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Resourceful Quality Assurance Engineer well-versed in producing strong test cases and scripts for manual and automated testing. Skillful in training quality assurance staff, evaluating performance and improving procedures. Team-oriented and results-focused polished in helping developers spot and resolve issues. Tech-savvy [Job Title] boasts experience reviewing features to locate problems with common functions. Conducts comprehensive independent analyses to identify hidden issues. Specializes in [Industry] software. Brings [Number] years of related experience. Collaborates cross-functionally to support production of high-quality software packages. Quality professional with background directing co-located and off-site QA teams dedicated to completing module and regression tests on [Type] programs. Experienced in operating under Agile and Lean guidelines to work collaboratively. Expert [Software] and [Software] user. Dedicated sales and quality professional with strong technical and management experience in military and civilian employment as Quality Assurance Engineer and Quality Sales Professional. Skilled in developing strategic client relationships to generate revenue with new accounts. Provides customized product guidance with proven record on increasing sales. History of implementing ISO 9001 standards, statistical root cause analysis, inspection and test plans. Experienced with avionics, mechanical and electrical systems, electronics and communications systems. Innovative [Job Title] identifies vulnerabilities quickly due to [Number]-year career in [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Offers extensive [Skill] and [Skill] talent to bolster operations. Familiar with [Type] and [Type] software tools. Systematic [Job Title] well-versed in software development and testing protocols. Helps teams produce high-quality work by completing thorough quality assurance evaluations. Strong communicator and multitasker with organized, detail-oriented approach. Proficient in complex [Software] and [Software] deployments. Critical thinking [Job Title] demonstrates abilities in [Skill] and [Skill]. Multitasking individual focused on team collaboration, execution of successful software-testing practices. Proactive approach to engaging extensive coding expertise. Methodical and efficient QA testing leader specializing in [Area of expertise]. Gifted in coordinating crisis responses, projects and problem resolutions. Proficient at adhering to tight deadlines and quality assurance parameters while also seeking opportunities to make insightful discoveries about products and defects. Thorough quality assurance professional highly skilled in manual and automated application testing. Partners successfully with project management and development team members to put out high-quality software for customers. Decisive in identifying problems at any stage of production. Demonstrated success in gray, white and black box testing. Write and understand test cases, create test plans and identifying use cases. Comprehensive understanding of full software development lifecycle. Detail-oriented [Job Title] brings proven experience in defect identification, documentation and reporting. Not shy about raising concerns or advocating for customers' needs. Expert in writing test cases and scripts. Dedicated [Job Title] bringing [Number] years of experience and diligence to handle needs of large and complex products. Solid history in both manual and automated testing. Seek to apply expertise to growth-oriented, dynamic position. Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Skill], [Skill] and [Skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality. [Job Title] with demonstrated command of [Area of expertise]. [Type] expert with developed aptitude for [Skill] and [Skill]. Multilingual and fluent in [Language] and [Language], offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity. [Area of study] student pursuing [Degree] seeks internship opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Outgoing and friendly with strong motivation for success. Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes. Motivated professional offering [Degree] in [Area of study]. Adds value to any organization in need of great collaboration, interpersonal, and multitasking abilities. Meets tight deadlines every time. [Area of study] student with background in [Area of expertise]. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of [Skill] and [Skill]. Motivated [Area of study] student seeking internship in [Area of expertise] to gain hands-on experience. Outgoing and friendly with strong drive to succeed. [Job Title] with talent for [Task] and [Task]. Strong knowledge of [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in [Software]. Proven history of fostering [Action] to meet team, individual and management objectives.

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Results and Deadline-Driven
  • Software Release and Versioning
  • Testing Analytics
  • Test Plans and Test Methodologies
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing Frameworks
  • Test Scheduling
  • Standards and Security Compliance
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Collaborative Team Player
  • Strong Problem Solver
  • Scenarios and Use Cases
  • Test Procedure Documentation
  • Defect Tracking and Reporting
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Service
  • White Box Testing
  • Testing Program Installation
  • System Modification Testing
  • Continuous-Integration Testing
  • Developing Quality Standards
  • Version Control Systems: Git
  • Firmware Testing
  • Software Functionality Feedback
  • Data Analysis
  • Scrum Methodology
  • Software Development Tools: JIRA, Confluence
  • Programming Languages: Java, C#
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Design Specifications
  • Teamwork and Positive Attitude
  • Software Documentation Reviews
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Product Design Reviews
  • Bug Tracking and Resolution
  • Advocate and Voice of the Customer
  • Team Collaboration
  • Programming Issue Identification
  • Key Performance Indicator Tracking
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Software Compatibility Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Engineering Team Support
  • Security Testing
  • Software Defect Documentation
  • Time Management and Prioritization
  • Script and Scenario Design
  • Organized and Detail-Oriented
  • Test Program Development
  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration
  • Hardware and Software Configuration
  • Android Software Development Kit
  • Project Management
  • Passionate about Quality
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Security and Antivirus Software
  • Black Box Testing
  • Diagnostic Software
  • Workload Prioritization
  • Agile Best Practices
  • Team Mentoring
  • Web and Mobile Application QA
  • Client Requirements
  • iOS and Android Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Continuous Learning
  • Compliance Testing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Configuration Management
Education and Training
Instituto Tecnologico De Chihuahua, Mexico Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Expected in 12/2013 BBA : Industrial Engineering - GPA :


