What Do You Like Most About This Company?

When you go into a room for a professional interview, the interviewer wants to learn more about you, but he or she also wants to see how much you already know about the enterprise. For instance, the hiring manager may ask, “What do you like most about this company?” The point of this question is to ascertain your overall career goals and whether or not the position is an integral part of your professional plan.

In short, are you truly motivated to acquire this position and will you give your best work after being hired.

Treat this as an opportunity to show genuine enthusiasm for not just the position but also for working in the company.

Points to Emphasize

Think about when you applied for this position. What was the deciding factor in that choice? Use the factor in your response.

  • Focus on your professional goals and align them with the company.
  • Mention anything specific such as company leaders, market position or values.
  • Emphasize the company’s positive work and/or outreach.
  • Concentrate on the real reasons why you applied.

The number one rule is staying positive. Show your enthusiasm and your knowledge of the company. And know that if you want to put a fresh spin on the look of your resume for the interviewing team, you can use our Resume Builder to get the work done. Update, download and print in a matter of minutes.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Even if it is true, you shouldn’t tell the hiring manager that you applied because of the office’s location or monetary compensation. Look over these tips and keep them in mind as you construct a response:

  • Avoid giving an overly general answer that could apply to any enterprise.
  • Do not bring up any of the company’s mishaps or negative press.
  • Avoid giving a disinterested response.
  • Do not talk about topics you don’t have knowledge of.

Be confident and clear when you respond to the question. Hiring managers are drawn to those who express themselves well.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of a good answer to the question of what you like most about the company:

Well, first and foremost, I would say the company’s overall reputation drew me in. I’ve been in finance for ten years and XYZ Company has always been an industry leader in innovation and community-friendly standards. I’ve had a few friends and family members who either worked here or with the business and they’ve always raved about the atmosphere of professionalism.

I look forward to being in a place that continually demands excellence while still allowing a healthy and positive work environment.

Remember, focus on why you want the job and the real reasons this company is on your list of prospective employers. Lastly, let your enthusiasm shine through in your answer.

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