Former Police Officer Resume Objective Example

Police officers have difficult jobs. Appropriately and thoroughly upholding the law can be a stressful and life altering position. That is why, as a Former Police Officer, highlighting the skills you have learned and maintained throughout your service is so important. A resume objective should highlight your skills and work experience as a police officer.

What the Former Police Officer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Whether you worked at a local, state, federal, tribal or county level, there are certain skills you would use every day. Communication skills, knowledge of the law, understanding of proper police procedures, firearms training, psychology, reasoning and basic clerical skills are all important parts of being a police officer. Highlighting these skills on your resume is important. When looking for another position as a police officer, it is important to let the organization know that you are experienced and trained as a police officer. Let them know that you have the training necessary to uphold the law effectively and knowledgably.

Sample Former Police Officer Resume Objectives

When writing your resume objective, be sure to include the name of the position, as well as the organization to which you are applying. This will show that you are a serious candidate. Also be sure to appropriately capitalize the company name, as well as the position title.

1. Veteran former police officer with 10+ of work experience seeking Police Officer position with ABC organization.

2. Former police officer with incredible people skills and a deep understanding of the law looking for position at ABC organization as a Police Officer.

3. Seeking position as Security Guard with ABC company which will be benefitted by experience as a police officer, knowledge of psychology and an advanced knowledge of the law.

4. Experienced former police officer with advanced firearms training and outstanding communication skills interested in a position at ABC organization as a Police Officer.

5. Former police officer with understanding of psychology and basic clerical skills desires a position at ABC company as a Security Guard.

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