Valet Driver Resume Objective Example

Valet Drivers are employed by a number of establishments to park and handle a customer’s vehicle. An impeccable driving record is essential to obtain a valet position, and your resume objective should reflect any additional qualifications you possess that make you suited to be a Valet Driver.

What The Valet Driver Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

A Valet Driver is responsible for greeting customers when they enter the parking area. Then the driver will take the keys, park the car and return the car when the customer returns. Occasionally, a Valet Driver will also be required to clean the interior or exterior of vehicles. Valets keep an eye on the parking lot to ensure that all the vehicles remain safe and that any valuables inside do not get stolen. Working as part of a team is an excellent trait to have as well as superior customer service skills. Prospective employer read the objective portion of a resume first, so you need to use this space to convince them that you are the best person for the job.

Sample Valet Driver Resume Objectives

Although highlighting all relevant skills and experiences is important, your resume objective also needs to mention the name of the company. This shows an honest interest in working with the organization.

1. Obtain a Valet Driver position with ABC company to utilize experiences with parking a variety of vehicles and retrieving them when required.

2. Searching for employment as a Valet Driver to use flawless driving record and exceptional customer service skills for the benefit of ABC company.

3. Use familiarity with traffic regulations and ability to work as part of a team in order to be an efficient Valet Driver for ABC company.

4. Hands-on professional with 10+ years of experience driving customers’ vehicles and ensuring that they remain safe seeking a position at ABC company as a Valet Driver.

5. Obtain a position at ABC company in order to use experiences with greeting customers and securely parking vehicle as a Valet Driver.

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