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Professional Summary

Seasoned professional characterized by superior interpersonal and analytical expertise with a flair for increasing organizational cohesiveness in pursuit of organizational goals. Utilize leadership expertise and business management experience to provide executive level support to align activities with organizational goals and fostering business growth.

  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Change and Growth Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Business Development
  • Operational Analysis
  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Organizational Development
  • Profit and Loss Management
  • Policy Development
  • Leadership and People Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Community Outreach
  • Program Administration
  • Solution Innovation
  • Raising Capital
  • Project Oversight
  • Business Consulting
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
Wilmington University New Castle, DE Expected in ABD : Business Administration And Management - GPA :
Strayer University Newark, DE, Expected in MBA : Business Administration And Marketing - GPA :
Strayer University Newark, DE, Expected in BBA : Business Administration And Marketing - GPA :
University of Detroit Mercy Detroit, MI Expected in No Degree : I/O Psychology - GPA :
  • Appointed Council Member: (9/2013-Present) Governor's Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (GACEC), advocate on behalf and for the needs of exceptional citizens in the State of Delaware via the Council, as well as, advise the Governor, General Assembly, the State Board of Education, the Department of Education, and other agency heads, as appropriate, on unmet needs and/or progress of local or state agencies responsible for providing education and related services to Delaware's exceptional citizens. Serving on the Policy and Law Committee: Active participant in meetings with individuals or groups to assess needs; providing advice and assistance on pertinent laws, policies, and regulations; and presents recommendations. Serving as a recognized authority on disability employment, disability policy issues and define, plan, and conduct highly complex studies, projects, and analyses relating to the policy development functions. Commenced paralegal studies (1/2014): to effectively offer (advisement and recommendations) and contribute on the Policy and Law Committee negotiating policy. Technical credibility: Developed specialized expertise conducting legal research, analyses, interpreting the law, preparing case briefings, and drafting contracts.

  • Recognized Leader: In 2010, awarded the lapel pin of excellent after successfully implementing a process innovation with the company's audit system—thus, reducing auditing time by 20%; earned a performance bonus despite the economic downturn in the industry and was recommended for promotion to District Manager (See Professional Experience: H&R Block, Inc.). Due to company downsizing, entered Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Program at Wilmington University. HR Block District Manager wrote a glowing recommendation on my behalf to the selection committee. I was selected and entered the DBA program 9/2010.

  • Small Business Forum Contributor (5/2009): Served on the Delaware Economic Development Office's 1st Minority & Women Owned Business Forum. Contributed and submitted recommendations to Governor Markell for initiatives to increase supplier diversity within state government, which ultimately led to Executive Order #14.
    Award Winner in 2008: The ―Entrepreneurship 101 Award‖ for outstanding leadership in the field of business creativity and entrepreneurship by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

  • Lecturer: Lecture Series—Women Choreographing Change (Fall 2003) University of Akron, Ohio—Women's Studies Program.
Work History
Solaris Healthcare - Board of Directors Member
Zephyrhills, FL, 09/2020 - Current
  • Serve as advocate and ambassador for organization by fully engaging, identifying and securing resources and partnerships to advance mission.
  • Define organizational problems to create and implement correction plans.
  • Focus teams on developing innovative and cutting-edge approaches with effective resource allocation and strategic planning.
  • Review outcomes and metrics to evaluate performance, effectiveness and impact.
  • Monitor operational activities to ascertain effectiveness of results and which areas could use better oversight.
  • Research potential local, regional and national funders and assisted in relationship building.
  • Engage in fundraising activities, raising over $350,000 for 2021.
  • Collaborate with 9 other members to seek involvement in policy decisions, fundraising and visibility of organization.
  • Craft business plans that identified long term company goals and also detailed smaller goals to keep organization on track.
  • Offer expertise on employee and business development plans to enhance implementation and routine oversight.
  • Provide leadership coaching to small business owners, enabling each to find daily motivation, solve problems and make effective decisions.
  • Establish and administered annual budget with controls to prevent overages and support sustainability objectives.
  • Attend public hearings and networking events to gain business community's input.

