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Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary

Responsible and well-trained Endoscopy Staff Nurse works closely with multidisciplinary team to perform outpatient and inpatient gastrointestinal procedures with CARE (Compassion, Aloha, Respect, Excellence). Assists physician with endoscopy procedures, manages equipment, documents nursing care and admits, recovers and teaches patient in Pre-Op and PACU. Follows safety and infection control guidelines to promote patient well-being and support high-quality nursing care. Dedicated to comprehensive care and education for patients and families. Caring, Driven, hardworking, friendly, excellent communication skills, passionate about endoscopy, high clinical expertise, a team player adaptable and resilient with strong attention to detail. Bringing 26 years of success as a well-trained, professional registered nurse desiring a Full Time or Part Time position.

  • Compassionate and Caring
  • Strong work ethic
  • Self Motivated
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Clear, effective, good communication
  • Strong organizational skills, meticulous, thorough, attention to detail
  • Leadership Skills-Charge Nurse, Unit oversight
  • Team-Oriented
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Patient Care Oversight
  • Care Coordination
  • Delegation and Motivation
  • Unit Oversight
  • Team Player
  • Monitor Nurse-Moderate Sedation
  • Equipment sterilization
Work History
Endoscopy Staff RN, 05/2018 - Current
Ascension (System Office) Menomonee Falls, WI,
  • Advocated for and strived to protect health, safety and rights of patient.
  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record.
  • Exceeded goals through effective task prioritization and great work ethic.
  • Identified issues, analyzed information and provided solutions to problems.
  • Participated in evidence-based practice project implementation, nursing competency development and nursing simulation activities.
  • Developed Endoscopy Covid 19 On-Call Protocol utilized in surgical and endoscopy services.
  • Provided skilled, timely and level-headed emergency response to critically ill patients.
  • Strengthened training and nursing knowledge by taking part in continuing education programs and in services.
  • Served as liaison for all endoscopy vendors and planned and coordinated all staff in services.
  • Offered exceptional care as endoscopy nurse for hospital-based endoscopy department with case numbers 12 to 20 per day, for diverse population age group: young adult to geriatric. Followed Covid 19 hospital protocols and guidelines.
  • Delivered patient care and performed charge nurse duties. Flexible, adaptable and proactive to perform multiple roles at any given time: circulator nurse, monitor nurse, assisting nurse, endo tech, decon tech, add-on case scheduler, preop nurse, answering phone calls, lunch break relief, etc.
  • Delivered high level of quality care while overseeing patient admission and triaging based on acuity and appropriate department admission.
  • Worked closely with gastroenterologist and assigned anesthesiologist plus management and coordination of patient care for 3rd On Call gastroenterologist performing in patient endoscopic procedures in between outpatient block scheduling.
  • Educated patients on procedures and facility processes.
  • Prepared rooms according to specific endoscopic procedures.
  • Reviewed and documented patient medical history to accurately reflect nursing assessment, changes in clinical state and other pertinent patient information to support multidisciplinary team to deliver great care.
  • Performed patient assessment, VS monitoring, IV insertion and other routine procedures and documented in electronic medical record (EPIC) to support interdisciplinary care.
  • Administered medication to patients according to facility protocols-Conscious sedation (Moderate sedation). Utilized Ramsey and Aldrete scoring. Checked for ASA evaluation and mallampati score.
  • Monitored patient reactions after administering medications and IV therapies.
  • Accurately documented treatment, medications and IVs administered, discharge instructions and follow-up care (Utilized EPIC charting)
  • Conducted pre-op calls to review specific instructions prior to procedure and post-op calls to improve patient satisfaction, answer questions and address new or worsening symptoms.
  • Studied contraindications, lab results, allergies and potential interactions before administering patient medication and treatments according to physician orders.
  • Evaluated patient histories, H&Ps, previous hospital encounters, referrals, cardiac clearance, patient past and presenting complaints and current symptoms.
  • Conducted ongoing monitoring and evaluations of behaviors and conditions, and updated gastroenterologist and clinical charge nurse with current information.
