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Jessica Claire
  • , , 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor
  • H: (555) 432-1000
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Versatile Department Manager recognized for providing exceptional leadership and guidance to employees. Responsible and dependable professional with 10 years of comprehensive experience overseeing staff, conducting training and implementing strategies. Familiar with successful training methodologies and industry developments.

  • Managing Operations and Efficiency
  • Budget Management
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Performance Management
  • Hiring and Training
  • Administration and Reporting
  • Project Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Problem Resolution
  • Safety and Security
  • Customer Service
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Department Head
Department Head, 07/2017 - Current
Ocean State Job Lot Seekonk, MA,
  • Built and managed relationships with vendors through effective contract management and price negotiations.
  • Improved department operations and reduced costs by implementing a Donation Account.
  • Handled shift overstock, restocking and inventory control.
  • Enforced safety rules and other policies to protect employees and minimize company liability.
  • Performed opening and closing duties as part of management team and handled cash management.
  • Created culture of empowerment and innovation for employees to promote engagement.
  • Hired, trained and coached employees to deliver world-class customer service and animal care.
  • Balanced workloads to meet targets without overtaxing employees.
  • Followed safety protocols and company processes and procedures.
  • Supported shrinkage and safety awareness, reviewed sales and inventory data, identified trends and prepared reports for department.
  • Trained employees on proper and safe use of equipment and tools.
  • Cultivated talented team of departmental employees through outstanding mentoring, coaching and teaching skills.
  • Modeled supportive leadership qualities, motivating staff to achieve department goals and promote staff participation and team building.
  • Exercised discretion and judgment in managing fast-paced environment adapting to change with sense of urgency.
  • Enforced departmental policies, procedures and state and federal laws.
  • Conducted reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
  • Analyzed financial data to determine efficient use of resources.
  • Consolidated business data into actionable metrics to simplify and highlight areas of concern and opportunity.
  • Analyzed actual financial results to budget, preparing variance reporting to functional groups.
  • Managed financial transactions involving general funds and contracts to reduce cashflow challenges.
  • Analyzed actual financial results vs budget to prepare variance reporting to functional groups.
  • Created and updated financial reports on frequent basis to present information to leadership teams.
  • Coordinated preparation of external audit materials and external financial reporting.
  • Created financial management mechanisms to minimize financial risk to business.
  • Reviewed financial projections relating to business and industry trends and identified areas requiring improvement.
  • Checked payroll, vendor payments and other accounting disbursements for accuracy and compliance.
  • Prepared internal and regulatory financial reports, balance sheets and income statements.
  • Completed month-end and year-end closings, kept records audit-ready and monitored timely recording of accounting transactions.
  • Made estimates of funds required for short and long-term financial objectives of organization.
  • Computed, recorded and proofread data or reports.
  • Scheduled meetings and coordinated materials to be distributed to attendees.
  • Developed organizational filing systems for confidential customer records and reports.
  • Completed and mailed contracts, invoices or checks.
  • Organized files, developed spreadsheets, faxed reports and scanned documents to improve organizational workflow.
  • Coordinated office activities to streamline operations and promote compliance with organizational policies.
  • Collected and coded various documents to prepare for filing, storage and processing.
  • Monitored calendars and scheduled appointments based on availability and established load limits.
  • Dispersed incoming mail to correct recipients throughout office.
  • Trained staff members to perform work activities and use computer applications.
  • Maintained and updated filing, inventory and database systems, manually or using computer.
  • Coordinated travel arrangements for office personnel.
  • Created and managed budgets for travel, training and teambuilding activities.
  • Resolved customer inquiries and complaints requiring management-level escalation.
  • Proposed or approved modifications to project plans.
  • Planned and delivered training sessions to improve employee effectiveness and address areas of weakness.
  • Held regular one-on-one meetings with employees to review performance and priorities and provide feedback.
  • Reviewed employee performance and provided ongoing feedback and coaching to drive performance improvement.
  • Interviewed prospective employees and provided input to HR on hiring decisions.
  • Planned and led team meetings to review business results and communicate new and ongoing priorities.
  • Mediated conflicts between employees and facilitated effective resolutions to disputes.
