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Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary

Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Certifications (Contracting and Logistics Level II). Proficient in cradle-to-grave management of contracts including facility support multi-year, large dollar construction, and professional or nonprofessional contracts. Applies Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and supplemental regulation and guidance. In-depth knowledge of the structure and content of legal contracts. Well organized, innovative and detail oriented, excellent interpersonal and team management skills, superb problem solving and decision making, and capable of supporting and executing complex projects in a high-pressure environment.

  • Priority management
  • Team Building
  • Inventory oversight
  • Leadership
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Operations management
  • Budgeting
Work History
Contract Specialist, 10/2020 to Current
Department Of Homeland SecuritySanta Rita, GU,
  • Public Works Facility Support CORE, Supervisor: Rea Estrella (XXX) 532-3317 or (XXX) 279-9231 Salary: (GS-12), 40 hours per week Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes Both pre award and post award functions relating to planning, development, advertisement, award, and administration of contracts for procurement of facility support contracts in support of shore establishment for Navy, Marine Corps, and Supported Commands.
  • Reviews requests for procurement of special and complex services.
  • Analyzes requirements, obtains technical review of requirements and recommends to technical team revisions to statement of work/specifications, as necessary.
  • Determines the appropriate contract type, prepares procurement plan, milestones, and obtains the appropriate approvals according to Federal Regulation and local rules.
  • Review justification for sole source and obtains approval to include required clearances.
  • Review’s procurement requests to assure clarity, adequacy, and completeness.
  • Analyzes the effects of industrial developments, and any seasonal price trends that affect supply and materials.
  • Creates and issues Request for Quote (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) using combined synopsis on Fed Biz OPS for small business set-aside through full and open competition.
  • Reviews RFPs to ensure alignment with the Source Selection Plan and is complete with respect to the ELIN schedule and all attachments.
  • Prepares solicitation documents.
  • Incorporates applicable provisions as mandated by procurement regulations, such as cost accounting standards, technical evaluation factors, weighted guidelines, testing procedures and socioeconomic programs when appropriate.
  • Primary contract specialist for advising on and conducting the procurement process from solicitation to award and through all post award phases of contracting for all Facility Support Contracts (FCS) for the Reserve Centers, include Naval and Marine Reserves, throughout the throughout the NAVFAC AOR to encompass 9 separate contracts and a dedicated $25M capacity MASC for the reserve centers.
  • Leads the team as an expert in Acquisition Strategy.
  • As a contracting officer, develops and recommends the most suitable type of contract and incentive structure for use during acquisition planning and supports procurements and team members with the tracking of all established milestones.
  • Decisions or recommendations on the interpretation and content of agency policies concerning management and development of long-range or interrelated procurement programs.
  • Mentors, trains, and advises new interns and team member’s E-Systems, TOs, contracts, and team procedures and policies.
  • In addition, SME for SAT, GSA, and Ability-One contract actions by reviewing interns/coworkers contract actions to ensures they are in accordance with special requirements, relevant laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures.
  • Create and issue synopsis and RFP using FAR Part 15 for Ability-One MASC for Reserve Centers.
  • Reviewed RFP to ensure that it follows the Source America/Ability-One Committee instructions, ELIN schedule is complete, and all attachments are included.
  • Knowledge of assigned requirements that include unique government requirements, services, maintenance, and quality characteristics that significantly affect the operations of supported activities.
  • Highly skilled in advance Cost and Price Analysis, such as learning curve analysis and cost estimating relationships, sufficient to evaluate contractor proposals and prepare a pre-negotiation position.
  • Conducts cost and price analysis for proposals to determine fair, reasonable, and realistic using comparison of price proposals, Independent Government Estimate (IGE), market rates, and normalized bell-curve using standard deviations and z-score.
  • Conducts price and cost analysis on proposals for sole source commercial SAPs through competitive MASCs.
  • Ensures fully burdened rates are properly calculated in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws.
  • Further evaluates if profit/fee is within statutory limits and G&A is applied properly within pool over base.
  • Performing both pre award and post award functions related to the planning, development, advertisement of contracts for the procurement of supplies, services, professional services, construction, and oversight.
  • Performs all contractual pre award functions.
