Quality Assurance Manager CV Example

If you hope to get the chance for a job interview, then you need to stand out among all the other applicants. A well-written and professional curriculum vitae is essential to this goal. The quality assurance manager CV example below should give you a good idea of what is expected of your own application materials. Along with this example you can find detailed tips specific to quality assurance management along with general CV guidance. These recommendations will help you craft attention-getting summaries, job descriptions and other important components in your CV.

Tips for Writing Your
Quality Assurance Manager CV

  • Quality Assurance Manager Overview

    Quality control is an important part of many different businesses but most notably in the manufacturing of intermediate and finished products. A quality assurance manager must understand every step in the development process and where potential problems lie. As in the quality assurance manager CV example above, experience with industry standards and improving them are key. You will also want to highlight communication skills, as managers and analysts of this type often need to relate problems and solutions to one or more people. Your CV should include times when you oversaw or were involved in assessing the quality of work done for a customer.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Quality Assurance Manager CV

    To see what an attention-getting CV looks like, you can review our quality assurance manager CV example above. When you put together your own CV, highlight problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills, as these are very important to quality management. Reading comprehension and basic math skills are also worth mentioning. Since certain computer programs are useful in keeping accurate records, be sure to include any experience or knowledge of special programs. If you use these skills in your daily life or hobbies, that can be added in the closing paragraph about your personal interests. If you have awards or certificates pertaining to these skills, then include those even if it means mentioning the skill twice.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    After you have read through our quality assurance manager CV example, you need to get started on your own professional CV. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

    • A professional CV should be no longer than two pages, while an entry-level one should be no longer than one page.
    • List your education and your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.
    • Use strong action verbs when describing your work experience, and avoid using overused phrases like “accountable for” or “responsible for.”
    • Include metrics relating to your work experience whenever possible.
    • If you are currently in school for a degree, then include the year you expect to graduate.
    • Double and triple check for spelling and grammar errors by reading your CV out loud to catch problems commonly overlooked by word processing software.

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