  • Reviewed completed work to verify consistency, quality and conformance.
  • Remained calm and professional in stressful circumstances and effectively diffused tense situations.
  • Assigned work and monitored performance of project personnel.
  • Evaluated individual and team business performance and identified opportunities for improvement.
  • Delegated work to staff, setting priorities and goals.
  • Provided leadership, insight and mentoring to newly hired employees to supply knowledge of various company programs.
  • Followed consistent safety procedures, maintained visible animal identification and checked tags to minimize care errors.
  • Leveraged knowledge of precedents and applicable laws to determine probable case outcomes.
  • Negotiated with opposing parties to remedy disputes.
  • Maintained current knowledge of laws to provide clarification on legal concerns.
  • Advised clients regarding legal matters, business transactions and claim liability.
  • Used in-depth knowledge of legal precedents to analyze probable outcomes of cases.
  • Evaluated findings and developed strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases.
  • Reviewed legal materials for compliance to correct issues.
  • Coordinated with investigators and law enforcement agencies to obtain information or evidence used in hearings.
  • Documented daily data related to investigations and findings.
  • Collaborated with law enforcement officials to provide relevant information regarding observed or suspected criminal activity.
  • Answered public inquiries, regarding animal control operations.
  • Collected evidence for court prosecutions related to animal treatment.
  • Restrained wild animals and livestock to prevent escape or capture for return to holding areas.
  • Interviewed witnesses to investigate reports of animal attacks or cruelty.
  • Maintained updated knowledge through continuing education and advanced training.
  • Exceeded customer satisfaction by finding creative solutions to problems.
  • Modified existing software systems to enhance performance and add new features.
  • Executed on-time, under-budget project management to adhere to project road map.
  • Promoted public awareness of mission through outreach, advocacy and online presence.
  • Established strategic direction and goals to accomplish objectives.
  • Assure compliance with all Department of Agriculture Rules & Regulations.
  • Assure compliance with all Drug Enforcement Agency Rules & Regulations.
  • Monitor all Controlled Substances in facility.
  • Composed an "Emergency Pet Shelter" for hurricane evacuees or victims of other natural disasters.
  • Work in conjunction with the local Emergency Management Agency to complete tasks and goals in the state of an emergency.
Kennel Supervisor, 01/2015 - 06/2017
Ardent Health Services Quitman, TX,
  • Created consistent workflows by assisting with washing, drying and folding duties.
  • Coordinated adequate exercise time to keep dogs healthy and happy.
  • Hired and oversaw full-time staff of 5 full-time and 4 part-time employees.
  • Assessed animals for injury and illness.
  • Reviewed pet records from daily visits and appointments, entering important data into system.
  • Cleaned and sanitized equipment and surfaces to protect animal and staff health.
  • Promoted optimal animal health by feeding and watering on regular schedule.
  • Prepared food to meet needs of animals under care with appropriate meals.
  • Socialized animals to prepare for adoption.
  • Adhered to pet care plans, medication requirements and dietary restrictions as part of quality care.
  • Delivered excellent service to pet owners to drive repeat business.
  • Monitored day to day operations and oversight of kennel attendants.
  • Removed waste from kennels, runs and exercise areas and placed in trash receptacles or in-ground septic systems.
  • Followed consistent safety procedures, maintained visible animal identification and checked tags to minimize care errors.
  • Recruited volunteers to handle non-critical tasks and give animals wide-ranging interactions.
  • Responsible fot the intake of all animals to include, age, weight, pictures and administer proper vaccinations.
  • Updated social media to reflect all animals currently being held.
Adoption Coordinator, 01/2014 - 01/2015
Angels At Home City, STATE,
  • Coordinated partnership with over 50 new Rescue Groups to limit number of animals euthanized
  • Established a Volunteer Program to include recruiting, interviewing and training volunteers.
  • Ensured all volunteers signed necessary forms; reported their hours; and volunteer rosters were up to date.
  • Acted as liaison between staff and volunteers; communicating concerns from both group.
  • Created social media platform account (Facebook) for department.
  • Facilitated adoptions by arranging 1 on 1 meetings, counsel potential adopters, process adoption paperwork.
