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Professional Summary

Organized and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet team goals. Experienced Officer with over 20 years of experience in Port Isabel Detention Center. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction. Enthusiastic Officer eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

  • Received an award for the recognition and appreciation for the immense contributions, commitment to Excellence and Dedicated Service to the San Antonio Field Office Intelligence Operation Unit May 2005 - 2011,
  • Certificate of Appreciation for continued Outstanding support to Detachment San Antonio and the Accomplishment of the Defense Intelligence Agency mission on 5/2008.
  • Excellence in Government Award 2006
  • ICE Core Value Award of Innovative efforts that profoundly enhance ICE's mission
  • Received Several Performance Ratings
  • Counterterrorism
  • Investigative procedures
  • Customer Service
Work History
Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer, 06/2016 to Current
Department Of Homeland SecurityDeming, NM,

As a Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer at the Port Isabel Detention Center (PIDC) and El Valle Detention Center, I managed and supervise the application of single adult male and female population. I manage and supervise the intake unit/Intelligence Unit and case management unit. I oversee the quality control of the work generated by Deportation Officers daily. This included data quality and data integrity management. I exercised first-line supervisory and managerial duties and responsibilities over several Deportation Officer. Worked with other Federal law enforcement officials to identify, locate and apprehend aliens; prepare, present and defend deportation or exclusion proceedings. I set plans for work assignments to subordinates, adjust short term priorities, prepare schedule for completion of the work priorities, find ways to improve productivity, and increase the quality of the work directed. Responsibilities also include evaluation of work performance of subordinates; give work related advice, counsel, provide instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters. I establish guidelines and performance expectations for deportation officers, which are communicated through the formal employee performance managements system (PWP). I review all Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) claims forms for accuracy. Assist in budget formulation with the AOIC and all PIDC sections and sent through official channels. I oversee the the records system of government property inventory for the PIDC. I ensured that all policies and guidelines are adhered to. Quickly learned new skills and applied them to daily tasks, improving efficiency and productivity. Maintained energy and enthusiasm in fast-paced environment. Acts in the capacity of the AOIC as needed during his absence. I serve as the principal staff member for the AOIC regarding internal issues. Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.

Deportation Officer, 09/2015 to 06/2016
Department Of Homeland SecurityDillingham, AK,

As a Deportation Officer at the Port Isabel Detention Center, I was responsible for a detain docket which consists of criminal and non criminal aliens who have violated the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). I conducted legal research and investigations on difficult and sensitive deportation/exclusion cases that were complex, precedent-setting, and sensitive by reviewing actions of arresting officers. I prepared and review legal documents, evaluating appropriateness of determinations, making decisions on reconsideration, granting discretionary benefits or stays and representing the agency’s position on all case management inquires. I assisted DHS attorneys in reviewing, correcting, and preparing cases and representing the government in court actions. I accomplished this by reviewing criminal and non-criminal alien’s files/cases for legal sufficiency and prepare them accurately for appearance before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). I review Notice to Appear (NTA) and ensure that the appropriate section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is noted. I file the NTA with EOIR, obtain respondents conviction documents and any pertinent documents to be utilize as evidence in court. I oversee that all persons are afforded due process under the law. I work along with other Federal Law Enforcement officials to identify, locate and/or apprehend aliens; prepare, present and defend deportation or exclusion proceedings; and ensure the physical removal of aliens from the United States. This is accomplished by placing them through removal proceedings to physically removing them to their country. I make periodic contact with consulate and embassies for updates on the request for travel document issuance.

I have a vast experience in utilizing numerous database systems: EAGLE, EARM, ETD, NFTS, CIS, and TECS NCIC. I have reviewed, processed and corrected administrative cases needed to properly execute action in accordance with Service Policy.

On numerous occasions, I recommended Prosecutorial Discretion to my chain of command for review and approval. I also, recommended approval or denial redetermination of custody, recommend, approve, or denied parole or parole bonds, release on OREC, on OSUP and recommend approved, or denied Post Order Custody Review (POCR). I also had oversight of cases through the appeal process submitted through the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

Other duties, I perform consist of taking fingerprints and photographs; conducting routine interviews, criminal background checks, and responding to general immigration inquiries from Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO), attorneys, foreign consulates, and relatives.

I reviewed potential cases that were eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Once I completed the inquiry of subjects qualifying for DACA, a temporary form of relief was granted.

I had been assigned the duties of an Acting Supervisor Detention and Deportation Officer on numerous occasions overseeing the entire operation of the Port Isabel Detention Center. I conducted first line supervisory and managerial duties over other Deportation Officers. I provided advice and counsel to employees on union, work, and administrative matters upon request.

Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Agent, 01/2007 to 09/2015

As a Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Agent, I ensured that the Port Isabel Detention Center was operating in a safe and humane manner. I supervised 13 first line supervisors that perform a variety of tasks and functions that link with the investigation, identification, apprehension, arrest, prosecution, detention and deportation of aliens. The following programs and units were under my supervision: I supervised the ICE/ERO Rio Grande Valley Staging (RGVS), located at the Port Isabel Detention Center, Los Fresnos, Texas. RGVS Operation is an establishment of an effective and efficient approach to manage the intake of CBP apprehensions into ERO custody. RGVS is a critical component of the San Antonio Field Office, which is the largest geographical Field Office in ICE/ERO. I was the designated RGVS point of contact to facilitate the safe and humane treatment of those apprehended while conducting law enforcement operations specific to this area. I will frequently be contacted by phone or e-mail by the Border Patrol liaison to assist them with the coordination of moving their overabundance of traffic throughout our AOR. I maintain a fluid communication with Border Patrol and stakeholders for situation awareness on current and projected intake requirements for ground transportation in order to maintain a swift and effective operation. I delivered electronically the I-216(s)to RGVS stakeholders for all intake into the PIDC AOR which consisted of Brooks County Detention Center, Coastal Bend Detention Center, and East Hidalgo Detention Center. In addition, I coordinated transfer missions using land transportation and ICE Air Operations in order to maintain bed space availability within the Field Office. During FY 2014, I oversaw operations which the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector experienced an influx of undocumented aliens, the RGVS staff exceeded all expectations of the Field Office and Headquarter Managements. RGVS processed an average of 7,000 aliens a month during the FY 2014 giving RGVS with an approximate total of 86,245 criminal and non-criminals aliens for detention and repatriation. During the influx I experienced and dealt with the death of a new arrival detainee in one of the RGVS holding cells. I made proper notification through official channels and was reported to the Joint Intake Center as proper protocol. In addition to managing the largest central intake for the San Antonio Field Office, some of the daily duties consisted reviewing A-files ensuring that proper immigration charges and service were applied sustaining legal sufficiency. I would make sure that there was evidence that the Judgment and Convictions (J & C' s) have been requested to support the allegation on the Notice to Appear (NTA). I would validate for files to have the proper signatures and made certain that the agent’s data integrity was completed in EARM and NFTS systems. On occasions, I make decisions on granting a discretionary benefit by releasing subjects under the Order of Supervision OSUP) or Order of Release of Recognizance (OREC) under the guidelines of prosecutorial discretions.

I maintained fluid communication with Docket Control Operations for situational awareness on current and projected flight line requirements to support the removal of aliens. I would verify bond documents on individuals meeting the criteria and consideration for the release. It consisted of reviewing the bond amount and the obligor’s information before releasing the individual. I prepared significant event notification (SEN) reports for incidents affecting aliens temporarily detained in RGVS, ensuring that they were submitted timely as per protocols.

I supervise the Alien Transfer and Exit Program (ATEP). ATEP operations was a combined effort of removing aliens from Border Patrol (BP) which was conducted 6 days a week. Participants in the ATEP program consisted Mexican aliens who receive a voluntary return (VR); expedited removal(ER); or a Deportation/Removal Reinstatement (Reinstate). I was the primary point of contact for the General Consulate of Mexico to coordinate their interview and respond to any inquires involving ATEP aliens. I ensure that Border Patrol Agents included the issuance of the immigration charging documents NTA I-862, Notice of Order for Expedited Removal I-860, Final Administrative Deportation Order I-851, and Notice of Intent/Decision to Re-instate Prior Order I-871 and removal documents Warrant of Removal/Deportation I-205 and Voluntary Departure Notice I-XXX in order to effect the alien’s removal. In FY 12, I assisted with coordinating 239 ATEP flights that resulted an approximate 35,600 aliens removed. This accomplishment lead me to receive the ICE Core Value for Innovative efforts that profoundly enhance ICE's mission from U.S. ICE Director John Morton. (See additional information).

Additional Information:

I Supervised the Intelligence Operation Unit in Port Isabel Detention Center, Willacy Detention Center and Laredo CCA. The main focus of the Intelligence Operations Unit (IOU) is to collect human intelligence (HUMINT) from detainees located at Port Isabel Detention Center, Willacy Detention Center and Laredo CCA. Intelligence is collected from screening then debriefing selected aliens who could possibly have information which may be of intelligence value from the local level up to a national level. In addition to HUMINT collection, the Intelligence Operations Unit has also increased operations in several other areas to better support the Harlingen Resident Office. Several of these areas include force protection and officer safety. I maintained a constant watch for aliens or groups of aliens which may present a threat to our detention facilities. This is accomplished by monitoring gang members, criminal aliens, and aliens identified from a special interest countries. I provided information pertaining to officer safety issues. This is accomplished by providing training on identified collection requirements and instruction to newly hired security guards and Immigration Enforcement Agents. I distributed officer safety bulletins and officer awareness on a regular basis. These range from alerts on possible threats against law enforcement officers to information on security threat groups. I continued to improve on the work area for the Fugitive Operations and IOU office located in Harlingen by providing them with raw intelligence for their operation. I have contributed significantly to several national level operations. The first is Operation Community Shield. This operation is intended to focus on the threat of violent gangs in the United States. The IOU has identified approximately 80 gang members from gangs such as the Mara Salvatrucha to Mexican Mafia members. I identified several gang members wanted for violent crimes in there home country. Another national level program that the IOU has had a strong presence in is Operation Last Call (OLC). OLC is a national program created with the purpose of exploiting detainees for any intelligence.