  • Facilitated therapeutic communication, conflict resolution and crisis intervention by redirecting negative behaviors and helping patients regain or improve coping abilities.
  • Communicated with healthcare team members to plan, implement and enhance treatment strategies.
  • Administered different therapies and medications in line with physician orders and treatment plan.
  • Pulled supplies for specific patient needs and treatments . Utilized Omnicell for supplies and patient charges using EPIC. Organized special supplies and developed track list for high volume supplies.
  • Inspected procedure rooms and maintained excellent hygiene and safety by decontaminating equipment and sanitizing surfaces.
  • Educated family members and caregivers on patient care instructions. Equipped patients with tools and knowledge needed for speedy and sustained recovery.
  • Explained course of care and medication side effects to patients and caregivers in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Conveyed treatment options, diagnosis information and home care techniques to patients and caregivers to continue care consistency.
  • Collaborated with leadership to devise initiatives for improving nursing satisfaction, retention and morale.
  • Used first-hand knowledge and clinical expertise to advocate for patients under care and enacted prescribed treatment strategies.
  • Followed all personal and health data procedures to effectively comply with HIPAA laws and prevent information breaches.
  • Led teams in driving successful patient outcomes by prioritizing standard of care and best practices.
  • Leveraged feedback and process improvement opportunities to create safer and healthier environment and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Helped to set up and assisted with: WATS 3D brushing and take biopsies ; H. Pylori Culture and Sensitivity collection, CRE balloon dilation (Esophagus/Pyloric channel/Colon); EGD ,Colonoscopies, Small Bowel Enteroscopy; BRAVO capsule placements (download data and print reports); Small Bowel Capsule endoscopy (download data and print reports); Colon Decompression in endoscopy department and under fluoro; PEG Placement, Esophageal Manometry, TEES, Bronchoscopies, Variceal Banding, Biopsies, Control GI Bleed using various treatment modalities such as Hemospray, Argon Plasma Coagulator, ERBE electrocautery, hemoclips, Epinephrine injection, etc
  • Performed endo tech duties including bedside endoscope cleaning, manual cleaning using Veriscan air leak testing and scope buddy , followed by AER Medivator reprocessing.
  • Utilized Epic and Provation daily.
  • Assisted with cases in Endoscopy department, at bedside (ICU, CCU, Telemetry), in OR/Surgery.
  • Took On-Call 7 days straight, plus additional 3rd call duties. Day/Evening rotation with 8 hour shifts starting 0700 or 07:30am .
  • Assisted with diagnostic endoscopy. Assisted with therapeutic endoscopy procedures using Olympus diagnostic endoscope, side-viewing endoscope, single channel and double channel Olympus endoscopes.
  • Received and processed stock into inventory management system in Endoscopy Department.
  • Performed Covid 19 nasopharyngeal testing.
Endoscopy Staff RN, 09/2001 - 11/2017
Ascension (System Office) Merrill, WI,
  • 16 years endoscopy nurse in acute care setting hospital based. Managed patient care services for outpatients and inpatients utilizing 3 to 4 procedure rooms with turnover of rooms 3-4 minutes with age population extending primarily from middle age to age 100. High volume Japanese speaking population.
  • Assumed several roles on weekly basis as: Admission Nurse, Float Nurse, Circulator or Primary procedure endoscopy nurse, Endoscopy Tech Nurse assisting MDs, Back Tech as scope cleaner, and served as Charge Nurse.
  • Multitasked several different assignments throughout the day: procedure nurse, completed pre/post-op calls, administration of pre-op medications (IV antibiotics, IV/IM vitamin K, IV solumedrol, IV PPIs, IV Octreotide, IV Zofran), administered blood transfusions, started peripheral IVs, etc.
  • Administered Conscious Sedation (Moderate sedation), reversals as needed, IV infusions, IV medications per MD orders with continuous patient assessment, monitoring of vitals, EKG , End -Tidal CO2 capnography, pain level assessment, tolerance of procedure.
  • Hand-Off report to Ambulatory Care Services recovery , patient in phase II.
  • Charge Nurse duties: made daily printed staff assignments both RNs and Techs, coordinating and ensuring case flow and procedures on time , assisted with scheduling any add on cases and all preparation required, communicating with gastroenterologist , their office, vendors, endo staff, hospital ancillary staff, and endoscopy manager. Ordered special supplies. Oriented and trained staff (new RNs, new techs, nursing students) . Recorded monthly department staff meeting minutes. Directed and assisted with emergencies as needed: activating code blue, RRT , retrieval of crash cart, etc.