  • Participated in regular adoption events off-site and occasional on-site open houses.
Dispatch Clerk, 05/2013 - 01/2014
Company Name City, State,
  • Supervised driver dispatching, route planning and vehicle tracking for five Enforcement Officers.
  • Coordinated and tracked extensive paperwork and electronic data related to logistics and material movement in present, past and future.
  • Tracked changes in computer system to keep records current and accurate.
  • Communicated with individuals within inbound call center setting to complete dispatch support for animal service calls.
  • Recorded results of service calls to create report summaries for senior management.
  • Monitored dispatch board and adjusted call priorities regularly based on caller needs.
  • Responded immediately to emergencies by initiating outbound calls to police agencies and emergency contacts.
  • Mitigated risks and emergency response delays by efficiently monitoring public safety field units.
  • Received and processed emergency animal calls to dispatch Enforcement Officers.
  • Used radio, telephone and computer system to update Enforcement Officers with new information.
  • Tracked call logs and shift data to enter into computer system.
  • Took caller information, read associated computer information and documented vital details in call tracking and assignment system.
  • Handled emergency phone calls calmly and obtained pertinent information with composed approach.
  • Maintained contact with units on assignment to deliver further assistance and support when needed.
  • Approached customers and engaged in conversation through use of effective interpersonal and people skills.
  • Provided excellent service and attention to customers when face-to-face or through phone conversations.
  • Exceeded customer satisfaction by finding creative solutions to problems.
Firefighter/Emergency First Responder, 05/2009 - 08/2011
Company Name City, State,
  • Communicated with dispatchers and hospital personnel to arrange logistics for patient transport.
  • Monitored patients from scene to hospital transfer while conducting in-transit care.
  • Operated emergency vehicles with caution to keep patients, public and first responders safe.
  • Talked with family members during period when patients could not self-advocate.
  • Developed strong rapport with other medical professionals to foster quality and efficient patient care.
  • Performed CPR and used cardiac defibrillator to revive patients in cardiac arrest or arrythmia.
  • Remained level-headed and proactive during emergency situations.
  • Addressed emergent needs of patients in field and administered appropriate care and basic life support.
  • Explained to conscious patients steps involved for medical evaluations and need for possible hospital transport.
  • Reviewed inventory levels prior to shift and restocked ambulance to prepare for service.
  • Utilized valuable communication skills to deliver information to family members regarding patient treatment, care and medical options.
  • Conducted equipment inspections and vehicle checks in adherence with required maintenance schedules.
  • Asked patients questions about over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and illicit drug activity to identify side effects or signs of overdose.
  • Rendered direct patient care by stabilizing patients and determining course of action based on triage.
  • Evaluated patients at accident scenes to screen, assess and treat significant injuries.
  • Assessed emergency situations and prioritized medical care for patients.
  • Trained new hires by offering insight into job duties and assessing shift performance.
  • Documented patient condition and treatment to facilitate plan of care.
  • Observed and assessed incident scenes to maintain safety of first responders.
  • Documented calls in reports detailing incident type and course of treatment.
  • Provided emergency first aid, CPR, basic life support and Heimlich maneuver procedures when needed.
  • Participated in on-call schedule to respond to requests for assistance after hours and on weekends or holidays.
  • Informed and educated local community members about fire prevention and safety.
  • Conducted fire drills at schools and businesses.
  • Used axes and other tools to break through windows and debris.
  • Cleaned, serviced and maintained fire apparatus in condition of readiness and performed general maintenance of fire department property.
  • Located victims trapped by fires, extricated and rendered first aid.
  • Analyzed situations to quickly adopt courses of action with regard to surroundings and circumstances.
  • Collaborated with Hazmat to clean up chemical and oil spills.
  • Employed systematic search and rescue procedures and location and excavation devices to safely locate and evacuate victims.
  • Extinguished flames and embers to suppress fires with shovels and hand-driven water or chemical pumps.
  • Responded immediately to alarms for fires, vehicle accidents and other emergency situations.
  • Located hydrants and operated pumps at proper pressure to evaluate adequacy of water system and availability of water supply.
  • Laid hose lines and operated nozzles, pumps, hydrants and fire extinguishers.