-NOM-241-SSA1-2012, ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 19011 Standards

-Problem Solving & Quality Tools (Ishikawa Diagram, 5-Whys, Control Charts, Histograms, Scatter

Diagrams, Check Sheets, Pareto Charts)

-Gantt charts

-Plan - Do - Check - Act (PDCA Cycle) and DMAIC Methodology

-First Article Inspection

-Basic knowledge of CNC and Conventional machining process


-NOM-241-SSA1-2012 Transition training

-AS9100D Transition training

-AS9100D Internal Auditor

-Communicate to Lead

-Ultrasonic washing training for medical devices

-Cleaning protocols for medical instruments

-Ethylene Oxide Sterilization protocols for medical devices


Microsoft Office, basic knowledge Minitab and WinQSB

Idex Corporation - Quality Assurance Engineer
Irvine, CA, 03/2018 - Current
  • Designed and updated test cases to complete consistent manual tests.
  • Worked with off-site teams to complete timely tests and facilitate smooth product releases.
  • Documented identified defects using [Software] and helped developers complete further testing and resolve issues.
  • Produced test scripts for new automated software testing rounds.
  • Consulted with product owners and developers to fully understand intended features and functionality.
  • Conducted load tests to determine server operating parameters.
  • Collaborated with production team members to help team create and deliver high quality, cutting-edge products.
  • Reviewed configuration files, logs and sections of code to complete debugging and locate breakdown sources.
  • Provided continuous process improvement and preventive and corrective actions to facilitate operational efficiency.
  • Tracked software bugs and detailed information regarding findings and resolution techniques in documentation.
  • Communicated effectively with customers and contractors to facilitate business operations.
  • Identified safety issues and performance trends by performing statistical analysis.
  • Compiled data on quality issues and vulnerabilities and reported findings with suggestions for improvement.
  • Communicated with [Type] and [Type] departments regarding defects and [Type] issues and implemented effective solutions.
  • Provided clear and concise cost and time estimates for each phase of testing from test phase planning to final regression testing.
  • Resolved [Type] issues to improve productivity and workflows.
  • Used [Type] and [Type] tools to document project features, capabilities and requirements.
  • Suggested updates to software to improve usability, function and performance of [Type] products.
  • Developed and wrote concise test plans for [Type] projects that encompassed [Type] and [Type] technologies.
  • Managed supplier key performance indicators and checked materials for compliance with specifications.
  • Implemented OSHA compliance quality and safety plans.
  • Augmented knowledge of [Type] software and [Type] tools by actively participating in available trainings and workshops.
  • Supervised [Number] staff members to comply with ISO [Number].
  • Obtained [Type] ratings during bi-annual quality audits.
Northrop Grumman - Quality Engineer
Fort Gordon, GA, 07/2014 - 12/2017
  • Performed product inspections and reported results detailing errors, failures and non-conformance.
  • Collaborated with quality team members and leaders to monitor conformance to quality standards.
  • Contributed to root cause evaluation to mitigate risk and foster continuous improvement.
  • Drafted process documentation to standardize operating procedures and techniques.
  • Performed root cause analysis for detected faults and developed corrective actions.
  • Developed inter-disciplinary cross-training programs to expand competencies among employees and reduce knowledge gaps.
  • Provided spot troubleshooting of unexpected issues with products, manufacturing and design phases.
  • Reviewed purchase orders to properly scale asset flow requirements, reducing waste and supporting availability.
  • Designed and installed preventive maintenance programs to reduce work disruptions.
  • Collaborated in developing packaging and delivery solutions for manufactured products.
  • Maintained ISO documents within manufacturing facilities to comply with applicable regulations.
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of company standards and protocols during inspections.
  • Facilitated improvement protocols to decrease error rate and mitigate non-conformance.
  • Supported [Type] team in implementing corrective actions to increase quality.
  • Developed improved training methods to align with ISO 9000 standards for quality and procedures.
  • Built lasting rapport with clients and vendors to foster satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Drafted and implemented action plan to assist company with achieving ISO 9000 certification.
  • Fostered and maintained collaborative professional working relationship with project leadership team and client.
  • Created professional, to-scale sketches to communicate and clarify special requirements.
  • Planned, scheduled and coordinated detailed design phases of large-scale [Type] projects.
