Jessica Claire
  • , San Francisco, CA
  • H: (555) 432-1000
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Professional Summary
Highly motivated Sales Associate with extensive customer service and sales experience. Outgoing sales professional with track record of driving increased sales, improving buying experience and elevating company profile with target market.

Papienttienttient carpattientpm, meal planning and prepaaration, first care and safety, patient assessment , reteaching skills on dressing and general eatting and frinkimdrinking. learning how to speak again.

Work History
Care Giver, 02/2015 - Current
Sunrise Senior Living Orchard Lake, MI,
  • Helped family members plan healthy meals, purchase ingredients and cook meals to provide adequate nutrition for client wellbeing
  • Supported clients with mental support and physical activities to accomplish quality of life and sustain needs
  • Maintained clean personal areas and prepared healthy meals to support client nutritional needs
  • Offered social support by transporting individuals to events and activities, in addition to medical appointments and shopping trips
  • Helped clients maintain optimal health by overseeing medication administration and all doctor’s appointments
  • Kept household areas clean and well-stocked, ran errands, managed laundry and completed weekly grocery shopping
  • Evaluated patients to identify and address wounds, behavioral concerns and medically-relevant symptoms
  • Assisted patients with personal requirements, including keeping spaces clean and helping with grooming
  • Kept close eye on client vital signs, administered medications and tracked behaviors to keep healthcare supervisor well-informed
  • Gathered dietary information, assisted with feeding and monitored intake to help patients achieve nutritional objectives and support wellness goals
  • Provided safe mobility support to help patients move around personal and public spaces
  • Assisted clients with daily living needs, including bathing and personal grooming, to maintain self-esteem and general wellness
  • Developed rapport to create safe and trusting environment for care
  • Ran errands for customers, including shopping, and picking up other necessities
  • Kept patients mentally alert by entertaining, conversing and reading aloud to patients
  • Helped patients care for themselves by teaching proper, safe use of ambulation assistive devices such as canes or walkers
  • Helped clients with hygiene-related tasks such as brushing teeth, bathing, grooming and toileting
  • Provided assistance in daily living activities by dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting patients
  • Built strong relationships with clients to deliver emotional support and companionship
  • Monitored and maintained cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of assigned station and service areas
  • Changed dressings, bandages and binders to maintain proper healing and sanitary measures
  • Assisted residents with daily hygiene, including dental and mouth care, bath functions and hair care
  • Assisted with daily living activities by helping with hygiene needs, [Task] and household chores
  • Performed household tasks such as laundry, dusting, washing dishes and vacuuming
  • Shopped for groceries regularly in order to keep house stocked with necessities
Banquet Server, 05/2019 - 06/2019
Laz Parking Narragansett, RI,
  • Adapted service based on customer requests and kitchen readiness
  • Monitored guests for intoxication and immediately reported concerns to management
  • Guided arriving guests to tables, took drink orders and relayed information to bartenders
  • Maintained event cleanliness during service by promptly clearing dishes after each course
  • Used correct cleaning, sanitizing and food handling procedures to maintain optimal protections for customers
  • Maintained customer satisfaction with timely table check-ins to assess food and beverage needs
  • Applied communication and problem-solving skills to resolve customer complaints and promote long-term loyalty
  • Checked identification to enforce age requirement for alcoholic beverages
  • Applied wine and spirit expertise toward recommending appropriate parings for chosen meals and personal tastes
  • Coordinated [Number] events throughout [Number] banquet spaces, including weddings, reunions, and corporate meetings
  • Stayed up to date on menu changes to offer current and accurate information, answer questions and help customers select optimal meal choices based on individual preferences
  • Executed synchronized meal service simultaneously serving multiple guests with speed and efficiency
  • Maintained flexible work schedule including evenings, weekends and on-call to meet event needs
  • Arranged linens and table settings according to seating plan and event theme
  • Fostered enjoyable event atmosphere through friendly guest interactions
  • Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to increase shelf life and prevent spoilage
  • Implemented new drink policies, reducing over-pouring by [Number]%
  • Presented food and beverages on buffet tables and drink stations to meet contract specifications and level of event formality
  • Smoothly circulated appetizer and drink trays around [Type] events, offering selections to guests
  • Delivered catered food and supplies to facility for on-time set-up
  • Achieved [Timeframe] sales goals by using successful strategies to promote specials, desserts and alcoholic beverages
  • Memorized restaurant wine stock and appropriate entree pairings, driving daily wine sales averaging $[Amount]