  • Tested and inspected tools, equipment and gear to maintain readiness for different fire scenarios.
  • Answered emergency situations and assessed conditions to contain fires, assist victims and prevent escalation.
  • Patrolled previously burned areas after fire containment to locate and eliminate dangerous hot spots.
  • Trained continuously to maintain required physical fitness for demanding work.
  • Communicated with other firefighters and emergency personnel to relay observations, equipment needs and other relevant information.
  • Combatted fires by holding nozzles and directing streams of fog, chemicals or water.
  • Ascended and descended ladders, stairs and ramps in smoke-filled areas.
  • Checked hoses and breathing masks after fire calls to determine proper functionality.
  • Administered emergency treatment and medical care to people injured in accidents and fires.
  • Observed strict safety protocols to maintain personal and coworker safety.
  • Rehabilitated fire hoses, portable water tanks and other equipment.
  • Attended trainings to maintain wealth of knowledge in firefighting techniques and suppression methods, enabling quick decision making during actual emergencies.
Patient Care Assistant, 06/2010 - 07/2011
Company Name City, State,
  • Engaged with patient family and friends to provide courteous visit experience.
  • Examined and treated patient lacerations, contusions and physical symptoms and referred patients to other medical professionals.
  • Assisted patients with shaving, bathing and oral hygiene to promote healthy habits and overall wellness.
  • Provided care, comfort and emotional support to children and adolescents facing serious illnesses and medical procedures.
  • Documented information in patient charts and communicated status updates to interdisciplinary care team.
  • Promoted patient comfort by quickly responding to calls and handling diverse needs.
  • Supported unit efficiency by maintaining current and accurate clerical paperwork.
  • Looked for physical, emotional and symptomatic changes in patient condition and obtained necessary care for medical concerns.
  • Used mobility devices to transport patients.
  • Counseled patients on pain management, treatment procedures and physician instructions.
  • Implemented creative activities to emotionally support patients throughout medical treatment.
  • Performed minor housekeeping tasks to keep patient areas clean and sanitized.
  • Communicated changes in patient conditions and other unit concerns to multidisciplinary team.
  • Used hospital-approved devices and techniques to transport and lift patients.
  • Promoted patient satisfaction by assisting with bathing, dressing and exercising.
  • Ambulated patients with appropriate assistive devices and in line with proper body mechanics.
  • Obtained patient vital signs and reported results to staff nurse or physician to identify changes from prior measurements.
  • Documented patient intake and dietary requirements and aided with feeding and monitoring.
Education and Training
GED: , Expected in 08/2007
Central Georgia Technical College - Macon, GA
Status -
: Nursing Science, Expected in
Middle Georgia State University - Macon, GA
Status -
  • Developed relationships with 50 new rescue facilities and increased live animal release rate, taking shelter from a high kill status to a low kill status.
  • Promoted to Shelter Manager due to initiative and hard work that achieved a new state of the art $13 million dollar facility.
  • Consistently maintained high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Created highly effective new program that significantly impacted efficiency and improved operations, by acquiring a Veterinarian to perform in house Spay/ Neuters.
  • Ethics & Professionalism Training - 2022
  • Policy & Certification Compliance- 2022
  • IS-700: Introduction to the National Incident Management System- 2021
  • Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command System Interface- 2022
  • Introduction to WebEOC for County Responders- 2022
  • IS-00010.a: Animals in Disaster: Awareness and Preparedness- 2016
  • IS-00011.a: Animals in Disasters: Community Planning- 2016
  • IS-00035.16: FEMA Safety Orientation- 2016
  • IS-00100.c: Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS-100- 2022
  • IS-00105.16: Workplace Violence Awareness Training- 2016
  • IS-00200.c: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response ICS- 200- 2022
  • IS-00800.d: National Response Framework, An Introduction- 2022

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Central Georgia Technical College
  • Middle Georgia State University

Job Titles Held:

  • Department Head
  • Kennel Supervisor
  • Adoption Coordinator
  • Dispatch Clerk
  • Firefighter/Emergency First Responder
  • Patient Care Assistant


  • GED
  • Some College (No Degree)

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