  • Determines the need for clauses to cover special conditions, such as inspection and acceptance, liquidated damages, and government-furnished property.
  • Receives and evaluated bids and proposals for responsiveness to the particular solicitation and analyzes contractors’ ability to perform the requirements.
  • When required, leads SSEB and Price Analysis as Source Selection Chair.
  • Knowledge of the regulations and techniques of source selection sufficient to conduct a selection.
  • Utilizes appropriate evaluation skills including price analysis, determination of competitive rage, and risk assessment.
  • Capably documents source selection business decisions through award.
  • Regularly solicits, negotiates, and awards task orders against Multiple Award Service Contracts (MASC).
  • Further issues modifications, incorporates changes, exercises options, and performs contract closeout.
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command FOCAS.
Contract Specialist, 06/2019 to 10/2020
Department Of Homeland SecuritySault Sainte Marie, MI,
  • Salary: (GS-12): 40 hours per week.
  • Performed various contract administration functions, including monitoring canceled funds, performing reconciliation, conducting contract closeout, maintaining database integrity, and verifying evidence of contractor’s progress for approval of contract financing, and solving problems relating to assigned contracts.
  • Spearheaded, post-award administration of multiple award contract, as well as task orders following award, for Multiple Award Construction Contracts (MACC), Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, and Job Order Contracts (JOCs) for a total of $33 million dollars.
  • Knowledge of assigned requirements typically include items having unique government requirements, services, maintenance, or quality characteristics; or maintenance that significantly affect the operations of supported activities.
  • Performed all pre award and post award contracting functions in support of the Agency's acquisition mission.
  • Created, revised, and submitted business clearance memorandums, source selection plans, solicitations and ACQ Planning documents.
  • Assisted customer with development of Purchase Request packages.
  • Learned the ongoing/changing laws and regulations, and communicated determinations and requirements to varying levels of stakeholders.
  • Negotiated prices, terms, and conditions; prepared Pre and Post Business Clearance Memoranda/Price Negotiation Memoranda.
  • Analyzed cost and pricing data submitted by offerors to substantiate direct and indirect costs and profit.
  • Determined reasonableness of prices or bids offered.
  • Analyzed marketing data and terms and conditions of previous contracts to make sound recommendations for award.
  • Fostered teamwork with Small Business Office in determining level of appropriateness of specific acquisitions for small business capability.
  • Provided guidance and discussed the responsibilities and procedures to the customer regarding the utilization of anticipatory costs.
  • Assisted in drafting written justification and approval documentation required for all exceptions to fair opportunity.
  • Found existing framework and resources within a plethora of communities to meet the functional needs of customers, supervisors, and coworkers.
  • Analyzed business practices and market conditions to evaluate bid responsiveness.
  • Monitored contractor’s performance for compliance with applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, contract data reporting requirements, and other contractual requirements.
  • Assisted ACO in administering Cost Accounting Standards and in resolving noncompliance issues based on evaluation of disclosure statements, reports, advice and assistant from legal office, price/cost analysis, engineers, auditors, and the subject matter experts.
  • Performed a full range of administrative functions under the direction of the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) up until the point of signature.
  • This includes contract closeout action items, conducting pre-award surveys, conducting post award orientations, contract receipt and review, reviewing contractor proposals, processing subcontractor audit assist requests, progress payments, performance-based payments, issuance of contract modifications, and resolving contract funding/payment issues.
  • Contract closeout.
  • Performed final document of assigned contracts; assured delivery, inspection, and acceptance of contractual end items, and verified that all administrative and reporting actions had been resolved before recommending final closeout of the contract.
  • Worked to resolve disposition of funds listed on the canceling funds report.
  • Monitored and evaluated contractor performance, estimated costs, pricing and business systems, financial policies, and cost control procedures.
  • Responded and investigated contractor’s inquiries regarding any contractual matters and ensured they followed Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS), Department of Defense (DoD) Policy Guidance and Information (PGI); resolved problems accordingly.
Contract Specialist, 06/2013 to 06/2019
Department Of Homeland SecurityScranton, PA,
  • Supervisor: Julie Silva (XXX-339-2458) Salary (GS-12/): 40 hours per week.