Department Of Health And Human Services - Executive Director
San Juan, PR, 02/2020 - Current
  • Spearhead successful business development initiatives aligned with company's strategy and core competencies.
  • Oversee business-wide changes to modernize procedures and organization.
  • Support business growth through strategic planning and process development.
  • Align organizational objectives with company mission, increasing revenue, profit and business growth by collaboratively developing integrated strategies.
  • Develop program to promote new managers from within, building and maintaining cohesive leadership structure.
  • Devise new promotional approaches to boost customer numbers and market penetration while enhancing engagement and driving growth.
  • Drive strategic improvements to enhance operational and organizational efficiencies.
  • Work closely with organizational leadership and board of directors to strategically affect operational direction.
Evolent Health, Inc. - Certified Business Mentor
La Plata, MD, 06/2012 - Current
  • Advise executives on best practices for business growth and productivity goals, consistently helping companies achieve results.
  • Develop partnerships and relationships with high profile stakeholders, such as business executives, government officials, and educational institutions.
  • Served as a key contributor (marketing subject matter expert) on the executive marketing team for SCORE® (6/2012-6/2013).
Khan Consulting, LLC - Grant Writer & Instructor
City, STATE, 09/2018 - 09/2020


  • Researched grant and funding proposal opportunities in philanthropic databases to identify potential income sources.
  • Collected information on existing programs to demonstrate cohesive and sustainable organization to funders.
  • Gained familiarity with organization's operational and financial challenges and opportunities to improve grant writing knowledge base.
  • Attended grant writing conferences to enhance sources and interact with other grant writing professionals.
  • Wrote, reviewed and edited proposals for grants, gifts and contracts.
  • Obtained pertinent organizational financial reports and other data to support grant applications and funding proposals.
  • Organized material to research and complete writing tasks.
  • Analyzed developments in field to update instruction literature.
  • Established and maintained personal contact and relationships with foundation representatives and with other organizations showing potential for grant funding.