  • Cleaned and sanitized work stations to meet health department regulations
  • Managed food resources, memorized orders and wrote patron's food orders on slips in [Number]-seat restaurant
  • Restocked salad bar and buffet for lunch and dinner service
  • Verified all [Number] square feet of restaurant and lounge exceeded state and federal cleanliness standards
  • Checked on tables and drink needs while refilling water glasses and bringing supplies to customers
  • Greeted new customers, discussed specials, took drink orders and built immediate positive connections with guests
  • Used cash registers and credit card machines to cash out customers, handling up to $[Amount] in cash per event
  • Served appetizers, entrees and refilled beverages for events up to [Number] guests
  • Loaded trays with accessories, including eating utensils, napkins and condiments
  • Resolved guest and employee complaints to maintain complete customer satisfaction and workforce effectiveness
  • Prepared serving and appetizer trays and set tables for [Type] events with up to [Number] attendees
  • Cleared dishes and glassware quickly following each course
  • Provided friendly, courteous service to create memorable moments for guests
  • Returned reusable goods and serving equipment for inventory and restock
Manager, 07/2013 - 02/2015
Community Health System Longview, TX,
  • Applied strong leadership talents and problem-solving skills to maintain team efficiency and organize workflows to meet any daily demand
  • Trained and guided team members to maintain high productivity and performance metrics
  • Improved operational planning and business frameworks to enhance resource utilization and reduce waste
  • Maintained team efficiency by strategically delegating daily activities, monitoring output and rewarding positive contributions
  • Boosted team member productivity by enhancing performance monitoring and instituting motivational approaches
  • Performed [Timeframe] reviews assessing each employee's performance and developed improvement plans
  • Reduced workflow inconsistencies by recruiting and hiring capable staff members
  • Achieved [Result] and [Result] with clear focus on continuous improvement and strategically capitalizing on current market trends
  • Recruited and developed [Number] employees for [Type] department
  • Served as Subject Matter Expert and main point of contact for [Issue]
  • Audited team performance and compliance with [Type] and [Type] standards
  • Analyzed and interpreted store trends with [Software] to facilitate planning
  • Created and implemented aggressive action plan to address pressing cost control needs
  • Executed regular process updates to reduce discrepancies and enhance scheduling across [Type] calendars and programs
  • Evaluated suppliers to assess quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries, maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency
  • Controlled costs and optimized spending via restructuring of budgets for labor, capital assets, inventory purchasing, and technology upgrades
  • Established and maintained positive work environment to enhance retention and productivity
  • Assessed financial statements and [Type] reports to evaluate [Type] performance, develop targeted improvements and implement changes resulting in [Result]
  • Increased operational efficiency by developing improved filing systems for confidential client records and reports
  • Communicated best practices among on-site and external personnel to align efforts and goals
  • Cross-trained existing employees in order to maximize team performance
  • Oversaw and improved [Product or Service] deliveries worth more than $[Amount] per year through efficient coordination of [Action] and [Action]
  • Raised performance in areas of sales, management and operations by identifying and targeting areas in need of improvement
  • Facilitated change management activities for department and staff of [Number] individuals
  • Raised property accuracy and accountability by creating new automated tracking method
  • Led team of [Number] direct reports managing over [Number] employees
  • Evaluated employees' strengths and assigned tasks based upon experience and training
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction by closely monitored team member performance and assessing problematic practices
  • Directed staff of [Number] personnel and managed budget totaling $[Amount] annually
  • Evaluated data in [Type] and [Type] reports to proactively adjust and enhance [Type] operations
  • Supervised [Number] of employees in [Type] shop
  • Completed [Timeframe] payroll for [Number] employees with [Software] and [Software]
  • Interviewed and hired strong candidates for team openings, using newspapers, job boards and social media to find applicants
  • Achieved or exceeded financial goals on regular basis by controlling expenses, optimizing schedules and regulating inventory usage
  • Conducted monthly inventories of raw materials and components on work floor
  • Maximized performance by monitoring daily activities and mentoring team of [Number] associates
  • Maintained current knowledge of all facets of operations
  • Trained new employees in specific job requirements
  • Performed supplier risk management assessments to evaluate [Type] program for planning use by senior management
  • Set, enforced and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands
  • Demonstrated new products, procedures and techniques to employees
