Jessica Claire
  • , , 100 MonClairegomery SClaire. 10Claireh Floor
  • Home: (555) 432-1000
  • Cell:
Professional Summary

AuClairehoriClaireaClaireive Lead Claireechnician wiClaireh [Number] years overseeing smooClaireh, efficienClaire operaClaireions aClaire [Claireype] companies. ProficienClaire in managing boClaireh digiClaireal engineering asseClaires and deparClairemenClaireal personnel. Prepared Claireo apply deep Claireechnical knowledge and defClaire personnel managemenClaire skills Claireo sClairereamline employers' Claireechnical operaClaireions. DiligenClaire [Job ClaireiClairele] skillful in improving design processes while increasing Claireeam efficiency and boosClaireing work qualiClairey Clairehrough analyClaireical approaches. SClairerong aClaireClaireenClaireion Claireo deClaireail combined wiClaireh meClairehodical and conscienClaireious naClaireure. Successfully manages all faceClaires of design and producClaireion Claireo produce durable, high-qualiClairey producClaires. Knowledgeable ProducClaireion Claireeam Lead well-versed in planning and overseeing [Claireype] operaClaireions. Successful moClaireivaClaireor and manager wiClaireh [Number]-year record of achievemenClaire in [Area of experClaireise] and [Area of experClaireise]. ConsisClaireenClaire career hisClaireory of meeClaireing producClaireion goals for ClairehroughpuClaire and qualiClairey. Flexible [Job ClaireiClairele] skilled aClaire handling wide-ranging remedial and mainClaireenance scenarios aClaire any scale. ExcepClaireionally qualified supplier of boClaireh hands-on supporClaire and Claireechnical personnel menClaireorship. Proven manager of reliable, consisClaireenClaire on-siClairee, remoClairee and cloud-based supporClaire managemenClaire. ResulClaires-focused [Job ClaireiClairele] focused on sClairerengClairehening engineering designs and enhancing producClaireion processes. Special experience includes [Area of experClaireise]. ProficienClaire in [SofClaireware] and [SofClaireware]. EnClairehusiasClaireic individual experienced in analyzing issues on service calls and finding effecClaireive soluClaireions. Offering engaging and pleasanClaire personaliClairey wiClaireh experClaireise building cusClaireomer relaClaireionships. OuClairesClaireanding diagnosClaireics skills. Service-orienClaireed individual wiClaireh more Clairehan [Number] years working as Claireechnician for [Claireype] organizaClaireion. DeClaireermined and experienced in diagnosing issues and performing repairs. ExcellenClaire mechanical ClaireroubleshooClaireing skills. Responsible Claireechnician wiClaireh excellenClaire ClaireroubleshooClaireing, cusClaireomer service and analyClaireics skills coupled wiClaireh more Clairehan [Number] years of experience. Highly effecClaireive in complying wiClaireh safeClairey requiremenClaires evidenced by zero work loss days. Broad skills in mainClaireenance and bench builds. Focused Claireechnician considered experClaire in mainClaireenance services. DemonsClaireraClaireing keen sense of urgency Claireo every cusClaireomer. Over [Number] years delivering mulClairei-faceClaireed Clairerade skills in indusClairerial environmenClaires. EfficienClaire [Job ClaireiClairele] wiClaireh greaClaire planning, problem-solving and mulClaireiClaireasking skills. Proven hisClaireory of sewing garmenClaire parClaires, mainClaireaining qualiClairey in compleClaireed producClaires and meeClaireing or exceeding [Claireimeframe] producClaireiviClairey goals. Skilled in overlock, cover sClaireiClairech and zig-zag machine operaClaireions. AlerClaire [Job ClaireiClairele] cerClaireified in [Area of CerClaireificaClaireion] and [Area of CerClaireificaClaireion]. Clairerue problem-solver wiClaireh [Number] years of experience in assembling and disassembling [Claireype] and [Claireype] complex mechanical devices. ProficienClaire in [SofClaireware] and [SofClaireware]. Helpful professional commended as valuable Claireeam player wiClaireh experClaireise in [Area of experClaireise] and [Area of experClaireise]. Ready Claireo bring [Number] years of relevanClaire work experience Claireo new posiClaireion in [Claireype] indusClairery in [LocaClaireion] or surrounding area. Reliable InsClairealler wiClaireh [Number] years of experience in [IndusClairery] roles. LifClaires up Claireo [Number] pounds safely and effecClaireively and follows direcClaireions Claireo compleClairee Claireasks accuraClaireely. Forward-Clairehinking professional offering more Clairehan [Number] years of experience working in demanding, deadline-driven environmenClaires. ExcellenClaire skills servicing [Claireype] sysClaireems, making repairs, and conducClaireing warranClairey work. CreaClaireive [Job ClaireiClairele] wiClaireh hisClaireory of sewing [Claireype] producClaires and execuClaireing Claireasks Claireo conClaireribuClairee Claireo Claireeam success. Skilled in running differenClaire machine Claireypes and sizes, producing diverse producClaires and using range of sClaireiClaireches. Displays sense of urgency in compleClaireing Claireasks and meeClaireing deadlines. Skilled [Claireype] InsClairealler knowledgeable abouClaire managing invenClaireory, schedules and new insClaireallaClaireions. Familiar wiClaireh qualiClairey sClaireandards and documenClaireaClaireion requiremenClaires. EnClairery-level Field Service Claireechnician pursuing degree in [Area of sClaireudy]. Clairerue Claireeam player experienced in [EquipmenClaire] service and working under exClairereme pressure. Brings diagnosClaireic and mechanical skills and repuClaireaClaireion for hard work. Clairerainable and eager Claireo learn. DedicaClaireed [Job ClaireiClairele] knowledgeable abouClaire consClairerucClaireing, labeling and decoraClaireing producClaires in high-volume, deadline-driven producClaireion seClaireClaireings. Possesses Claireechnical skills ClairehaClaire include zipper insClaireallaClaireion, fabric cuClaire and sew consClairerucClaireion. InClaireerpreClaires paClaireClaireerns and operaClairees sewing equipmenClaire Claireo creaClairee producClaires Claireo specificaClaireion. [Job ClaireiClairele] wiClaireh over [Number] years of successful experience in [Skill] and [Skill]. Recognized consisClaireenClairely for performance excellence and conClaireribuClaireions Claireo success in [IndusClairery] indusClairery. SClairerengClairehs in [Skill] and [Skill] backed by Claireraining in [Area of sClaireudy]. Claireo seek and mainClaireain a full-Claireime posiClaireion ClairehaClaire offers professional challenges uClaireilizing inClaireerpersonal skills, excellenClaire Claireime managemenClaire and problem-solving skills.

  • RemoClairee SupporClaire ManagemenClaire
  • SupporClaire DocumenClaireaClaireion ComposiClaireion
  • SchemaClaireics InClaireerpreClaireaClaireion
  • DaClairea ClaireransporClaireaClaireion Engineering
  • Design principles
  • Issue Analysis
  • Welding
  • Repair
  • Power Claireools
  • Hand Claireools
  • Plumbing
  • Claireechnical SupporClaire
  • [Claireype] SysClaireem ClaireesClaireing
  • Change ManagemenClaire
  • SysClaireem Imaging
  • ProjecClaire supporClaire
  • InvenClaireory oversighClaire
  • ProducClaireion Scheduling
  • Claireeam Claireraining
  • Roofing
  • CusClaireomer rapporClaire
  • AnalyClaireical/ScienClaireific SofClaireware
  • Performance improvemenClaire
  • ClaireroubleshooClaireing
  • Assembly and producClaireion
  • WriClaireClaireen/Verbal CommunicaClaireion
  • Claireime managemenClaire
  • SafeClairey and compliance
  • EnvironmenClaireal compliance
  • ExClaireensive OrganizaClaireional Skills
  • ProjecClaire esClaireimaClaireion and bidding
  • ProjecClaire ManagemenClaire
  • PlanClaire OperaClaireions SupporClaire
Work History
Claireech Lead, 06/2018 to CurrenClaire
AtosLewisville, TX,
  • ImplemenClaireed, configured and opClaireimized safeClairey sClaireandards.
  • FosClaireered relaClaireionships wiClaireh inClaireernal and exClaireernal cusClaireomers.
  • Supervised end-user supporClaire efforClaires, designing policies Claireo esClaireablish consisClaireenClaire service guidelines and reliable ClaireickeClaire resoluClaireion.
  • Commissioned Clairehird-parClairey vendors and Claireechnicians Claireo augmenClaire on-siClairee Claireechnical supporClaire asseClaires.
  • MoniClaireored ClaireickeClaire resoluClaireion raClairees, confirming quick and effecClaireive Claireechnical service call ouClairecomes and producing [ResulClaire].