  • Rotated shifts day to evening : 06:30 to 09:30am (8 hours daily)
  • Prepared procedure rooms according to specific endoscopic procedures. Set up of endoscope, equipment , supplies , patient old paper chart and setting up patient for each case after disinfecting all equipment per facility protocol
  • Educated patients on procedures and facility processes.
  • Performed patient assessment, VS monitoring, IV insertion and other routine procedures and documented in paper charting and EMR
  • Reviewed and documented patient medical history to accurately reflect assessment, changes in clinical state and other pertinent patient information to support multidisciplinary team to deliver great care.
  • Performed disinfection of endoscopes using HLD per facility guidelines with immediate pre-cleaning after a case followed by AER Reprocessing (Medivators).
  • Utilized nursing process of assessment, planning, implementing, evaluating and documenting plan of care for patients undergoing gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventional procedures performed in the unit, in OR (Surgery) setting, or off unit (ICU, CCU, PCU, M/S floors).
  • Took "On Call" 1 to 3 days per week during after hours when department closed and also processed specimens and disinfected endoscopy after case.
  • Frequent cases: Egd, Colonoscopy, Enteroscopy, Esophageal Dilation (TTS CRE balloon, Maloney Dilator Tubes) in endo department and while under fluoro in x-ray , PEG tube placement, Brown Mueller feeding tube placement, Submucosal injections (Botox, Epinephrine, Ethamolin 5%, SPOT tattoo) Secretin Study, ERCPS (placement of plastic and metal stenting) , Foreign Body Removal, Bronchoscopy , TEES, Variceal banding, Argon Plasma Coagulator, Electrocautery , etc.
  • Processed tissue collection : biopsies and completed required endoscopy documentation , lab requisitions, transportation to lab.
  • Managed staff work schedules, both RNs and endo techs.
Agency RN -Medical /Surgical , 12/2002 - 02/2004
Kahu Malama Nurses City, STATE,
  • Worked at Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii. Performed primary nursing on Medical/Surgical Floor and Rehab departments. Worked graveyard shift .
  • Managed 5 to 7 patients on two different Wings. Performed nightshift duties including replacing MARS, Kardex, patient flowsheets for next day.
  • Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.
  • Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
Endoscopy RN, 02/2003 - 11/2003
Kuakini Medical Center City, STATE,
  • Per Diem (Call-In) Endoscopy Nurse at St. Francis Liliha outpatient endoscopy center. Worked 8-hour day shifts.
  • Performed admissions and recovered patients in phase II recovery after endoscopy procedures.
Agency RN - Medical /Surgical Nurse , 03/2003 - 03/2003
Company Name City, State,
  • Worked at Pali Momi Medical Center in Aiea, Hawaii as agency RN assigned to Medical /Surgical Floor.
  • Worked graveyard shift. Performed primary nursing, completed all medications and treatment therapies. Completed updates or turnover of all MARs, Kardex, patient flowsheets, treatment documentation for next day.
  • Executed daily goals and care plans for up to 5 -7 medical/surgical patients.
Oncology Staff RN, 03/2000 - 09/2001
Company Name City, State,
  • Worked oncology in hospital setting of 15-19 beds providing primary care with multidisciplinary approach.
  • Worked Day/Evening Rotation, 12-hour shifts.
  • Nurse -Patient ratio 5-7 patients during the day, and 7-8 patients during graveyard shift.
  • Performed primary nursing care with broad range of responsibilities: admissions, transcribing MD orders, medication administration, coordinating multiple patient testing /procedures followed by post procedure monitoring, transfers to higher acuity, discharges, patient expirations with postmortem care, patient-family teaching, conduct blood sugar checks and give insulin per sliding scale, completed SOAP/DAR charting.
  • Completed chemotherapy administration as dictated by physician's instructions on each patient's chart.
  • Assessed patients during course of treatment to identify concerning reactions.
  • Performed patient care for patients with various diagnosis: Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Leukemia new and recurring, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic and Liver Cancers, etc.
  • Recorded all patient discussions and encounters in charts for future reference.
  • Cultivated warm and compassionate atmosphere for patients receiving chemotherapy, wound care , multiple blood transfusions, multiple oral and IV medications , multiple antibiotics, pain management (PO / PCA/ Epidural), administer IM or SQ injections, TPN/PPN infusions, chemotherapy, administering PEG tube feedings, infection isolation (Contact, Droplet, Neutropenic Precautions ) , Chest Tube , Colostomy Care, Tracheostomy Care, Blood sugar checks with insulin administration , Bone Marrow Aspirations at bedside, Thoracentesis at bedside, etc.
