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Industrial electricians provide support in industries to improve reliability and safety. By implementing the latest engineering designs, they establish efficiency for machines and industry materials. Currently, the growth rate for electricians employed in the U.S. is 8%, having an expansion rate much higher than most professions, which means there is a lot of opportunity for qualified candidates in this field.

Our industrial technician resume example, drafted by a certified resume writer, is designed to show you how to write a resume that will get you noticed in this competitive field. Study it to learn how to craft your compelling resume.


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What is a Industrial Electrician?

Industrial electricians are professionals who have considerable knowledge of handling electrical components while following regulations and safety standards. To be successful, they must have an analytical approach, along with technical expertise.

Industrial electricians perform various functions like testing, troubleshooting, installation and repairs related to electrical controls and wiring in industrial worksites. They also plan workflow by researching specific materials, interpreting schematic diagrams, and researching data and statistics. Their responsibilities may vary depending on the industry in which they work.

Industrial electricians are essential employees in electrical firms, manufacturers of electrical equipment, and the steel industry. Most have earned a professional certificate or an associate degree. According to O*NET, the annual median wage for electricians in 2019 was $56,180, making it a great career option for those without a four-year college degree.

What Makes This a Great
Industrial Electrician Resume Example?

Our industrial electrician resume example is designed to show you how to perfect every element of your resume. Study it to understand what hiring managers in the field look for in top applicants. Here are three ways studying our example can help you build a strong resume:

  • Professionally written resume content:Our resume examples use relevant keywords to show you how to write a standout resume. By using job-specific content, such as power tools,reading blueprints and drafting wiring layouts,our resume example shows you the skills and experience recruiters seek. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers customizable pre-written text for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the best resume format:It is critical to select a resume format that best showcases your skills and qualifications. The resume example above uses a chronological resume, which is perfect for highly experienced professionals. Entry-level and mid-level applicants should consider a functional or combination format, respectively.
  • Select the right resume template: Choose a resume template that matches the company’s tone to which you are applying since industrial electricians are professionals who can work in various professional settings. That means that it is prudent to use a versatile resume template appropriate for multiple companies. The subdued design above is attractive but won’t distract recruiters from your professional experience. However, for roles in more creative industries, you can use more colorful and bold designs.

3 Industrial Electrician Professional Summary Examples

A good professional summary comes from carefully reading the job description and understanding and succinctly matching those responsibilities to your experiences.

Our industrial electrician resume example, written by a certified resume writer, can help you learn how to write a strong summary for your resume. Or consider one of these three professional summary examples:

  1. Industrial electrician with 10 years of experience working in a power plant, responsible for maintaining electrical systems, repairing regulators, and frequently checking the newly installed systems in production plants. Experienced in dealing with robotic equipment and hydraulic systems. Commended for maintaining safety standards and complying with NEC guidelines.
  2. Certified industrial electrician with six years of experience in a warehouse, well-versed in detecting malfunctioning systems, breakdown causes, and rectifying the issues. Proficient in following government regulations and updating industrial licenses as required. Adept at operating lifts, booms and forklift trucks as part of assisting the production team.
  3. Technically driven industrial electrician with three years of experience in checking circuits, electrical components, and transformer connections. Well-versed in communication systems cabling, wiring, bending, and OES code. Area of expertise includes termination of junction boxes and power panels, distribution panels, LOTO, OSHO and PPE during maintenance job.

3 Industrial Electrician Work Experience Examples

The work experience section should not only explain your job responsibilities in previous roles and projects but show the impact your work had on your employers bottom line. Our industrial electrician resume example uses data and metrics to catch a recruiter’s eye.

Study our industrial electrician resume example to learn how to write impactful entries, or look at these three work experience section examples for inspiration:

  1. Identified 50 low-functioning machinery and equipment and installed highly advanced functioning systems reducing the project cost by 15%.
  2. Developed a new inventory control system that helped to eliminate unwanted stock, saving $10,000 per project.
  3. Installed 200 lighting systems by understanding technical illustrations while inspecting 15 electrical components daily and making needed repairs.

Top Skills for Your Industrial Electrician Resume

Many top companies use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify applicants with applicable skills and experience. To pass an ATS, applicants for industrial electrician roles must have the right mix of skills on their resumes.

Study our industrial electrician resume example, above, for ideas or choose from this list of sought-after hard and soft skills for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Maintain logs & records
  • Repair & maintain electrical and hydraulic systems
  • AC and DC motor installation
  • HVAC and PLC programming

Soft Skills

  • Excellent physical strength
  • Self-starter and team player
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent client relationship management skills

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Industrial Electrician FAQs

What are the most common industries for industrial electricians?

Technology innovation has led to greater demand for industrial electricians. Industrial electricians are preferably employed in non-residential building construction, utility construction industries, ship and boat building, manufacturing, coal mining, and natural gas distribution.

What are the qualifications required to be an industrial electrician?

Most industrial electricians have a high school diploma or an associate degree in relevant discipline. Some start by attending technical schools that teach basic electrical guidelines, safety practices and circuitry. Many electricians join four to five years of apprenticeship programs to receive on-the-job training and other related technical instructions. The candidates are mainly trained on blueprint study, understanding diagrams, safety practices, and fire alarms

How can the entry-level candidate describe his work experience on an industrial electrician resume?

Entry-level applicants with little to no work experience should focus on highlighting their training and academic achievements. Mention any technical training and certifications you have obtained and highlight the relevant skills developed through such training. Also, concentrate on internships or apprenticeships you’ve completed to flesh out your work experience section.