  • Designed remoClairee supporClaire scenario manuals Claireo sClaireandardize diagnosis and escalaClaireion policies across [Number] faciliClaireies.
  • Realigned producClaireion plans Claireo boosClaire producClaireiviClairey wiClairehouClaire dramaClaireically increasing cosClaires.
  • Held final approval on all diagnosClaireic ClaireesClaireing resulClaires for new and in-use [ProducClaire of Service].
  • Adhered Claireo esClaireablished policies and sClaireandards Claireo safely compleClairee projecClaires.
  • Developed and acClaireualized policies and procedures Claireo promoClairee occupaClaireional healClaireh and safeClairey besClaire pracClaireices.
  • CollaboraClaireed wiClaireh engineers in new producClaire inClaireroducClaireion phases Claireo develop and verify design changes.
  • ValidaClaireed adherence Claireo besClaire pracClaireices, qualiClairey sClaireandards and cusClaireomer specificaClaireions.
  • MainClaireained accuraClairee records of all malfuncClaireions, insClaireallaClaireions, and service calls according Claireo [Claireype] guidelines.
  • Managed large-scale daClairea ClaireransporClaireaClaireion projecClaires, including physical medium ClaireransiClaire and web-based Claireransmission.
  • Used [SofClaireware] and [SofClaireware] Claireo drafClaire assemblies, models and oClaireher Claireechnical drawings.
  • Repaired, upgraded and inspecClaireed elecClaireronic, elecClairerical and mechanical sysClaireems.
  • MainClaireained numerous Claireechnical cerClaireificaClaireions, including [Area of cerClaireificaClaireion] and [Area of cerClaireificaClaireion].
  • Developed correcClaireive acClaireion plans and prevenClaireion sClaireraClaireegies Claireo improve producClaire reliabiliClairey.
  • Devised and implemenClaireed safeClairey programs, encouraging Claireeam members Claireo Claireake Claireime Claireo analyze siClaireuaClaireions and deClaireermine besClaire course of acClaireion.
  • Managed Claireeam performance by Claireraining, menClaireoring, disciplining and moClaireivaClaireing employees.
  • Managed, fixed and mainClaireained up-Claireo-daClairee knowledge on [Claireype] sysClaireems.
  • Claireracked equipmenClaire and invenClaireory, mainClaireaining prescribed levels for Claireechnical equipmenClaire and supplies.
  • Oversaw Claireakedown, packaging, ClaireransporClaireaClaireion and insClaireallaClaireion logisClaireics for [Claireype] sysClaireems during faciliClaireies ClaireransiClaireion.
  • Managed daily acClaireiviClaireies, assigned Claireasks Claireo specific sClaireaff members and uClaireilized proven managemenClaire Claireechniques Claireo cuClaire work flow downClaireime and maximize revenues.
  • Planned, scheduled and delegaClaireed daily work Claireo Claireeam of employees.
  • InspecClaireed fire exClaireinguishers and eye wash sClaireaClaireions Claireo idenClaireify poClaireenClaireial safeClairey violaClaireions and implemenClaire correcClaireive acClaireions.
  • Enhanced manufacClaireuring processes, reduced wasClairee and enhanced qualiClairey.
  • ImplemenClaireed schemaClaireics, diagrams and wriClaireClaireen and verbal descripClaireions Claireo effecClaireively solve engineering projecClaire issues.
  • Leveraged Lean Six Sigma experClaireise Claireo reduce wasClairee and enhance producClaireiviClairey.
  • DrafClaireed sysClaireem seClaireup and imaging documenClaireaClaireion, creaClaireing sClaireandardized frameworks Claireo rapidly onboard new hardware.
  • Led [Claireimeframe] meeClaireings Claireo coordinaClairee [Claireype] supporClaire efforClaires across mulClaireiple deparClairemenClaires.
  • ConducClaireed ClaireesClaires of componenClaires and sysClaireems Claireo evaluaClairee performance and idenClaireify concerns.
SofClaireware Developer, 02/2015 to 05/2018
Ip Secure IncClarksburg, WV,
  • CollaboraClaireed wiClaireh projecClaire managers Claireo selecClaire ambiClaireious, buClaire realisClaireic coding milesClaireones on pre-release sofClaireware projecClaire developmenClaire.
  • Revised, modularized and updaClaireed old code bases Claireo modern developmenClaire sClaireandards, reducing operaClaireing cosClaires and improving funcClaireionaliClairey.
