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Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary
Professional pipe fitter with excellent interpersonal skills. Works in a timely and efficient manner to see tough jobs through to completion.












Work History
08/2016 to 11/2016
Pipe fitter Lead-man / Pipe Foreman Bae Systems Durham, NC,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Able to read iso's and p&id's
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Exceptional Problem Solver
  • Accurate Measurements made for tie in cuts and for checking pre-fabricated pipe
  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Worked Heavy Equipment and would flag them if necessary
  • Walk down and complete punch list items
  • Did fresh air entry and work

As a pipe fitter lead-man my duties consisted of looking at the work to be done with the foreman, figuring out manpower, tools and/or equipment needed, and get with the client to write permits and walk the job before the task is started.  Once work begins the lead-man is to be in the field with the rest of the hands to work and solve any problems that come up involving the task at hand.  Worked with hand/power tools, cutting torch, and assisted the welders. We also worked with rigging, and used threading machines. Lead will also be the one to flag heavy equipment as well as run scissor lifts or man lifts with the crew if necessary.  Helped in pulling measurements to fabricate or to double check pre-fabbed piping or supports.  If foreman was not present a day at work then lead-man's duties are to pick up his job for the day and temporarily have someone from the crew take your spot.  

04/2015 to 06/2016
Pipe fitter lead-man / foreman Bae Systems Roy, UT,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Exceptional Problem Solver
  • Accurate Measurements
  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Clean Work Environment
  •  Walked packages to complete packages
  • Worked with specialty welders from Austria
  • Worked with Safurex, Super Duplex, and Duplex


As a lead-man I was to run the crew in the field while my foreman was to take care of his duties. I was to run a large potion of the vendor specialty piping. This included pulling measurements to be able to cut everything to the proper length, assist riggers in putting the pipe on location, and check all slopes, rolls, and offsets to proper degrees. After measurements were pulled and cut lines made i was to get with a third party company who used a portable hydraulic mill to make the cuts, turn the o.d. and i.d., and make the bevels. Used hand/power tools, cutting torch, threading machines, and rigging. Worked with scissor lifts and man lifts when necessary. Did bolt-ups using hand/power tools including impacts and torque wrenches. On the vendor piping we only were only allowed a millimeter of imperfection so calipers were used to make the bolt-ups for tolerance to be met. I was the one to deal with QC in the field on our finished product and also with STO. I assisted the foreman in writing permits and other necessary paperwork if needed and assisted the crew with any problems in the field.

2015 to 03/2015
Pipe Fitter Bae Systems San Jose, CA,
  • Pipefitter
  • Fabricator
  • Demo old piping systems, supports, and equipment 
  • Pull measurements
  • Use power/hand tools
  • Read and draw prints and iso's
  • Good problem solving skills


I worked with power/hand tools to fit and fabricate piping systems. We also built supports

for the pipe and installed them. Assisted welders when necessary.

Used rigging, worked with the cranes, and ran small lifts needed to do a task.

Had to walk packages to help do punch list items.

09/2014 to 2015
Pipe fitter Bae Systems Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD,
  • Pipe fitter/fabricator
  • Can read prints, iso's, and p&id's
  • Used hand/power tools
  • Ran scissor/man lifts
  • Pulled measurements

Pipe fitters were to pull measurements to check the pre-fabricated pipe and cut the random length that was left accordingly. Used power/hand tools, rigging, threading machines, impacts, and assisted the welders with what they needed to do their job. Did hydro testing on completed lines. Did bolt-ups and would torque them if necessary. Worked with the crane operators and riggers to help in the installation of our piping onto its location. Bull rigged pipe into position when needed. 

11/2013 to 09/2014
Pipe Fitter/ Leadman Thompson Construction Sinton, TX,
  • Pipe fitter/fabricator
  • Read prints, iso's, and p&id's
  • Used power/hand tools
  • Pull good and accurate measurements
  • Run scissor/man lifts
  • Walk down punch lists to complete systems
  • Lots of big bore and heavy wall pipe both stainless and carbon
  • Build candy canes off towers and lots of high elevation work

Fitters were to use power/hand tools to fit and fab piping and supports. We were also employed to install our piping and supports using cranes, rigging, and/or lifts to make it possible. Did bolt-ups and would torque to completion if pipe was a reasonable size. Pulled measurements on pipe and supports to insure a correct fit. the first time it was installed. Used torches and beveling machines when needed. We assisted in hydro occasionally and did post hydro removing blinds and doing final bolt-ups while doing the punch list. Used hydraulic flange spreaders and impact wrenches for large bolt-ups.

