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(555) 432-1000,
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor

I am currently promoting a culture of service, efficiency and productivity to help team members meet and exceed business targets. I'm focused on boosting an excellent customer experience, grabbing customer interest with high-quality, organized and attractive products. I am reliable and experienced in the industry. I am skilled in operation management, best practice process and procedure, team leadership and employee training. I possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills, as well as complex problem-solving and work planning. I am a quality-driven team member, effective at managing inventory, working with schematics and keeping customer areas neat and clean. I have a strong history of satisfying customers through top-notch service and support. Furthermore, I'm adept at creating appealing displays and handling all aspects of merchandising. I'm able to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. I desire to go above and beyond my job duties to exceed company expectations.


Individualization- Relationship building
Intrigued with the unique qualities of each person
Have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively
Achiever- Executing
Hard worker and possess a great deal of stamina
Takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive
Focus- Prioritize then act
Takes direction

Follows through
Makes the corrections necessary to stay on track

Discipline- I enjoy routine and structure
I am best described by the order I create

Futuristic- Strategic thinking
Inspired by the future and what could be Energize others with their vision of the future

Education and Training
Yuba College Marysville, CA Expected in Associate of Arts : Emphasis in Math And Science - GPA :
Faith Christian High School Yuba City, CA, Expected in 06/2002 High School Diploma : - GPA :
Vector Security - Operations Team Leader 412
Chattanooga, TN, 05/2021 - Current

As Operations team leader at 412, I have dove into the role of chief compliance officer. My goal is to minimize risk by ensuring that the store has the highest possible level of compliance in all key related areas.

*I do this by ensuring that self-reviews and self-audits are conducted in a serious manner.

*By taking a key role in internal and external 3rd party audits. I try to be the person in charge of corrective actions, and action plans, based on results.

*By ensuring that all related documentation is properly shared, reported and filed in a timely manner. Food safety self-audit, 5S Self-audit, and shrink self review turned in weekly.

*In addition to ensuring compliance with elements related to Safety, Shrink, County State and Federal inspections, Company CBT compliance, 5S, Payroll punch edits, Payroll late meals: All to help ensure the overall safety of our company and our companies bottom line.

Also in my time at 412, I have immersed myself in CAO. I have committed to daily negative reports and cycle counting throughout the store. Along with ordering for creative ends and new displays, in addition to investigating and finding new products to fill in when things don't arrive as expected.

*Through these efforts we've kept our shelves and displays throughout the store looking full along with driving higher sales.

*Most recently at 412, I focused on getting involved with the P&L spreadsheets to understand them more in depth as well as reviewing and understanding the weekly labor forecasts along with scheduling weekly labor throughout the store. Labor is definitely our biggest expense. Its amazing how small tweaks to the plan can ultimately make a big differences in the profit margin.