  • Educated patients on such topics as nutrition, medication side effects and proper skin treatments after radiation.
  • Helped patients feel comfortable and supported during treatments for different types of cancer and patiently answered diverse questions.
  • Administered chemotherapy, pain medications and other medicines based on physician orders and patient requirements.
  • Educated family members and caregivers on patient care instructions.
  • Followed all personal and health data procedures to effectively comply with HIPAA laws and prevent information breaches.
  • Managed patients recovering from medical or surgical procedures.
  • Evaluated patient histories, complaints and current symptoms.
  • Observed and documented patient factors such as diets, physical activity levels and behaviors to understand conditions and effectively modify treatment plans.
  • Monitored patient reactions after administering medications, IV therapies, and multiple transfusions (PRBC, FFPs, Platelets).
  • Delivered high level of quality care to diverse populations while overseeing patient admission and triaging based on acuity and appropriate department admission.
  • Assumed Charge Nurse role on rotation basis, managing shift assignments, bed control, notification of MD with significant change of conditions, provided hand-off report to hospital supervisor, performed patient acuities, assisted with emergencies such as Code Blue, attended care plan meetings and updated them in chart. Supervised LPNs and CNAs.
  • Strengthened training and nursing knowledge by taking part in continuing education programs and oncology workshops
Staff RN -Subacute Unit , 04/1998 - 12/1999
Company Name City, State,
  • Team leading for fast paced subacute unit with 30 plus beds with high patient turnover. Nurse -Patient ratio 15 plus.
  • Worked Daytime 8-hour shifts.
  • Rendered direct patient care to young adult and geriatric population requiring skilled nursing and rehabilitation: TKR, THR or ORIF, AKA, BKA, CVA, CHF, DM, A-FIB, Abdominal Surgery, Lung and Prostate Cancers, etc.
  • Performed full admissions, transcribed and carried out physician orders, Head-to-Toe Assessments, weekly pressure sore skin assessments, discharged patients, inter facility transfers and hospitalizations, notifications of any deaths and perform postmortem care, daily shift charting, completed required Medicare Charting, wound care, medication administration, RT therapy via SVN , dressing changes clean and sterile technique, staple and suture removal, ostomy care, PEG tube feedings and care, administered intravenous infusions including parenteral nutrition.
  • Relief Charge Nurse making daily assignments, supervising LPNs and CNAs.
  • Utilized PYXIS medication system. Floated to Long Term Care units as needed for staff shortages to assist with medication administration and would care.
Staff RN- Longterm Care , 03/1997 - 03/1998
Company Name City, State,
  • Worked Full time 40 hours/week, Day and Evening shifts. Total 90 beds. Supervised 1-2 LPNs and 5-6 CNAs.
  • Performed patient care using team leading approach with nurse -patient ratio 30 plus. Managed and coordinated patient care among other staff.
  • Quickly promoted to charge nurse for 4 Wing facility which included Medicare beds.
  • Performed admissions, transcribing and implementing physician orders, performed patient assessments, completed weekly skin assessment reports, patient discharges, notification of physician of significant change of condition, replaced staff shortages, made daily shift assignments, medication administration, completed required Medicare charting , performed various skilled nursing treatments (tracheostomy care, urostomy care, dressing changes , intermittent or continuous tube feedings via PEG tube /NGT, etc.
  • Developed patient care guidelines per facility policy and procedures. Regular weekly meetings with Director of Nursing on patient care.
Bachelor of Science: Nursing, Expected in 05/1996
Mount St. Mary's University - Los Angeles, CA,
Status -

1995 Honorary Award Recipent

1993 Dean's List

1992-1996 American Samoa College Recipient for four years

High School Diploma: , Expected in 06/1992
Fa'asao High School - Pago Pago, American Samoa ,
Status -

Valedictorian- Scholarship Recipient of the American Samoa Government for four years of College


Hawaii RN Licensure #44070

Expiration 06/30/2023

ACLS Certification

Expiration 02/2024

BLS Certification

Expiration 01/2024


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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Mount St. Mary's University
  • Fa'asao High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Endoscopy Staff RN
  • Endoscopy Staff RN
  • Agency RN -Medical /Surgical
  • Endoscopy RN
  • Agency RN - Medical /Surgical Nurse
  • Oncology Staff RN
  • Staff RN -Subacute Unit
  • Staff RN- Longterm Care


  • Bachelor of Science
  • High School Diploma

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