Occupational Health And Safety Specialist Resume Objective Example

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume Objective

The job of an occupational health and safety specialist is to perform reviews and evaluations of work environments in order to promote safe conditions and compliance with national, state, and local standards. They are responsible for addressing hazards that may be physical, chemical, or biological in nature and may be employed as part of the public or private sectors. A well-stated objective is necessary to describe relevant experience, knowledge, and the proper demeanor for this type of position.

What The Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

As a specialist in the field, one must possess in-depth knowledge of laws and legal precedents pertaining to safety in the workplace. Among the attributes common to those working in this field are high communication standards, attention to detail, and complex problem-solving skills. Many workers in occupational health and safety possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, so consider highlighting your education as well as your professional experience. Other relevant knowledge includes health and first aid, emergency response, and proper handling of hazardous materials.

Sample Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume Objectives

Regardless of the type of company you’re applying to, it is always advisable to clearly communicate your desire to become part of that organization. Cite the company’s name when writing your resume objective to display genuine interest to hiring managers.

1. Seeking to obtain position as occupational health specialist with ABC Company to utilize bachelor’s degree in the field and strong desire to promote safety in the workplace.

2. Motivated occupational safety specialist seeks position at ABC Company to implement effective work safety program that will reduce potential for injuries and illnesses on the job.

3. Detail-oriented individual seeks occupational health and safety specialist position with ABC Company that will benefit from thorough safety inspections and focused employee training to reduce risk in the workplace.

4. Occupational health and safety professional seeks specialist position at ABC Company to employ 6 years of experience implementing effective safety programs in businesses ranging from small offices to large manufacturing facilities.

5. Focused individual with bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety seeks specialist role with ABC Company to make immediate impact through comprehensive training and implementation of safety programs which are uniquely tailored to each work center.

Skills to Put in an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume Objective

Occupational health and safety is about making sure you have your bases covered. Writing a good resume objective isn’t that different; to cover all your bases, your objective should combine a statement of your goals with a description of your qualifications. Employers want to know not just what you’re looking for, but what you can do – and why you’re the most qualified.

To demonstrate your qualifications, choose keywords selected from both your personal history and your target jobs. You should mix hard and soft skills to show you’re a diversely-skilled candidate who can handle any situation; soft skills have more value than you think but shouldn’t overwhelm your concrete capabilities. When you work these phrases into your objective statement and list of skills, you have a better chance of passing both employers’ discerning eyes and screening algorithms.

Take a look at these occupational health and safety specialist skills:

  1. OSHA standards, regulations, inspections, and compliance
  2. Occupational health and safety auditing
  3. Development of comprehensive safety programs tailored to specific company needs
  4. Incident and accident investigation and reporting
  5. Gap assessment and identification of safety shortfalls
  6. Continuous process improvement focused on creating a safety-oriented culture
  7. Safety and compliance training and development
  8. Occupational ergonomics and worker health
  9. Team building and collaboration
  10. Stakeholder engagement and communication

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