Raleys 422 - Operations Team Leader
City, STATE, 01/2020 - 04/2021
  • As a newly appointed OTL in a new store along transitioning to a new district, I already felt the pressure to prove myself. I was entering into a very established store, with primarily senior clerks, and established clientele. As a result, I was not planning to re-invent the wheel!
  • I planned to be energetic and memorable. Which I am!
  • I Trained, mentored and motivated team members to maximize productivity.
  • I Kept our team in compliance with all applicable company and legal standards. Which has been rapidly changing with all county/company COVID policies.
  • I maintained safety and emergency readiness among personnel by disseminating information on and monitoring compliance with regulatory and organizational policies. This included protest/riot readiness for weeks.
  • I Developed (which my team continued) initiatives for process improvement; reviewed and assessed ongoing operations. In addition, mainstreamed practices and procedures, to reduce labor. Implemented the "Shop & Drop"! This became very important this year, during COVID-19 in our ever growing ecart department.
  • Determined effective scheduling and managed daily workflow. This ia very important w/ daily schedule changes due to possible COVID contamination of team members
  • Assisted with development and implementation of quality controls, productivity standards and compliance guidelines.
  • Supervised 110+ team members w/ daily temperature check-ins, symptom checks and offering constructive feedback on work performances.
  • Trained, mentored and motivated employees to maximize team productivity.
  • Coordinated our beautiful new multi department lobby displays and directive ends throughout the store; including ordering additional grocery items to support the builds
  • Conducted weekly cycle counts of various products to determine accuracy of product counts throughout the store
Raleys 435 - Assistent Team Lead
City, STATE, 03/2017 - 12/2019
  • Implemented promotional strategies to drive business success and maintain budgetary guidelines
  • Assessed, optimized and elevated operations to target current and expected demands
  • Drove consistent sales with effective merchandising and promotions implementation
  • Monitored supplier operations to verify quality and delivery schedule
  • Collaborated with team members to maximize customer experience, streamline procedures and improve bottom-line profitability
  • Facilitated effective communication between customers and team members to encourage positive, team-based atmosphere
  • Lead as a servant leader w/ Raley’s core FAMILY values to drive a culture of performance excellence
  • Maintained comprehensive compliance with company and county standards, workplace, food & safety standards to
    protect team members and guests
  • Maximized profit potential by coordinating efficient labor percentages and minimizing shrink
  • Coordinated efficient restocking of merchandise to meet guest needs promoting consistent growth in sales.
  • Established, enforced and updated policies keeping business agile and responsive to changing market conditions
  • Promoted a positive workplace environment for all team members by communicating effectively and incentivizing with
    team member rewards
  • Distributed daily tasks to the appropriate team members and checked to ensure that all duties were completed within
    expected time frames. "Inspect what I Expect"
  • Walk the store, ensuring that it looked clean and inviting (like our home) at all times along with checking that store shelves were
    adequately and properly stocked and faced.
  • Analyzed the store's inventory. Ordered merchandise and products when stock levels are low.
  • Provided expert customer service to all guests and assisted with locating desired items.
  • Oversee all corporate communications to streamline data and share information to make needed adjustments.
  • Participated in networking events to cement community ties, and industry connections.
  • Limited financial discrepancies, reviewing & approving voids, suspends and miscellaneous tendered receipts
  • Assessed team proficiencies and identified targeted areas for improvement, both in attitude and performance.
  • Helped established departmental performance goals, set timeline targets for sales team while trained new employees
  • Ensured supply met demand by overseeing replenishment and inventory management.
  • Empowering team members to contribute to continuous improvement, quality and growth of Raleys by using my
    "Gallop Strength Finders" top 5 characteristics
  • 1. Individualization
  • 2. Achiever
  • 3. Focus
  • 4. Discipline
  • 5. Futuristic
  • Participated in activities involved with organizational transformation, implementation and successfully monitored
    the most recent corporate restructuring in our newest flagship store
  • Supervised performance of all front-end team members and food service team members, with goals of improving
    productivity, efficiency and cost savings.
  • Delivered and implemented team member engagement through planned parties along with program rollouts through many
    Computer Based Training modules to improve operational quality.
  • Mitigated operational risk by compiling performance throughout the store for both our internal audit as well as for the county.
  • Supported community outreach by initiating a special 10% DISCOUNT all to Sac State students and faculty.
  • Monitored inventory levels on a daily basis w/ our new CAO System, and placed new orders w/ CAO and our
    traditional ordering system for product to keep supplies well-stocked.
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies through Daily Huddles by coordinating staff development and succession planning.
  • Engage professionally with courtesy clerks and customers to build rapport and nurture relationships.
  • Introduced complete on-boarding and training programs to surpass established team sale targets and employee retention goals.
  • Directed Night Team Members in creating dynamic displays of new merchandise to catch attention of store customers
  • Developed and implemented successful sales strategies leading to team exceeding monthly sales goals for $5 Mondays in Food Service
  • Met operational objectives by establishing qualified team members, promoting adherence to NSF as well as county regulations and providing an outstanding customer service experience.
  • Conducted 30/60/90 Day staff evaluations to determine promotions, realignments and reductions in force as necessary.
  • Assessed each employee's individual strengths and delivered mentoring to improve upon weak skill levels to grow strengths.
  • Mentored core start-up team members, working to outline initial company policies and procedures w/ an emphasis on FAMILY
  • Monitored progress by establishing plans, budgets and measuring results- I'M ALL ABOUT CHECKLIST AND LOGS.
  • Enhanced operational performance by developing effective systems and procedures.
  • Promoted professional skill development and customer service in courtesy clerks, clerks, food service team members
    and outer departments through effective training, management and motivation.
  • Facilitated buying process by providing customers with value proposition for products and services while promoting our
    "Simply Done" brand
  • Developed several internal candidates for promotion opportunities in general management .
Cellar & Sudz - Owner-Absentee (Sold!)
City, STATE, 12/2013 - 12/2019

· Led startup and opening of Cellar & Sudz and provided business development, creation of operational procedures and workflow planning

· Developed and implemented promotional strategies to drive business success and maintain budgetary guidelines

· Directed hiring and training of new staff members to drive organizational improvements

· Established, enforced and updated policies keeping business agile and responsive to changing market conditions

· Secured contract with Southern Wine, Youngs Market, Markstien, DBI, Pepsi, Del Monte Meats, Pacific Seafood Sysco, and various local distributors to supply all materials and services at competitive prices to increase profit margin

· Trained teams on specific operations and requirements for each job type, including applicable procedures and techniques

· Oversaw daily operations of restaurant business, including over 30+ employees across two locations.