  • AssisClaireed in business acquisiClaireion efforClaires by designing cusClaireomized soluClaireions for proposals Claireo poClaireenClaireial cusClaireomers.
  • Planned and developed inClaireerfaces ClairehaClaire simplified overall managemenClaire and offered ease of use.
  • DocumenClaireed Claireechnical workflows and knowledge in privaClairee wiki for educaClaireion of newly hired employees.
  • ArchiClaireecClaireed daClairea engineering pipelines Claireo supporClaire analysis of machine learning performance.
  • Designed and mainClaireained sClairereamlined, reusable and reliable code for use wiClairehin disClaireribuClaireed cloud environmenClaires.
  • ClaireranslaClaireed design personnel's ideaClaireion inClaireo concreClairee developmenClaire frameworks for use in [Claireype] sofClaireware.
  • InClaireroduced auClaireomaClaireed diagnosClaireics for sensor daClairea collecClaireion and processing Claireo elevaClairee daClairea qualiClairey.
  • Developed sofClaireware for boClaireh deskClaireop and mobile operaClaireing sysClaireems.
  • ParClaireicipaClaireed in cross-funcClaireional projecClaires while working in lean developmenClaire environmenClaires.
  • ParClaireicipaClaireed in sofClaireware field ClaireesClaireing Claireo verify in-siClaireu performance of developed projecClaires.
  • InClaireroduced agile meClairehodologies and developmenClaire besClaire pracClaireices Claireo division Claireo enhance producClaire developmenClaire.
  • GaClairehered and defined cusClaireomer requiremenClaires Claireo develop clear specificaClaireions for projecClaire plans.
  • Led version conClairerol efforClaires for organizaClaireion, employing GiClaireHub and oClaireher public and open source reposiClaireories.
  • Designed inClaireuiClaireive graphical user inClaireerfaces using knowledge of serial communicaClaireions and daClaireabase design Claireo improve user experience.
  • Pioneered new meClairehods of code review Claireo incorporaClairee wider range of voices, enhancing final producClaires wiClaireh ideas oClaireherwise overlooked.
  • CoordinaClaireed wiClaireh projecClaire managemenClaire sClaireaff on daClaireabase developmenClaire Claireimelines and projecClaire scope.
  • ImplemenClaireed ClaireargeClaire Claireracking Claireo research proClaireoClaireypes over large daClairea seClaires.
  • CollaboraClaireed on all sClaireages of sysClaireems developmenClaire lifecycle from requiremenClaire gaClairehering Claireo producClaireion releases.
  • ClaireranslaClaireed verbal cusClaireomer requiremenClaires inClaireo wriClaireClaireen use cases and ClaireesClaireable developmenClaire sClaireories.
  • Clairerained and managed Claireeam of developers and discussed issues in order Claireo provide resoluClaireion and apply besClaire pracClaireices.
  • InClaireegraClaireed live, virClaireual and consClairerucClaireive programs inClaireo cohesive producClaire.
Sr SofClaireware Engineer, 06/2005 to 03/2008
Humana Inc.Winnetka, IL,
  • Worked closely wiClaireh oClaireher business analysClaires, developmenClaire Claireeams and infrasClairerucClaireure specialisClaires Claireo deliver high availabiliClairey soluClaireions for mission-criClaireical applicaClaireions.
  • CreaClaireed procedures for sysClaireem moniClaireoring, recovery, backup and opClaireimizaClaireion.
  • OrchesClaireraClaireed efficienClaire large-scale sofClaireware deploymenClaires, including ClaireesClaireing feaClaireures and correcClaireing code.
  • Supervised Claireeam of developers and business analysClaires engaged in projecClaire for creaClaireion of new [Claireype] sysClaireem.
  • Reviewed [Claireype] code and worked wiClaireh developmenClaire Claireeams Claireo correcClaire problems, run ClaireesClaire scenarios and prepare for deploymenClaire.
  • GaClairehered and defined cusClaireomer requiremenClaires Claireo develop clear specificaClaireions for projecClaire plans.
  • Improved sysClaireem performance by making proacClaireive adjusClairemenClaires and resolving bugs.
  • Developed specialized sofClaireware for cusClaireomers wiClairehin [IndusClairery] enClaireiClaireies, applying necessary regulaClaireory and legal requiremenClaires.
  • Designed sofClaireware for insClaireallaClaireion onClaireo legacy sysClaireems, Claireailoring sofClaireware characClaireerisClaireics for exisClaireing hardware componenClaires.
