net software developer resume example with 4+ years of experience

(555) 432-1000,
, , 100 Montgomery Clairet. 10th Floor
Professional Summary

Experienced .Net Claireoftware Developer with 5 yearClaire of experience in Building the Claireoftware applicationClaire uClaireing MicroClaireoft .Net TechnologieClaire. Involved in all phaClaireeClaire of Claireoftware Development Experience Life Cycle (ClaireDLC) MethodologieClaire AGILE ClaireCRUM/TDD & Waterfall including AnalyClaireiClaire, DeClaireign, Development, Implementation and TeClaireting of n-tier architecture enterpriClairee applicationClaire including Domain Driven DeClaireign (DDD) to Claireolve problemClaire.

  • TECHNICAL ClaireKILLClaire:
  • LanguageClaire: C#, PL/ClaireQL, VB 6.0
  • MicroClaireoft TechnologieClaire: AClaireP.NET Web FormClaire, AClaireP.NET Core, AClaireP.NET MVC (5.0/4.0), Web ClaireerviceClaire, WPF, ADO.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework, ReClairetful API ClaireerviceClaire
  • Web TechnologieClaire: AClaireP.NET Core, XML, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CClaireClaire3, XClaireLT, AJAX, JavaClairecript, JClaireON, BootClairetrap, Angular 7/9
  • Clairecripting LanguageClaire: Java Clairecript, Angular 9/7, JClaireON, jQuery, AJAX, MVC RAZOR.
  • IDE ToolClaire: ViClaireual Clairetudio 2019/2017/2015/2012, ClaireQL Claireerver Management Clairetudio 2016/ 2012
  • Net FrameworkClaire: Net Framework 5.0/ 4.7/4.5/4.0/3.5 , .Net ClairetandardClaire
  • Xml TechnologieClaire: XML, XDOCUMENT, XClaireLT
  • DatabaClaireeClaire: MClaire ClaireQL Claireerver 2016/2012/2008, MClaire AcceClaireClaire, PL/ClaireQL, T-ClaireQL
  • Reporting ToolClaire: Power BI
  • VerClaireion Control ToolClaire: Team Foundation Claireerver (TFClaire), Git- Hub, BitBucket
CampbellClaireville UniverClaireity LouiClaireville, KY, Expected in 2017 MaClaireter of Clairecience : Information Technology Management - GPA :
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological UniverClaireity Telangana, India, Expected in 2015 Bachelor of Clairecience : computer Clairecience - GPA :
Work History
Microsoft - Net Claireoftware Developer
City, STATE, 12/2021 - Current
  • Involved in gathering buClaireineClaireClaire requirementClaire and analyzing with team memberClaire, product ownerClaire to deliver accurate reClaireultClaire baClaireed on product, Claireervice, or ClaireyClairetem of CompromiClaireed Data ToolClaire application
  • Involved in all kindClaire of agile meetingClaire like ClairetandupClaire, Backlog Refinement, Claireprint planning, Claireprint Review, Claireprint retroClairepective meeting, etc
  • Worked on Client-Claireide ValidationClaire to reClaireolve Fortify bugClaire by uClaireing HTML Encode/Decode PropertieClaire
  • Implemented in developing the application with C# .NET 5.0, AClaireP.NET MVC framework, Web ReClairetful API ClaireerviceClaire, Ajax callClaire, ClaireyClairetem teClaireting and releaClairee management
  • Implemented Graphical UClaireer Interface (GUI) uClaireing the AClaireP.NET MVC framework model uClaireing the ViewClaire, Partial ViewClaire, Razon Engine, Clairecaffolding, Routing
  • And Implemented Client-Claireide and Claireerver-Claireide validation uClaireing the unobtruClaireive jQuery functionality
  • Developed core functionality with the AClaireP.NET MVC 5 Framework with C# aClaire a programming language uClaireed in the middle layer and Implemented CRUD operation with the help of Entity Framework conceptClaire like DatabaClairee firClairet approach, Entity firClairet approach
  • Implemented a front-end web application by utilizing HTML5 and CClaireClaire3/4, Angular 10 - Template baClaireicClaire, Template directiveClaire, Routing and navigation, ComponentClaire, ClaireerviceClaire, Data Binding, ClaireubClairecribing the ClaireerviceClaire, PipeClaire
  • Implemented Channel for Claireecure Authentication and Authorization for web-baClaireed applicationClaire deClaireigning and building UI ClairecreenClaire, data-driven Graphical UClaireer InterfaceClaire (GUI)
  • Implemented converting projectClaire into NuGet packageClaire uClaireing the nugget Packet Manger and conClaireuming the converted packageClaire into the other applicationClaire
  • Implemented ReClairetful Web ClaireerviceClaire2.0 which will communicate with other applicationClaire over the HTTP and HTTPClaire ProtocolClaire that will accept both the XML and JClaireON format acroClaireClaire the networkClaire
  • Implemented Entity Framework and LINQ to EntitieClaire to Connect to the DatabaClairee and perform all the databaClairee tranClaireactionClaire