  • Applied contract law regulations and techniques for the award and administration of commercial and non-commercial supplies and services using non-simplified acquisition procedures; performed market research, and led source selections while assuring compliance with statute, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, NAVFAC Acquisition Regulation guidelines, and other Federal procurement policies and procedures.
  • Performed all pre award and post award contracting functions in support of the Agency's acquisition mission.
  • Planned negotiated, led, and discussed and/or administered complex procurement of goods, systems, or services.
  • Created, revised, and submitted business clearance memoranda, source selection plans, solicitations, and ACQ Planning documents.
  • Established and monitored contractor performance for compliance with applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, contract data reporting requirements, and other contractual requirements.
  • Provided further oversight of milestones for the logistical support service contract utilizing the Multiple Award Contract (MAC), Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ).
  • Addressed problems in the support of contractual and logistical milestones and initiated actions to correct them.
  • As required, negotiated with officials of other components and contractors in the resolution of support issues.
  • Produced various types of contract awards including Firmed-Fixed Priced (FFP), Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), Time & Materials (T&M) and Research and Development (R&D) and administered all.
  • As COR, monitored task orders for canceled and expired funds and assisted teams in performing the reconciliation, closeouts, and obligation of funds.
  • Processed and evaluated proposals received.
  • Analyzed proposals, performed cost analysis, made competitive range determinations, and developed pre-negotiation positions.
  • Negotiated individual contracts within the program to obtain services for the Government at a fair and reasonable cost within acceptable time frames.
  • Designed final contract and made recommendation for awards.
  • Promoted small business utilization.
  • Negotiated Task Orders, modifications of solicitation and/or contract terms, conditions, or funding arrangements, as required.
  • Developed acquisition packages.
  • Wrote and ensured specifications and statements of work (SOW) and performance work (PWS) statements were prepared in a manner which adequately describes the Government's requirements.
  • Advised technical personnel as to inadequate, ambiguous, or vague specifications to avoid government liability.
  • Conducted necessary market analyses.
  • Prepared solicitation documents and analyzed proposals for conformance with the solicitation.
  • Responded to issues that arose during the solicitation phase.
  • Reviewed and prepared determinations and findings as needed to document the contract files.
  • Conducted pre-proposal conferences with prospective contractors.
  • Evaluates contract changes and negotiates necessary contract modifications to change such topics as specifications, contract language, or terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Served on a source selection board as the primary specialist, including acting as chairperson for the Rock Crusher Exchange (total award of $5,894,804.01).
  • Participated with technical evaluation teams in drafting and rewriting technical evaluation reports during Source Selection.
  • Led monthly Internal Process Reviews (IPRs).
  • Reviewed and analyzed upcoming and ongoing operations, and benchmark deliverables.
  • Defined priorities, budgeted missions, scheduled and assigned tasks.
  • Solicited input and leveraged talents and innovative ideas of team to improve operations and overcome obstacles.
  • Assisted in administering numerous task orders of varying dollar value including task order negotiation, modification for incremental funding, and modification for additional work within scope (including all pertinent analysis for such modifications).
  • Determined cost effectiveness and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Reviewed compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations for post-award compliance and administration.
  • Updated and maintained modification logs and payment logs.
  • Conducted Post-Award Meetings to ensure that the contactor understood the terms and conditions, security requirements, value engineering provision, if applicable, inspection, acceptance, and invoicing procedures.
  • Personally, monitored contractor performance through telephone conversations, correspondence, reports, vouchers, and visits for status of contract performance, scheduling, problems that have arisen and proposed solutions, verification of deliveries, and similar activities.
  • Interpreted contract provisions for contractors and for officials of the agency and provided appropriate advice and guidance.
  • Negotiated contract modifications.
  • Evaluated invoices for accuracy and payment in Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).
  • Provided rejection of cost notifications to vendor for response and necessary correction.
  • Assisted in in prepares EXWC position on protests from unsuccessful bidders and conducted post award debriefing to unsuccessful bidders.
  • Conducted price analysis using business and industry practices to assess contractor’s ability to perform and experience using cost accounting standards to draw conclusions on contract provisions.
  • Analyzed cost and pricing data submitted by offerors to substantiate direct and indirect costs and profit.
  • Determined reasonableness of prices or bids offered.