  • Provided management with feedback regarding employee performance and training needs
  • Reviewed performance data to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels
  • Expanded cross-functional organizational capacity by collaborating with [Type] department about [Type] functions and common goals
  • Hired, trained and mentored staff to maximize effectiveness
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives
  • Implemented [Type] programs for [Type] tasks, achieving [Result]
  • Reconciled daily sales transactions to balance and log day-to-day revenue with [Software]
  • Increased sales by $[Amount] by establishing goals, overseeing performance and [Action]
  • Compiled data on [Type] and [Type] metrics to report information to [Job title], discussing trends and methods for improving store results
  • Monitored and supported progress of plant production orders by managing shop capacity and loading functions at [Number] facilities
  • Identified and qualified customer needs and negotiated and closed profitable projects with high success rate
  • Set and managed schedules to give proper coverage to required areas and meet customer service demands
  • Set and managed schedules to give proper coverage to required areas and meet customer service demands
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs
  • Developed and maintained relationships with [Type] customers and suppliers through [Action] and [Action]
  • Developed and implemented productivity initiatives, in addition to coordinating itinerary and scheduling appointments
  • Conducted scheduled and impromptu evaluations to assess work performance
  • Adjusted job assignments and schedules to keep pace with dynamic business needs, factoring in processes, employee knowledge and customer demands
  • Oversaw and optimized work of [Number] [Job title]s performing high-quality [Type] work
  • Achieved [Number]% average completion rate on all assignments without loss of materials and assets, demonstrating innovative and practical problem-solving skills in high-stress environment
  • Achieved [Number]% average completion rate on all assignments without loss of materials and assets, demonstrating innovative and practical problem-solving skills in high-stress environment
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels [Number]%
  • Enhanced [Type] initiatives while managing effective marketing campaigns
  • Recorded inventory sales into organization's weekly income report
Cafe Manager, 08/2003 - 08/2009
American Family Fitness Colonial Heights, VA,
  • Collected trash, wiped up spills and removed trays to maintain fresh and clean customer areas
  • Monitored dining room inventory and replenished as necessary
  • Set up advertising signs and displays on shelves, counters and tables
  • Ensured exceptional guest experiences through attentive service
  • Kept close eye on customers to quickly spot leaving guests and clear tables for future patrons
  • Provided attentive service and proactively assessed guest needs
  • Engaged in suggestive selling and other sales techniques
  • Monitored temperature of cases, shelves and storage areas and reported failures to manager
  • Checked dining area supplies, including linens and wrapped silverware, and replenished low stock
  • Assisted wait staff with timely food delivery and guest requests
  • Offered product samples, answered questions and helped customers find items
  • Managed customer deliveries and assisted with carrying out orders to promote maximum satisfaction
  • Greeted customers and answered any questions
  • Assisted cashiers with processing customer payments and documenting orders
  • Assisted customers with carry-out service
  • Maintained adequate levels of condiments and well-stocked drink stations to keep service flowing smoothly
  • Managed and archived quality documentation and participated in internal and external quality audits
  • Instituted [Task] to contribute to long-term plans for organization business processes
  • Led [Type] team in delivery of [Type] project requiring close cooperation among members to share information and develop solutions to meet broad array of deliverables
  • Conceptualized and designed abstract ideas, built plans, and delivered details to CMO
  • Converted community contacts into potential clients through networking, consistency and credibility
  • Supported marketing programs and campaigns with content and messaging to drive demand
  • Calibrated instruments and scales in production area and quality lab
  • Resolved conflicts and negotiated agreements between parties in order to reach win-win solutions to disagreements and clarify misunderstandings
  • Cultivated and nurtured relationships with customers in strategic vertical markets to support ongoing definition of differentiated product value
  • Engaged client executives to assess strategic business needs and challenges and translate business strategy into human capital opportunities with business impact
  • Researched competitive solutions and maintained competitive market comparisons and evaluations
  • Developed and executed go-to-market plans and facilitated internal organizational readiness
  • Conducted training and change management processes to improve operations
  • Maintained material and stock levels consistent with business requirements while meeting target capital objectives
  • Offered data-driven recommendations aligned with overall company strategies and prioritized process improvement initiatives
  • Documented meeting minutes and distributed to staff to facilitate follow-up and permanent record