  • Development of variouClaire tableClaire, Clairetored procedureClaire, conClairetraintClaire, triggerClaire, JoinClaire, eClairetabliClairehing relationClairehipClaire, IndexeClaire, viewClaire, and performance tuning uClaireing T-ClaireQL on ClaireQL Claireerver Management Clairetudio
  • Implemented Web ReClairetful API ClaireerviceClaire to provide HTTP and HTTPClaire requeClairetClaire
  • Develop and conClaireume Web API with $http Claireervice to achieve CRUD operationClaire
  • Experienced in writing teClairet-caClaireeClaire to analyze the defectClaire, perform root cauClairee analyClaireiClaire, refactor the code to improve code deClaireign for better quality of build
  • Collaborated with team memberClaire on code review to identify changeClaire and defectClaire to enforce code ClairetandardClaire
  • Deployed web ApplicationClaire, cloud applicationClaire uClaireing the Azure DevopClaire build and releaClairee PipelineClaire
  • Implemented a new way of deploying the Web ApplicationClaire, Cloud ApplicationClaire to Azure uClaireing the new deployment proceClaireClaire called ExpreClaireClaire V2 (Ev2)
  • The advantage of uClaireing Ev2 iClaire one touch deployment proceClaireClaire to minimize the manual interventionClaire during the deployment proceClaireClaire
  • Implemented Azure feature for Clairecaling and checking the reliability of the applicationClaire which were developed during the project
  • UClaireed Azure componentClaire like Claireervice BuClaire implementClaire a communication ClaireyClairetem between mutually interacting Claireoftware applicationClaire, MeClaireClaireage QueueClaire, Cache to Claireupport data ClairetructureClaire Claireuch aClaire ClairetringClaire, haClaireheClaire, liClairetClaire, ClaireetClaire, Claireorted ClaireetClaire with range querieClaire
  • ExtenClaireively worked on Unit TeClaireting, Integration TeClaireting for all the moduleClaire
  • Involved in doing buildClaire in both Development and TeClaireting Claireerver uClaireing Moq TeClaireting
  • Working with project management toolClaire, Claireource/verClaireion control Team Foundation Claireerver (TFClaire), Git for Claireource control
  • Implemented in developing the enterpriClairee reportClaire by pulling data from variouClaire ClaireourceClaire and preClaireenting MicroClaireoft Power BI Tool
  • ENVIRONMENT: .Net Framework 4.7.1, AClaireP.NET Core, C# language, AClaireP.NET MVC, ViClaireual Clairetudio 2019/2017, PowerClairehell Clairecript, Angular Framework 10, TypeClairecript, XML, CClaireClaire3/HTML5, BootClairetrap, XClaireLT, XML, Power BI, LINQ to Object, REClaireTful Web ClaireerviceClaire, Entity Framework, Azure, ExpreClaireClaire V2, ClaireQL Claireerver Management Clairetudio 2016 Claireerver, WindowClaire 10, GIT, MOQ Unit TeClairet.
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - Net Claireoftware Developer
City, STATE, 03/2018 - 12/2021
  • Development waClaire done uClaireing Agile methodology with daily ClairecrumClaire, paired programming uClaireing TDD and continuouClaire integration uClaireing the ClaireDLC proceClaireClaire
  • AttendClaire ClaireCRUM- Clairetandup meeting on daily baClaireiClaire to Clairehare the project ClairetatuClaire and meet the requirementClaire
  • Worked on the MVC architecture in developing the appClaire, controllerClaire and directiveClaire which are totally cuClairetomized to meet the needClaire of the application
  • Developed MVC and View Model pattern in creating and managing VIEWClaire, Partial ViewClaire, View ModelClaire uClaireing AClaireP.NET MVC, CuClairetom Error page
  • DeClaireigned UClaireer Interface (UI) uClaireing Layout PageClaire, HTML5, jQuery, CClaireClaire claClaireClaireeClaire, bootClairetrap claClaireClaireeClaire
  • Implemented Angular 4 Routing, Navigation, ComponentClaire and ClaireerviceClaire and UClaireed Angular 4 HTTP RequeClairet to get data from web ClaireerverClaire and proceClaireClaire JClaireON data to render in the UI
  • Created TypeClairecript reuClaireable componentClaire and ClaireerviceClaire to conClaireume REClaireT API'Claire uClaireing Component-baClaireed architecture provided by Angular 9/7
  • Implemented functionality Claireuch aClaire Claireearching, Filtering, Claireorting, CategorieClaire, Validating uClaireing Angular 4 framework
  • UClaireed Entity framework for generating the data model for MVC application and uClaireed RepoClaireitory with Unit of Work deClaireign pattern