06/2013 to 11/2013
Pipe Fitter/Fabricator Leadman Alamo Group Selma, AL,
  • Pipe Fitter/Fabricator
  • Pull measurements to order material, to have for the drawing of iso's, and to fabricate
  • Use scissor/man lifts when necessary
  • Do signals for crane operators
  • Rig pipe for crane operators and for fitting pipe
  • Use hand/power tools
  • Use transit and total machine to set plot points for concrete, equipment, and structure
  • Hydro tested
  • Assisted with material orders/quantity and the giving out of piping material

As a pipe fitter I was to get a sketch from my GF and to go to the field pull measurements, and confirm material length and quantity. If sketch needed to be changed I would assist in drawing a new sketch of what needed to be built with material needed so all could be ordered. I ran material conex and helped keep a quantity on material and pipe we had, missing, or needed. When material was acquired then we would cut the pipe to length and fabricate our pipe spools. The use of power/hand tools, torches, beveling machines, and pipe threaders was all necessary for this task. We built and installed our supports using the welders, magdrills, hydraulic punches, and cranes. When spools were finished we would use the crane or rigging to install them and any equipment that it ties into. We also pressure tested all of our pipe spools we built that the client wanted tested.

01/2013 to 06/2013
Pipe Fitter/Fabricator Thompson Construction Sumter, SC,
  • Pipe Fitter/Fabricator
  • Pull good and accurate measurements
  • Assist in material and equipment order
  • Used man/scissor lifts, forklifts, and backhoe
  • Used hand/power tools

A pipe fitter with Polk does just about anything and everything. They are a small contract maintenance company for the DFW area. We used power/hand tools to build pipe spools and supports while assisting the welders. The use of scissor/man lifts happened often because we didn't use scaffold unless totally necessary. We removed and replaced vessels, tanks, equipment, ect. We also took apart valves, flame arrestors, and other equipment to clean and reinstall. As an extra project on one job site we built and insulated a steel building, installed the bay doors, poured a sidewalk, and even installed the heat/ac units. Did cpvc lines. Ran food grade piping at several facilities. Hydro tested and torqued the pipe spools we built and installed. Installed and built necessary components for several conveyor systems.

09/2012 to 11/2012
Pipe Fitter Bae Systems Colorado Springs, CO,
  • Pipe Fitter/Fabricator
  • Did demo on old pipe and equipment
  • Pulled measurements for cuts on in service piping
  • Used rigging and signaled crane during lifts
  • Install, bolt-up, and test finished piping spools

Fitters had to pull measurements and mark existing pipe for cold cuts to be made for tie-ins to be welded. Used power/hand tools, rigging, mag drills, and impacts. Did bolt-up and hydro testing. Did a large amount of demo on piping and equipment. Walked down punch list and did punch items.

04/2012 to 09/2012
Pipe Fitter/ Material Handler Bae Systems Coralville, IA,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pulled measurements for iso's and for material orders
  • Assisted with material procurement
  • Kept a detailed list with quantities of material that we had, needed, and was missing
  • Assisted welders

As material went I checked out all the material we used on the job and kept documentation for the shipping and receiving of all the material as well. Had written quantities of everything we had on site and on order and a separate list of everything that we were short on for the finishing touches on systems. I gave copies of all my paperwork at the end of the day to the office and my GF. Assisted with procurement and drawing iso's when needed. The majority of the fits on the job site were done by the rig welders but I assisted with tie-in welds and special projects. I also built and installed supports.

02/2012 to 04/2012
Pipe Fitter Health Alliance Of Hudson Valley Mount Kisco, NY,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pulled accurate measurements for tie-ins
  • Installed pipe spools
  • Demo old pipe spools

Fitters used power/hand tools to fit and fabricate pipe spools and supports. We used rigging to stage and install piping. Pulled measurements for floor and wall penetrations to be cut. Did demo on existing piping for tie-ins to be made. Assisted welders with what they needed for work to proceed.

03/2011 to 02/2012
Pipe Fabricator/Fitter Rockwool Hartford, CT,
  • Pipe Fabricator in Fab shop
  • Field fitter
  • Pulled accurate measurements to draw iso's and fabricate pipe spools
  • Bolted up new pipe spools
  • Assisted in testing pipe spools
  • Used power/hand tools, torch, beveling machine, plasma arc, threading machines
  • Did field m & d (measure and draw)
  • Worked with aluminum and other special alloys

We were on site maintenance and would fix anything that broke that they brought to us unless it had to be machined. Did repair on vessels on all types of metals, as well as set up new tie in nozzles on vessels. Pulled measurements and drew iso's for myself and the other shop fabricators to build with one other fitter. Made material lists with all of the drawings when I would send them to the engineer to sign off on. Used power/hand tools to fabricate piping spools, supports. We would also use the same tools on equipment parts, equipment, and vessels or drums. Worked on jacketed pipe and did lots of bolt up installation. Used scissor/man lifts to do bolt up work and/or measurements.