  • Assisted adults in professional development by creating and facilitating training on grant proposal writing and nonprofit management.
  • Oversaw curriculum implementation and continuous improvement of industry best practices.
  • Implemented and optimized new curriculum and day-to-day instruction to align educational strategies with industry best practices.
  • Increased student participation by facilitating interesting and relevant events.
  • Applied various teaching aids to minimize learning gaps and instruct and motivate students.
  • Used learning assessments to regularly monitor student understanding of class concepts and materials.
  • Evaluated and revised lesson plans and course content to achieve student-centered learning.
  • Decreased learning time by initiating new learning methods and ensuring complete student comprehension.
  • Observed other instructors and lecturers, gathering valuable techniques to be implemented into future lectures and courses.
  • Defined and articulated goal learning outcomes, performance metrics and changes to improve student learning.
U.S. Department Of Commerce, Bureau Of The Census - Survey Statistician
City, STATE, 06/2015 - 09/2019
  • Coordinated statistical activities for projects and created, maintained and updated data dictionaries and coding guides.
  • Identified opportunities to streamline workflow by adding and modifying processes, revamping use cases for each initiative and maintaining list of talking points for each functional area.
  • Synthesized current business intelligence data to produce reports and polished presentations highlighting findings and recommending changes.
  • Built and utilized reporting systems to keep customers and management in loop with latest information.
  • Gathered requirements, defined scopes, allocated resources and established schedules meeting or exceeding project demands.
  • Produced reports weekly updating customers and senior leaders on progress and roadblocks.
  • Analyzed projects to determine resource requirements and procured necessary equipment and software.
  • Closely collaborated with project members to identify and quickly address problems.
  • Performed detailed assessments of risks to determine constraints and develop mitigation strategies.
Wilmington University - Adjunct Faculty Instructor
City, STATE, 03/2017 - 09/2018
  • Developed and kindled professional relationships with students to better communicate and enhance instruction.
  • Engaged students with insightful and compelling classroom discussion of topics relevant to coursework to boost student learning and retention.
  • Worked cooperatively with other members of faculty and staff to contribute to overall institutional effectiveness.
  • Identified academic strengths and obstacles and developed instructional techniques to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Advised students in academic matters to improve successful course completion.
  • Evaluated and selected instructional materials and texts to prepare course materials and lesson plans.
  • Demonstrated superb organization skills in classroom and with student records with specific attention to university's policies for documentation.
  • Studied program needs and enhanced content and teaching methods to better communicate material.
  • Designed and delivered class instruction to meet course competencies.
  • Scored exams and graded student performance fairly.
  • Displayed professional demeanor and served as role model for students.
  • Showed excellent interpersonal dialogue skills ensuring student retention of subject matter.
  • Developed creative and effective teaching methods for course content to capture students attention.
  • Completed classroom planning by creating and preparing exams, classroom discussions and lectures.
  • Applied multitude of valid methods to employ and assess students' understanding of content.
Federally Employed Women (FEW) - Chapter President
City, STATE, 05/2017 - 08/2018
  • Created and managed committees to effectively handle different aspects of organization's business.
  • Kept all members involved by delegating tasks based on need and individual strengths.
  • Increased membership by 20% with diverse and proactive promotional strategies.
  • Strengthened community involvement by developing and implementing new charitable plans.
  • Improved public knowledge and perception of group by utilizing social media, partnerships and news highlights.
  • Promoted tight bonds between members by spearheading planning and execution of DI&E events.
  • Interviewed, supervised and motivated staff members to achieve optimal productivity.
  • Oversaw business-wide changes to modernize procedures and organization.
  • Aligned organizational objectives with agency (U.S. Census Bureau) mission, increasing revenue, profit and business growth by collaboratively developing integrated strategies.
  • Developed program to promote new leadership from within, building and maintaining cohesive leadership structure.
  • Coordinated and implemented effective training for Bureau's professionals to improve business processes.
  • Led recruitment and development of strategic alliances to maximize utilization of existing talent and capabilities.
Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union - Board of Directors Member
City, STATE, 04/2014 - 04/2017
  • Focused on scalable solutions for operations: office/branch, administrative, accounting and finance, and loan acquisitions.
  • Primed critical decisions that impact an organization.
  • Supported and represented executive leadership.
  • Implemented appropriate financial controls, coordinated, and monitored the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) programs and administrative policies; established mechanisms to evaluate the effectiveness of programs—ensuring consistency with NCUA policies.
  • Primary responsibilities: Oversight (i.e., strategic direction, legal and regulatory compliance, performance evaluation and monitoring, technology planning, negotiating policies and procedures, security program), risk management and governance, and fiduciary management (i.e., asset management, investment strategy, etc.).

Internal Auditor/Supervisory Committee April 2017 - September 2018

  • Performed internal audits of financial and departmental operations, developing risk assessments and conducting process walkthroughs for compliance with documented processes.
  • Guided departments in developing remediation plans, addressing deficiencies uncovered during walkthroughs.
  • Produced and reviewed audit reports for submission to committee chairperson and advised on audit recommendations and internal controls.
  • Recommended new methods to improve internal controls and operating efficiency.
  • Reviewed and identified risks, analyzed controls and tested compliance.
  • Prepared suitable reports on risk and information gleaned from audits and distributed to appropriate personnel.
  • Investigated discrepancies discovered during auditing process.
  • Handled all major risks in collaboration with management.
State Of Delaware (Christina Adult Education) - ABE Instructor/Career Employability Counselor
City, STATE, 09/2010 - 06/2013


  • Managed overall community-based educational and training programs at four different locations.
  • Managed small and large groups of students for classroom and off-site instruction.
  • Facilitated traditional, online and hands-on training for over 20 students to promote effective, tailored learning.
  • Increased student utilization of available resources.
  • Utilized multimedia strategies to facilitate learning and increase student engagement.
  • Utilized standardized tests to gauge student academic level and personal aptitude.
  • Advised students on course selection, progress toward graduation and career decisions.
  • Tutored students in using public transportation, dealing with problem situations, expressing emotions appropriately and communicating with peers and employers.
  • Attended community and campus events.
  • Developed detailed daily lesson plans for activities.
  • Created advanced job placement training focusing on promotions, career changes, and career advancement.
  • Provided individual mentoring and special tutoring to struggling students.
  • Conducted skills assessments to uncover performance gaps.
  • Regularly ordered supplies for classroom and computer lab.
  • Created and administered training calendar.


