Horse Trainer Resume Objective Example

Horse Trainers are responsible for the proper training, grooming, and health of their equine charges. Horse Trainers must be patient, have an excellent knowledge of horses and their behaviors, and they must love working with horses. When applying for a position as a Horse Trainer, your resume objective should highlight your experience with horses as well as the skills and qualifications that make you an excellent Horse Trainer.

What The Horse Trainer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

A Horse Trainer must be able to create an individual training plan for each horse, and help the animals prepare for races, riders, shows, or trail work. Horse Trainers must work helping the horses accept saddles and bridles, and they also must teach the horses the commands that they need in order to perform their duties correctly and safely. Horse Trainers must be incredibly patient and tough, as working with horses can be unpredictable and trainers may be kicked, bit, or thrown off on occasion. When writing your resume objective, you should convey that you enjoy working with animals and that you have the right skill set to be an asset to their company.

Sample Horse Trainer Resume Objectives

Make sure to include the name of the company in your objective statement. This lets the hiring manager know that you have a serious interest in working for them. Here are a few sample objectives to help you as you write your own statement:

1. Patient, hard working, and friendly individual seeks Horse Trainer position with ABC stables in order to utilize equine knowledge and experience.

2. Experienced and knowledgeable Horse Trainer with 5+ years of hands-on training seeks position with ABC company in order to use skills in equestrian event training and equine grooming.

3. Dedicated and driven individual with experience cleaning stables and managing equine health seeks Horse Trainer position with ABC company.

4. Professional and composed individual with experience raising and training horses seeks Horse Trainer position with ABC stables that can benefit from extensive equine knowledge and care.

5. Individual with 10+ years of experience training, managing, and grooming horses seeks Horse Trainer position with ABC company that values professionalism, hard work, and dedication.

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