02/2006 to 07/2006
Pipe Fitter Helper KBR City, STATE,
  • Fabrication shop helper
  • Hand/power tools
  • Assisted with material stocking and distribution to fitters
  • Assisted welders

Maintenance Fabrication shop helper.  Cut and prepped pipe and fittings.  Ran a chop saw and threading machine.  Helped with organizing material and acquiring it for the fitters to build spools.  Worked with power/hand tools.

07/2006 to 09/2007
Machinist LeBus International City, STATE,
  • Ran manual machines 
  • Lathes, Drill presses, Grooving machines, Keyhole machine, And began to learn a mill
  • Power and hand tools
  • Welding
  • Layout


Did lots of layout and measurements since I only ran manual machines other than the mill.  Did minor repairs on my machine if broken down or needed upkeep. Learned how to weld a little.  Used magdrills to make flanges.  Using the large drill press I learned how to properly tap holes.  Ran a fork lift and overhead shop crane.  Lots of hand tools and measuring tools including micrometers and calipers.  Few power tools and pneumatic grinders.  

09/2007 to 2008
Pipe Fitter helper Bay Ltd City, STATE,
  • Assisted pipe fitters and helpers
  • Learned how to field fit pipe
  • Power/hand tools
  • Threading machine


Started making field fits on this job. Assisted welders and fitters with what they needed.  Used normal pipe fitter hand/power tools.  Did lots of rigging for fits to be made as well as on large bolt-ups.  Ran impacts and torqued.  Did hydro testing.

05/2009 to 04/2010
Pipe Fitter OPD City, STATE,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pulled measurements for cuts on randoms and to check pre fabricated piping
  • Used rigging
  • Signaled cranes
  • Bolt-up
  • Testing (hydro and nitrogen)


Fit and fabricated pipe and supports.  Used power/hand tools, threading machines, whitney punches, torches, and beveling machines.  Bolt up and torque.  Hung some iron and ran impacts.  Pulled measurements to insure prints were correct and that pre fabricated piping would work correctly.  Worked with rigging while making fits and while rigging crane to make a pick.  Did hydro and nitrogen testing on completed lines.

04/2010 to 09/2010
Pipe Fitter OPD City, STATE,
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pulled measurements for cuts on randoms and to check pre fabricated piping
  • Used rigging
  • Signaled cranes
  • Bolt-up
  • Testing (hydro and nitrogen)


Fit and fabricated pipe and supports.  Used power/hand tools, threading machines, whitney punches, torches, and beveling machines.  Bolt up and torque.  Hung some iron and ran impacts.  Pulled measurements to insure prints were correct and that pre fabricated piping would work correctly.  Worked with rigging while making fits and while rigging crane to make a pick.

10/2010 to 02/2011
Technician Tanknology City, STATE,
  • Did tank, hose, pump, and line testing
  • Repaired piping, hoses, pump replacement
  • Did inspections
  • All on petroleum systems
  • Underground and above ground testing


Did inspections on gas stations and anywhere else that may have petroleum tank and pump systems.  Would do some repairs on tubing and piping.  Repaired and replaced nozzles and hoses.  Checked their computer systems for accuracy. Tested tanks and lines for cracks or leaks.  Did suction testing on the tanks.  Did helium testing for underground leaks. Used lots of hand tools and a few power tools.  

02/2008 to 03/2009
Forklift Operator Blockbuster City, STATE,
  • Drove all types of warehouse forklifts
  • Loaded and unloaded trucks
  • Prepared things for shipping on pallets
Expected in 2003
High School Diploma:
Hallsville High School - Hallsville, TX



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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Hallsville High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Pipe fitter Lead-man / Pipe Foreman
  • Pipe fitter lead-man / foreman
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pipe fitter
  • Pipe Fitter/ Leadman
  • Pipe Fitter/Fabricator Leadman
  • Pipe Fitter/Fabricator
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pipe Fitter/ Material Handler
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pipe Fabricator/Fitter
  • Pipe Fitter Helper
  • Machinist
  • Pipe Fitter helper
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Technician
  • Forklift Operator


  • High School Diploma

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