  • Analyzed marketing data and terms and conditions of previous contracts to make recommendation for awards.
  • Developed Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) plans for the full supportability of new or enhanced systems/contracts.
  • Defined scope, interface requirements, policy issues and performance criteria.
  • Developed milestones, obtained, and compiled information, defined problems, and developed recommendations for issues to be addressed in ILS plans that directly supported the activities of officials of all concerned functional elements.
  • Provided managers background information, plan rationale, and alternatives.
  • Researched and evaluated logistics and contractual support concepts.
  • Developed logistics evaluation criteria to measure contractor progress in meeting program objectives.
  • Served as the COR responsible for ensuring the proper utilization of government funds in the execution of EX51 plans, and that work performed was within the scope of the Multiple Award Contract (MAC), Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.
  • Brought any deficiencies to the attention of the Contracting Officer and initiated corrective measures.
  • Prepared and presented budget proposals and adjustments addressing system supportability to the ILS management team.
  • Identified critical problem areas, modified supportability milestones, and provided updates.
  • Compiled necessary logistical/contractual data and presents briefings to high level officials on statues of current and future ILS support programs.
  • Assigned as the alternate AO for all Contract Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARs) actions.
Contract Specialist, 06/2010 to 06/2013
Department Of Homeland SecuritySouth Portland, ME,
  • Supervisor: Taz Belcher (928-269-2048 Salary (GS-7): 40 hours per week.
  • Duties:.
  • Performed all aspects of solicitation, pre-award, and post-award contracting transactions.
  • Prepared, executed, and managed a wide range of contract actions to include devising acquisition strategy, drafting and finalizing Statement of Work (SOW), performing, analyzing, and documenting market research, and developing sole-source determinations.
  • Prepared and distributed Request for Proposals (RFPs).
  • Reviewed and analyzed contractor proposals to develop negotiation strategy and negotiate final terms and conditions.
  • Administered numerous contracts for Construction and Facility Support Service utilizing Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) and Sole Source type contracts.
  • Evaluated responses to solicitations and RFPs through analysis of contractor price and technical proposals for compliance with specifications/regulations, current code, and verify price reasonableness.
  • Performed needed clarifications and negotiated best value for the Government.
  • Drafted final contract documents and communicated with all stakeholders throughout the procurement process.
  • Conducted extensive negotiations before and/or after contract award.
  • Formulated the negotiation strategy, identified areas subject to negotiation (e.g., price, packaging, payment discounts, transportation, and delivery), consulted with technical specialists concerning data submitted by offerors, and conducted negotiations.
  • Generated and implemented contractual amendments and modifications regarding specification changes, SOW changes, clarifying ambiguities and legal terminology, worked closely with contractors and stakeholders to ensure and compliance.
  • During Fiscal Year 2011, awarded contracts with a value over 23.4 million for Construction Contracts.
  • Demonstrated superb communication skills during contractual collaboration with Government Technical Team members, Contracting Officer, customers, contractors, sub-contractors to identify and procure critical materials, equipment, and services for highly visible projects throughout Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, AZ.
  • Exhibited ability to proactively manage contracts resulting in project completion on schedule and within budget.
  • Worked closely with team members, (Planning, Acquisition, Engineers) and customers to analyze requirements, conducted market research, prepared SOW, and required contractual documents.
  • Developed cost-effective contracts based upon thorough market research and knowledge of contracting tools.
  • Routinely brief and guide new contractors on contract requirements, expectations, contract clauses and conditions.
  • Work closely throughout the life of the contract to assist the contractors with processes unique to the Government i.e., Contracting Compliance, Invoicing, Safety, Quality Control Documents.
  • Regularly prepared clear, concise, and accurate Pre/Post Negotiation Memoranda, Business Clearance Memoranda, and Memoranda for Record in support of negotiations and contract awards.
  • Management and Audit Program (PMAP) findings.
  • As a result, the quality of documentation, regulatory and BMS compliance greatly improved.
  • Volunteered to gather data, discuss action items that remain incomplete from previous Internal Business Assessments (IBA).
  • Conducted detailed IBA review and document findings through the use of appropriate review checklists.
Bachelor of Science: Business, Expected in
University of Phoenix - ,
MBA: , Expected in
University of Phoenix - ,

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