· Actively promoted new guests through newspaper advertisements, local magazines, brochures, daily Facebook posts, and personally written weekly emails to attract new customers and generate revenue

· Leveraged human resources skills to identify and recruit optimal candidates, coordinate training and oversee ongoing performance

· Involved our Restaurant at local events to cement community ties, and increase brand awareness

· Managed Cellar & Sudz business, cultivating positive and inviting atmosphere for employees and customers

· Hired and mentored core start-up team, working to outline initial company policies and procedures

· Diminished staff turnover and boosted morale by hiring effective team players and initiating new training and scheduling practices

· Monitored individual team member performance results and engaged in timely coaching sessions

· Hosted fundraising events for various charities to boost brand awareness and community engagement

· Set, updated and enforced policies to maintain consistency and quality at all levels

· Developed business and marketing plans and prepared monthly financial reports

· Updated bi-monthly financial accounts with current revenue and expense data and quickly resolved discrepancies, including employee payroll and taxes

The City Cafe - Past Owner (Sold!)
City, STATE, 01/2002 - 03/2018

· Administered finances and led business operations, including running payroll, making bank deposits and analyzing income and expenses to maintain cost-effective operations

· Developed and implemented strategies to enhance team performance, improve processes and increase efficiency

· Hired, trained and motivated staff to fill all restaurant openings

· Trained staff, facilitated staff meetings and spearheaded menu development

· Oversaw the complete operation of two restaurants

· Kept facility and equipment in good working condition through regular preventive maintenance, mandatory cleaning schedules and repair schedules

· Estimated supply requirements based on historical needs and projected business levels by accounting for special localevents or sports games

· Monitored business levels and realigned team positions to provide optimal coverage for customer demands

· Located relevant vendors, set up schedules and coordinated the delivery, storage and organization of all inventory

· Managed food preparation, guest interaction, quality control, and customer relations

· Organized more than $68,000.00 in funding to launch 85 seat Fine Dining Restaurant.

· Managed and supervised over 30 employees in two restaurants

· Handled escalated customer complaints to provide full resolutions and promote loyalty

· Trained workers in every position, including food preparation, money handling and cleaning roles

· Created unique recipes and applied various culinary techniques for a unique and creative take on New American Cuisine

· Made weekly employee schedules, assigned work and regularly checked the quality and productivity of all team members

· Maintained cleanliness and sanitation across all food service, storage, and preparation stations

· Identified, investigated and corrected operational issues such as inventory waste or theft to keep business operating at optimal levels

· Maximized efficiency of kitchen operation by overseeing daily product inventory, purchasing and receiving

· Portioned food onto plates, added garnishes and sauces and handed off to wait staff for serving

· Maintained highest standards of Fine Dining Restaurant Experience

· Kept stations stocked and ready for use to maximize productivity

· Maintained consistent quality and high accuracy when preparing identical dishes daily.

· Developed strategies to enhance catering and retail foodservice revenue and productivity goals.

· Set up and performed initial prep work for food items such as soups, sauces and salads

· Helped other staff members complete job tasks during peak times to keep kitchen running efficiently

· Frosted and decorated cakes, cupcakes, sweet rolls, pastries and cookies

· Checked temperature of freezers and refrigerators to maintain proper storage of cold items

· Established and maintained open, collaborative relationships with kitchen team to maximize efficiency

· Carved ham, turkey and roast beef for use in sandwiches and buffet carving station

· Estimated staffing needs and adjusted hourly schedules to match demand patterns, budget and local labor laws

· Identified opportunities to increase revenue, decrease kitchen expenses and maximize departmental productivity without compromising guest satisfaction

· Conducted daily inspections and maintained food sanitation and kitchen equipment safety reports

· Reviewed recipes to determine exact measurements and ingredients to create dishes

· Modified standard recipes to account for ingredient issues or customer requests, including allergen concerns

· Placed orders for supplies and food inventory items with vendors to restock pantry and refrigerator

· Created nutritious, safe, visually appealing, innovative and properly prepared and flavored food

· Prepared hundreds of dishes per day in a fast-paced positive environment while maintaining high customer satisfaction rate.

· Followed proper food handling methods and maintained correct temperature of food products resulting in consistently high scores on health inspections

· Collaborated with Head Chefs to plan new menus using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

· Chopped vegetables, seasoned meats and fish in preparation for grilling, sautéing and braising

· Trained new team members on proper meat and vegetable preparation techniques

· Verified kitchen staff followed all recipes and portion serving guidelines correctly

· Created exceptional menu items executed with precision to regularly garner diner praise

· Managed the overall operation of the restaurant from opening to closing

Activities and Honors

I am soo grateful for my career with Raleys.

I have never had so much consistent "known", stability in my life.

Raleys, has handled this ever changing year w/ such grace and compassion toward both team members and valued customers. They've taken every consideration to keep us all safe. I am truly grateful and have tremendous respect for our company and how they have navigated though these challenging times.

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School Attended
  • Yuba College
  • Faith Christian High School
Job Titles Held:
  • Operations Team Leader 412
  • Operations Team Leader
  • Assistent Team Lead
  • Owner-Absentee (Sold!)
  • Past Owner (Sold!)
  • Associate of Arts
  • High School Diploma