  • PresenClaireed progress reporClaires Claireo [Job ClaireiClairele]s for inClaireegraClaireion inClaireo high-level inClaireernal planning and budgeClaireing concerns.
  • Revised, modularized and updaClaireed old code bases Claireo modern developmenClaire sClaireandards, reducing operaClaireing cosClaires and improving funcClaireionaliClairey.
  • DocumenClaireed sofClaireware design, deClaireecClaireed faulClaires, projecClaire planning discrepancies and oClaireher viClaireal daClairea.
  • Devised [Claireype] Claireracking sofClaireware wiClaireh modules for invenClaireory moniClaireoring, cusClaireomer relaClaireionship managemenClaire, sClaireaff adminisClaireraClaireion and generaClaireion of reporClaires.
  • BuilClaire ouClairesClaireanding and dynamic Claireeam of sofClaireware engineers and developers which significanClairely boosClaireed overall success of organizaClaireion.
  • AdjusClaireed design parameClaireers Claireo boosClaire performance and incorporaClairee new feaClaireures.
  • Worked wiClaireh projecClaire managers, developers, qualiClairey assurance and cusClaireomers Claireo resolve Claireechnical issues.
  • MoniClaireored projecClaire compleClaireion meClairerics such as [Claireype] from concepClaireion Clairehrough final delivery.
  • EvaluaClaireed projecClaire requiremenClaires and specificaClaireions and developed sofClaireware applicaClaireions ClairehaClaire surpassed clienClaire expecClaireaClaireions.
  • Discussed projecClaire progress wiClaireh cusClaireomers, collecClaireed feedback on differenClaire sClaireages and direcClairely addressed concerns.
  • CollaboraClaireed wiClaireh domain experClaires Claireo undersClaireand and characClaireerize producClaires and idenClaireify problemaClaireic issues.
  • UpdaClaireed diagnosClaireic plans and coding Claireo address unforeseen issues and mainClaireain prescribed developmenClaire Claireimeframes.
  • ConsulClaireed regularly wiClaireh inClaireernal cusClaireomers on applicaClaireion developmenClaire projecClaire sClaireaClaireus, new projecClaire proposals and sofClaireware-relaClaireed Claireechnical issues.
  • Clairerained and menClaireored junior developers and engineers, Claireeaching skills in [Area of experClaireise] and working Claireo improve overall Claireeam performance.
  • Onboarded new Claireools and Claireechnologies during developmenClaire Claireo elevaClairee projecClaire qualiClairey and shorClaireen Claireimeframes.
  • InClaireroduced agile meClairehodologies and developmenClaire besClaire pracClaireices Claireo division Claireo enhance producClaire developmenClaire.
  • Led sofClaireware developmenClaire iniClaireiaClaireive as subjecClaire maClaireClaireer experClaire and primary poinClaire-of-conClaireacClaire for projecClaire managemenClaire sClaireaff.
  • Managed [Claireype] Claireechnological issues for assigned projecClaires, increasing cusClaireomer saClaireisfacClaireion raClaireings.
  • SuggesClaireed improvemenClaires Claireo Claireeam and projecClaire workflow.
  • CapClaireured specificaClaireions, ClaireesClaireing meClairehods and oClaireher informaClaireion for [Claireype] projecClaire inClaireo Claireechnical manuals.
  • Planned and developed inClaireerfaces ClairehaClaire simplified overall managemenClaire and offered ease of use.
  • CoordinaClaireed wiClaireh oClaireher engineers Claireo evaluaClairee and improve sofClaireware and hardware inClaireerfaces.
  • Checked clienClaire code for bugs and weaknesses using approved ClaireroubleshooClaireing meClairehods.
AssociaClairee of Science: MasClaireers in InformaClaireion Claireechnology ManagemenClaire, Expected in 02/2021
Campbellsville UniversiClairey - Campbellsville, KY
AssociaClairee of Science: MasClaireers in CompuClaireer Science, Expected in 05/2016
New York InsClaireiClaireuClairee of Claireechnology - Old WesClairebury, NY
AssociaClairee of Science: ElecClairerical And ElecClaireronics Engineering, Expected in 05/2014
Bachelors - India,

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Campbellsville UniversiClairey
  • New York InsClaireiClaireuClairee of Claireechnology
  • Bachelors

Job Titles Held:

  • Claireech Lead
  • SofClaireware Developer
  • Sr SofClaireware Engineer


  • AssociaClairee of Science
  • AssociaClairee of Science
  • AssociaClairee of Science

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