  • Utilized mathematical skills and understanding of engineering principles to design new products.
  • Coached and supervised work of [Type] engineers.
  • Generated engineering documentation and oversaw up to [Number] design projects each year.
  • Devised and designed [Type] systems.
  • Completed comprehensive code compliance evaluations for [Type] projects.
  • Fulfilled [Type] orders by planning, budgeting and coordinating projects.
  • Presented [Type] design proposal to client as part of overall design team for [Type] project.
  • Guided team of architects, technicians and interns throughout contract document phases of [Type] project worth $[Amount] in new revenue.
  • Eliminated inspection stations through [Task] and [Task].
  • Increased use of [Product or Service] by [Number]% in [Type] industry.
Sailpoint - Engineering Intern
Alabama, NY, 06/2013 - 12/2013
  • Assisted with product testing, requiring hands-on applications.
  • Aided in site audits and material testing analyses to protect worker safety and support structure resilience.
  • Supported production of technical drawings, schedules and survey documentation for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing safety plans and operational scenarios.
  • Performed field engineering tests on internal projects and existing assets, sharing results with supervisors and customers.
  • Applied critical engineering thinking to reviewing and auditing plans and proposals.
  • Provided cost analyses of performed work and required materials involved in assigned projects.
  • Collaborated with senior personnel during procurement and quality assurance reviews to support exceptional final results.
  • Completed change order preparations and production tracking of ongoing projects for budgetary purposes.
  • Worked with other engineers to respond to requests for product improvements and quality concerns.
  • Used complex problem-solving techniques requiring regular use of ingenuity and creativity.
  • Expanded technical skills through continuing education courses and outside seminars and webinars.
  • Tested products and detailed issues or malfunctions to senior management.
  • Reviewed and interpreted engineering blueprints and drawings to determine best approaches to projects.
  • Collaborated with [Type] department to discuss processes and find ways to boost performance.
  • Supported senior engineers by organizing presentations using [Software].
  • Designed and detailed mechanical parts and cable assemblies using [Software].
  • Checked third-party [Type] data thoroughly for inaccuracies and documented information in [Type] reports.
  • Maintained timely and accurate oral and written technical reports of engineering activities.
  • Handled [Task] on for engineering projects under [Job title] supervision.
  • Understood and complied with safety regulations.
  • Organized specification set-up and drawing coordination, research and use of best practice documents.
  • Developed basic detail and assembly drawings from products and equipment.
  • Researched and analyzed customer design proposals, specifications, manuals and other data.
  • Created professional, to-scale sketches to communicate and clarify special requirements.
  • Generated clear, detailed and accurate technical documentation for [Type] products.
  • Maintained project documentation, updating as necessary when changes arose.
  • Utilized lean knowledge and tools to identify and assist with continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Partnered with team members to meet project objectives and deliver on-time results.
  • Performed mechanical design calculations.
  • Performed engineering change processes to support existing products.
  • Designed custom [Software] reports to track quality assurance activities and data.
  • Programmed and configured [Type] products according to customer specifications.
  • Helped develop system- and subsystem-level requirements for [Type] devices.
  • Contributed to designs for mechanical and electrical hardware, software and disposable components.
  • Observed in-progress tests, reviewed data and reported on results to engineering team.
  • Aided [Job Title] with design scope for [Type] project under supervision of [Job Title].
  • Identified key processes that could be remedied and improved by careful assessment of the [Type of Project].
English :
Full Professional
Negotiated :
Additional Information

-Conference Cycle

Conference of ASQ Mexico expanding the reach of quality (October 2010)

Successful cases of variation reduction in companies (Jun 2012)

-Participation in the 1st congress of quality for development and innovation in the state of Chihuahua

-Participation in Expo Foro Chihuahua lives innovating 2015 (October 2015)

-Quality Standards Course. CENALTEC (May 2017)

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Instituto Tecnologico De Chihuahua, Mexico

Job Titles Held:

  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Engineering Intern


  • BBA

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