  • Counseled student one-on-one regarding current situation, desires, aptitudes, education and employment history.
  • Assisted clients in building successful job search strategies.
  • Equipped students with job search skills to increase success chances.
  • Led workshops for job seekers to provide information on job searching, application completion and resume building.
  • Helped determine possible vocations and build application documents.
  • Worked with team to continuously improve career and placement opportunities for students.
  • Connected with business and recruiters to build relationships and increase opportunities for students.
  • Provided individualized counseling approaches based on socioeconomic status and cultural background.
  • Improved students' analytical skills by introducing state-of-the-art computer program technologies.

H&R Block - Office Manager/Tax Preparer III
City, STATE, 11/2008 - 04/2010
  • Managed budgets, appointment scheduling, employee and event itineraries and accounts to improve productivity initiatives.
  • Established workflow processes, monitored daily productivity and implemented modifications to improve overall performance of personnel.
  • Initiated timely project management within budget constraints for multi-faceted problems concerning executive leaders.
  • Communicated corporate objectives across divisions through regular correspondence and scheduled status updates.
  • Developed standard operating procedures for all administrative employees.
  • Maintained computer and physical filing systems.
  • Established and developed strong administrative team by delivering ongoing coaching and motivation and fostering career advancement.
  • Coached new hires on company processes while managing employees to achieve maximum production.
  • Oversaw quality control and productivity rates to increase revenue and production times.
  • Maintained CRM database with customer updates and report generation.
  • Aggregated and analyzed data related to administrative costs to prepare budgets for corporate-level management.
  • Utilized client and staff feedback to maintain customer partnerships and increase revenue.
  • Managed office operations while scheduling appointments for department managers.
  • Oversaw office inventory activities by ordering and requisitions and stocking and shipment receiving.
  • Evaluated employee records and productivity to complete employee evaluations.
  • Monitored and evaluated personnel performance to complete annual reviews, recommend advancement or address productivity concerns.
  • Sourced vendors for special project needs and negotiated contracts.
ShepCo Enterprises, Inc. - CEO
City, STATE, 11/1999 - 06/2008
  • Set the organization's vision and executed the mission and goals for international contractual delivery transportation services.
  • Led operational oversight and budgetary supervision.
  • Prepared organization for forecasted demand levels through effective operational planning.
  • Methodically delivered high-quality customer experience with safe and reliable trucking transportation services within the clients' supply chain: Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, and General Motors (GM) in several states throughout the United States and provinces in Canada.
  • Direct oversight of the establishment and execution of company policies and procedures for administrative functions affecting operations and budget execution.
  • Administrative management functions include: human resources management, budget and financial management, strategic planning and performance management, employee safety, compliance and auditing, procurement, real property and facilities management, and security.
  • Provided leadership, staff supervision, and management and coordination for key compliance programs, including, but not limited to the following: (1) compliance, accountability program implementation; (2) safety assurance and management program; (3) drug and alcohol program; (4) technology implementation; and (5) vehicle safety.
  • Built productive relationships with industry partners and competitors to support strategic business objectives.
  • Built coalitions with federal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofit and other private sector organizations, foreign governments and international organizations to achieve common goals.
  • Managed partnerships and strategic business relationships by negotiating contract terms and handling conflicts.
  • Fostered a diverse and inclusive work environment that promoted collaboration, flexibility and fairness.
  • Competently sustained regulatory compliance and reporting practices directed and enforced by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • Developed and implemented strategic updates to operations to solve issues affecting efficiency, profitability and production.
  • Identified and capitalized on short- and long-term revenue generation opportunities to maximize bottom-line profitability.

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    • Wilmington University
    • Strayer University
    • Strayer University
    • University of Detroit Mercy

    Job Titles Held:

    • Board of Directors Member
    • Executive Director
    • Certified Business Mentor
    • Grant Writer & Instructor
    • Survey Statistician
    • Adjunct Faculty Instructor
    • Chapter President
    • Board of Directors Member
    • ABE Instructor/Career Employability Counselor
    • Office Manager/Tax Preparer III
    • CEO


    • ABD
    • MBA
    • BBA
    • No Degree

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