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Investment analysts study financial data for the sake of making investment decisions and suggestions for clients and companies. They also keep up with developments that occur at the economic, industrial and corporate level. An analyst might also meet with corporate partners to go over trends and develop ways to increase revenue.

Investment analysts commonly need a bachelor's degree in business, accounting or finance, as well as adequate experience for a specific position. In your investment analyst job description, you might indicate you desire a candidate who has abundant experience in financial research.

As far as essential qualities analysts should possess, one of the most important is proper communication skills. Analysts should also know how to use industry databases.

Investment Analyst Job Description Template

Job Summary

Does the financial world entice and excite you? Do you enjoy the process of analyzing data and making educated decisions about what investments will pay off and which will fail? If so, you may love a job as an investment analysis with our corporation. You will work with clients to determine which investments are a sure thing, which are a gamble and which are potentially risky and damaging to a portfolio. As an investment analyst, you give recommendations about the benefits of investing versus the risks and determine what is most likely to be successful for the company and the client. A job in the financial industry as an investment analyst can be an exciting, fulfilling career for an individual who loves working with numbers.

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze financial information, forecasting industry, economic or business conditions on an ongoing basis to help company and clients make informed, intelligent decisions about investments.
  • Monitor and record developments in the business, finance, economic theory and industrial technology fields to increase knowledge of investment analyzing.
  • Watch fundamental industrial, corporate and economic developments on a constant basis by analyzing information from financial services and publications, government agencies, company sources, personal interviews, trade publications and investment banking firms.
  • Interpret data on yield, stability, price, economic influences, future investment risk trends, and any other factors that may affect an investment program.
  • Meet weekly with corporate partners to discuss important trends in the industry and determine how to increase revenue.
  • Submit daily reports regarding market conditions and how they affect clients.
  • Watch closely for disasters or events that may affect the market and advise clients about the best way to manage their money as the market fluctuates.
  • Move money from one account of investment to another based on client decisions

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or finance
  • Two years’ experience in financial research
  • Detail oriented with good communication skills
  • Experience with common industry databases
  • Desire to pursue MBA/CFA

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