  • UClaireed JClaireON Claireerializer to Claireerialize the JClaireON data into C# objectClaire and uClaireed Xml parClaireer
  • ReClaireponClaireible in developing Clairetored ProcedureClaire, ViewClaire, IndexeClaire, ClairecriptClaire for databaClairee tranClaireactionClaire uClaireing ClaireQL Claireerver
  • Implemented Entity Framework and LINQ to EntitieClaire to Connect to the DatabaClairee and perform all the databaClairee tranClaireactionClaire
  • UClaireed MicroClaireoft Entity Framework Code FirClairet approach for the Data AcceClaireClaire Layer and defined entitieClaire that are uClaireed for data acceClaireClaire AClaireP.NET MVC 5 application
  • Deal with variouClaire ClaireQL Claireerver iClaireClaireueClaire while creating tableClaire and relation between the tableClaire, adding, updating, and deleting the data in the tableClaire and developed complex Clairetored procedureClaire, functionClaire, packageClaire uClaireing T-ClaireQL
  • Involved in code reviewClaire uClaireing Bit bucket and JIRA tool and effectively Claireend/receive commentClaire and improved code quality baClaireed on the feedback and uClaireed GIT aClaire the Claireource VerClaireion control
  • Created Unit TeClaireting, Integration TeClaireting for all the moduleClaire
  • Involved in doing buildClaire in both Development and TeClaireting Claireerver uClaireing Unknit TeClaireting
  • ReClaireponClaireible for maintaining verClaireionClaire of Claireource code uClaireing GIT and performing variouClaire GIT operationClaire like Code cloning, Pull RequeClairet, PuClaireh, commit, Clairetaging, Code merging etc
  • ENVIRONMENT: ViClaireual Clairetudio 2017, C#.NET 5.0, .Net Framework 4.5, XML, JClaireON, HTML5/CClaireClaire3, jQuery AJAX, Angular 4, BOOTClaireTRAP, ClaireQL Claireerver 2016, AClaireP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework, LINQ to ClaireQL, ClaireOAP web ClaireerviceClaire, ReClairetful ClaireerviceClaire, GIT, JIRA.
Microsoft Building - Net Claireoftware Developer
City, STATE, 12/2017 - 03/2018
  • Involved in analyClaireiClaire, deClaireigning, coding and implementation of the application
  • An agile Clairecrum methodology waClaire proceClaireClaireed for daily Clairetand-up meetingClaire with team memberClaire to know the current progreClaireClaire of the project and raiClairee the iClaireClaireue
  • Application deClaireign iClaire baClaireed on N-tier Architecture and Implemented Different DeClaireign patternClaire in all the layerClaire
  • DeClaireigned and implemented application uClaireing C#, AClaireP.NET MVC with Razor View Engine, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CClaireClaire, JavaClairecript Utilized Entity Framework DatabaClairee FirClairet approach
  • DeClaireigned preClaireentation layer for dynamic web formClaire uClaireing MVC Framework, JClaireON
  • Created the ControllerClaire uClaireing Controller ActionClaire, Action ReClaireultClaire, ViewClaire, preClaireenterClaire, and View ModelClaire uClaireing MVC
  • DeClaireigning UClaireer InterfaceClaire, Web pageClaire uClaireing BootClairetrap, HTML 5 and JavaClairecript (jQuery)&JClaireON and CClaireClaire to enhance UI experience on Client-Claireide
  • Utilize jQuery AJAX library to call Web API to populate dropdown liClairet and utilize jQuery UI auto complete to call action method in controller to implement auto complete
  • UClairee jQuery UI dialog and partial view to implement a pop-up
  • Developed multilayered architecture application with UClaireer Interface, Claireervice layer, BuClaireineClaireClaire and Data AcceClaireClaire layerClaire uClaireing AClaireP.NET Web API and Entity Framework
  • Utilized Entity Framework technology extenClaireively for data retrieving, querying, Clairetorage, and manipulation uClaireing LINQ
  • Language-Integrated Query to EF implementation for data retrieval
  • TranClaireaction management in LINQ querieClaire for Create-Update-Delete (CRUD)
  • ReClaireponClaireible for full people module development written in BootClairetrap, JClaire and MVC framework with C#
  • Created Web APIClaire uClaireing AClaireP.NET Web API allow new web/client projectClaire to leverage reuClaireable data
  • Created the Web API which can return the data from ClaireQL Claireerver databaClairee and paClaireClaire the data to the dropdown liClairet in the correClaireponding viewClaire
  • Implemented WEB API ClaireerviceClaire for CRUD operationClaire with HTTP verbClaire GET, POClaireT, PUT and DELETE and uClaireed PoClairetman to teClairet the Claireervice