Immigration Enforcement Agent, 03/2000 to 01/2007

The primary duties included a variety of enforcement functions related to the investigation, identification, apprehension, prosecution, detention and deportation of aliens and criminal aliens. It also included coordination with foreign officials at consulates to obtain required travel authorizations and documents and negotiate with receiving country officials for receipt of the deportee. Related duties which included processing detainees and inputting the information on the Deportable Alien Control System, IDENT and search information in ENFORCE. Other duties which included preparing temporary detention files by interviewing the aliens, taking pictures and fingerprinting. Conducting investigations of aliens involved with contraband or other criminal activities in the detention facility. Used NCIC and TECS to conduct checks for aliens that are being deported or released. Assisted detainee in providing information regarding their case by reviewing their files. Information consists of EOIR proceedings, Expedited Removal, Reinstatement Cases and any uprising questions pertaining to their case. Review files thoroughly for any type of judgments and convictions that the detainee may have in order to have more knowledge of the case. Proper knowledge of standard procedures which includes all forms in regards to any type of documentation that may be needed for any discrepancies that may arise. To include being vigilant in detainee personal belongings by assuring that their property is not to be damaged, lost or missing. At times, assisted the duty supervisor in issuing money and personal belongings to detainees according to our policy and procedures. I had been given the responsibility by the duty supervisor to approve or deny camp space. Other attributes in assisting the supervisor on duty was making official inspections inside and outside the facility to ensure that that there are no discrepancies within the facility. Discrepancies that do arise with in the facility were then properly documented and submitted through proper official channels. Reports consisted of activity reports that were based on occurring events that occur during the working shift. Disturbances between detainees were sometimes followed by a Significant Incident Report (SIR) that was generated in the computer system and forwarded through the official chain of command. This was to include preparation of memorandums of incidents, injuries or any damage to government property.

Bachelor of Science: , Expected in 1995
The University of Texas At Brownsville And Texas Southmost College - Brownsville, TX
Associate of Arts: , Expected in 1995
Texas Southmost College - Brownsville, TX
High School Diploma: , Expected in 06/1989
Homer Hanna High School - Brownsville, TX,
Additional Information

With my current Top Secret/SCI Clearance, I was detail to work at the United States Coast Guard (USCG)Command Post D-7 located in Miami to oversee any unsuspected landing of immigrants that might have an impact to our nations security. I was working with the Maritime Intelligence Center (MIC), where I would receive first hand information on immigrant landings, operation sites and smuggling attempts. I was responsible of reporting every activity on a daily basis through my chain of command. Information that was classified was then transmitted through the use of a secure phone line.

I was appointed by the Field Office Director to overlook the Intelligence Unit while assigned to the United States Coast Guard D-7 during Operation Vigilant Sentry (OVS). My responsibility was to distribute the information being obtained with the Coast Guard Boat Cutter out to the operation unit working inland. Information consisted of how many immigrant were aboard the ship and any officer safety notices needed to be forwarded. Some information was classified and couldn't be disseminated through proper communication, I would communicate using a secure phone line and relate the information to operational units.

I was appointed by the Field Office Director (FOD) the designated ERO Prevention of Sexual Assault (PSA) Coordinator for the Port Isabel Detention Center. As the selected coordinator I ensure PIDC is in compliance with ICE Directive 11062.1: Sexual Abuse and Assault Prevention and Intervention that occur in the facility. I coordinate the appropriate training for ICE personnel, contract and ICE Health Service Corps employees on ICE’s zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse and assault. When an incident occurred in ERO custody, notifications will be forwarded to appropriate chain of command. I coordinate with OPR to investigate any allegation reported and ensure evidence was appropriately secured for the investigation. I assisted OPR with investigating 11 reported allegations of sexual assault in 2013 and 6 allegations in 2014. The investigations led to the arrest and prosecution of two contract staff that are currently serving a 5 year sentences. My investigations required obtaining affidavit, schedules from employees in order to support their case.

Professional Working

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • The University of Texas At Brownsville And Texas Southmost College
  • Texas Southmost College
  • Homer Hanna High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer
  • Deportation Officer
  • Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Agent
  • Immigration Enforcement Agent


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Associate of Arts
  • High School Diploma

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