one can be a single word or a short phrase

  • Review the job description and use keywords and phrases from it in this section. This greatly strengthens your resume and makes it seem like you are a perfect fit for the position

  • Only include skills that are directly related to the position. Unless you will use them on a daily basis if you are hired, you should not include them in this section

The office clerk resume template for Word offered example skills. The following are some additional examples:

  • Administrative capabilities

  • Neat and organized

  • Evaluation and critical thinking

  • Talented multitasking

  • Strong attention to small details

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is one of the most important parts of your resume. Employers are especially interested in what you did in previous jobs, so include the strongest information possible here. The office clerk resume template for Word demonstrates the specific format that employers will be expecting for this section.

  • Include 5-8 bullet points for each position. Feel free to use more for more important positions and fewer for less important positions

  • It is expected for each bullet point to always have a strong action verb for its first word

  • Write the position you currently hold in present tense and all others in past tense

Each position should have a short bulleted list of entries similar to these:

  • File documents accurately, keeping all papers neat and organized and easily accessible

  • Deliver information to office personnel quickly and accurately

  • Answer office phone calls, relaying information and answering inquiries on the phone

  • Sort incoming mail and make copies of important documents as necessary

Writing Your Education Section

While the education section is usually quite short and always found at the very end of your resume, it is important to establish your qualifications. Follow the example set by the office clerk resume template for Word.

  • Begin with your most recent academic achievement and list the rest in reverse order

  • Only include educational information that is relevant to the position you are applying for, which means you likely will not need to mention high school information

  • If you graduated more than ten years prior, you can choose not to mention your graduation date; otherwise you should include your school, date of graduation and field of study

Example 1

Master of Science in Business Administration Candidate – 2019

University of San Diego, California

Bachelor of Science in Business – 2015

University of San Diego, California

Example 2

Bachelor of Science in Communication – 2014

University of Houston, Texas

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