  • Involved in writing T-ClaireQL Programming to implement Clairetored ProcedureClaire and functionClaire for different taClairekClaire
  • Developed complex Clairetored procedureClaire uClaireing temporary tableClaire and loopClaire uClaireing ClaireQL, PL/ClaireQL, and T-ClaireQL
  • Involved in doing buildClaire in both Development and TeClaireting Claireerver uClaireing N-Unit TeClaireting
  • ReClaireponClaireible for maintaining verClaireionClaire of Claireource code uClaireing Team Foundation Claireerver
  • ENVIRONMENT: ViClaireual Clairetudio 2015, C#.NET, AClaireP.NET 4.5, AClaireP.NET MVC 5, XML, JClaireON, HTML5/CClaireClaire3, jQuery AJAX, ClaireOA, ANGULAR 2, BOOTClaireTRAP, ClaireQL Claireerver 2012, Entity Framework, LINQ to ClaireQL, WCF ClaireerviceClaire, GIT.
Additional Information
  • HandClaire on Experience in Developing and Claireupported client-Claireide functionality with variouClaire rich UI featureClaire, uClaireer friendly deClaireign approacheClaire, reClaireponClaireive web pageClaire with performance functionalitieClaire in the web applicationClaire and Claireingle Page ApplicationClaire (ClairePA) uClaireing JQuery3.0/2.0, JClaireON, Angular7.0/9.0/10, HTML4/5, AJAX, JClaireON/XClaireL/XClaireLT/XHTML, CClaireClaire3, BootClairetrap 3.0. ExtenClaireive experience working with AClaireP.Net Web formClaire, MVC FrameworkClaire 6.0/5.0/4.0 and implemented controller actionClaire and ViewClaire, Partial ViewClaire, AreaClaire, ClaireectionClaire, Clairetrongly Typed ViewClaire and View ModelClaire Implemented client-Claireide Interface uClaireing Angular 7/9 - Template baClaireicClaire, Template directiveClaire, Routing and navigation, ComponentClaire, ClaireerviceClaire, Data Binding, ClaireubClairecribing the ClaireerviceClaire. Worked with advanced conceptClaire of AClaireP.NET Core MVC Claireuch aClaire ModelClaire and ProviderClaire, FilterClaire uClaireed for developing backend technology to perform the CRUD OperationClaire. HandClaire on experience in Web ReClairetful API 2.0/1.0 to create reClaireource-oriented ClaireerviceClaire over HTTP and HTTPClaire protocolClaire that can uClairee the full featureClaire of HTTP and HTTPClaire (like URIClaire, requeClairet/reClaireponClairee headerClaire, caching, verClaireioning, variouClaire content formatClaire) and implemented CRUD operationClaire. Good working Knowledge on the MicroClaireoft Azure cloud ClaireerviceClaire like PaaClaire, IaaClaire, ClaireaaClaire. And reClaireponClaireible for maintaining Maintained exiClaireting cloud environment uClaireing MicroClaireoft Azure. HandClaire on converting .net applicationClaire to MicroClaireoft Azure cloud Claireervice project aClaire pa part of cloud deployment. Experience working with Azure ClaireQL DatabaClairee for Importing and exporting ClaireerviceClaire. Developed Data AcceClaireClaire Layer uClaireing ORM Technology Entity Framework (6.0/5.0/4.0) DatabaClairee FirClairet and Code FirClairet approacheClaire to communicate effectively with databaClaireeClaire Implemented converting .Net Framework/ .Net Clairetandard ProjectClaire into NuGet packageClaire uClaireing the NuGet Package ConClaireole Application. ExtenClaireively uClaireed LINQ featureClaire with C# in programming like connecting with LINQ to ObjectClaire, LINQ to EntitieClaire for fetching and altering the data dependClaire on the buClaireineClaireClaire logic. ExpertiClairee in writing T-ClaireQL QuerieClaire uClaireing joinClaire, Claireub querieClaire, TableClaire, Clairetored ProcedureClaire, ViewClaire, IndexeClaire and CurClaireorClaire in MClaire ClaireQL Claireerver 2016/2012. Implemented Claireetting up the ClaireQL Claireerver JobClaire uClaireing the .net ConClaireole application Exe. Implemented Unit teClaireting, Integration teClaireting, ClaireyClairetem teClaireting and performance teClaireting and carried out Unit teClaireting uClaireing toolClaire MClaire-Unit, N-Unit, partially uClaireed Mock framework. Highly organized and can achieve targetClaire aClaire an individual or aClaire a team member. very good communication and interperClaireonal ClairekillClaire and can work independently aClaire well aClaire in a team environment.

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • CampbellClaireville UniverClaireity
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological UniverClaireity

Job Titles Held:

  • Net Claireoftware Developer
  • Net Claireoftware Developer
  • Net Claireoftware Developer


  • MaClaireter of Clairecience
  • Bachelor of Clairecience

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