Neonatal Nurse Resume Objective Example

Neonatal nurses work in hospitals around the country, responding to the needs of newly born infants who usually require special care. Like other nurses, they need to have a diploma and a license to obtain a job. It is also important that these individuals are competent in medicine, effective at communication, and have compassion. If you want to obtain a job as a neonatal nurse, you should include an objective at the top of your resume stating why you are a good fit for the role.

What the Neonatal Nurse Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

A neonatal nurse usually works in the intensive care unit of the hospital. They are responsible for caring for newborns in a variety of circumstances. To get hired for this position, your resume objective should describe any specific qualifications you have for the job such as a neonatal certificate or a graduate degree. It is also a good idea to include details about past experience.

Sample Neonatal Nurse Resume Objectives

When you write your objective, it is smart to include the name of the hospital or organization you want a position with. This makes it evident that you have a strong desire to land the job. Here are a few neonatal nurse sample resume objectives:

1. Seeking a job with ABC hospital as a Neonatal Nurse to use nursing license and degree, neonatal nursing certification, and five years experience working as a nurse in a hospital.

2. Looking to become a Neonatal Nurse with ABC organization to use 10 plus years in nursing, problem solving skills, and compassion.

3. Recent nursing grad with a strong desire to work in a hospital seeks a job as a Neonatal nurse with ABC hospital to use medical knowledge and dedication.

4. Obtain a job with ABC organization as a Neonatal Nurse to transition to a hospital environment, provide superior service, and use experience in patient care.

5. Smart, friendly nurse with a desire to help others seeks a position as a Neonatal Nurse with ABC hospital.

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