  • Maintained regular contact with clients and identified opportunities to deliver added value to client relationships
  • Improved quality processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Analyzed current business plan, identified inefficiencies in existing processes, and tracked performance following implementation of improvements
  • Collaborated with team to define business requirements for organizational processes, achieve productivity standards and adhere to accuracy standards
  • Equipped and organized facility to comply with company strategy for online and offline quality controls
  • Worked with [Job title] to resolve [Type] problems, improve operations and provide exceptional customer service
  • Complied with safety and hazardous material handling, storage regulatory requirements and internal procedures affecting business operations
  • Updated quality control standards, methods and procedures to meet compliance requirements
  • Developed and executed plans to monitor standard process adherence
  • Developed and maintained expense budget while applying [Task] to continually decrease expenses
  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat business through relentless pursuit of resolutions to problems arising from [Product or service], protecting company reputation and loyal client base
  • Welcomed visitors to office, communicated arrival to team and managed visit expectations
  • Presented metric reporting and [Timeframe] account reviews to [Type] team and clients
  • Developed standard operating procedures and document workflows for current and future process steps
  • Minimized costs and maximized returns resulting in $[Amount] [Timeframe] savings
  • Developed exceptional attendance record with special attention to punctuality and preparation to work upon arrival
  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately
  • Collaborated with materials purchasing specialist to meet production requirements and quality standards
  • Liaised with [Job title] to organize and perform [Timeframe] quality standard training for new and existing staff
  • Coordinated with [Type] team in developing project plans for prioritized initiatives
  • Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends
  • Developed strategy and managed market communications that drove product demand
  • Conducted field visits and met corporate customers for business development
  • Sorted product and provided expertise on non-conforming product requirements
  • Implemented brand and demand strategies to meet revenue targets for business services and products
  • Created scheduling reports in [Software] system to efficiently and effectively move product and adhere to shipping commitments
  • Monitored and supported production order progress through [Timeframe] statistical models
  • Negotiated agreements between employees to clarify misunderstood directions and resolve conflicts affecting performance
  • Provided observations, took measurements and performed tests at various stages according to quality control plan
  • Created, modified, and executed [Timeframe] business plans to maximize client satisfaction
  • Possessed expert knowledge of competitive and third party products and translated knowledge into business strategy
  • Liaised with [Job title] on defining product features and managing tradeoffs involving features, schedule and lifecycle
  • Developed and executed targeted relationship and account development strategy
  • Operated with high integrity, built trust, and earned sustained credibility with internal and external clientele
  • Supervised production planning while using appropriate tools and analysis for smooth production output
  • Collaborated with [Type] department on operational support tasks to model importance of group goals
  • Collaborated with [Type] department on operational support tasks to model importance of group goals
  • Identified and resolved process issues to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth
  • Assisted with proactive client outreach initiatives through [Task] and documented client correspondence in [Software] CRM system
  • Offered pricing and feature recommendations to management and cross-functional teams
  • Followed quality standards and procedures to minimize errors and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Followed quality standards and procedures to minimize errors and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Ordered office supplies and researched supplier discounts resulting in $[Amount] [Timeframe] savings
  • Determined and recommended methods to address improvement opportunities
  • Communicated value and position to sales team and developed tools to support selling process
  • Evaluated quality problems and performed [Action] to identify and resolve issues
  • Controlled digital access, used confidential waste bins and shredders, and locked document storage cabinets to protect confidential files, reports and fiscal data
  • Adhered to established policies, procedures and compliance for satisfactory audit rating
  • Investigated and resolved customer complaints to foster satisfaction
  • Saved $[Amount] by researching and implementing [Type] cost-saving initiatives and creating fresh new approaches to long-standing problems
  • Managed logistics operations to meet customer expectations and financial standards and policies
  • Received incoming calls and messages and addressed or triaged phone requests
  • Created positioning and key messages to differentiate business solutions and products in market
  • Developed, updated and maintained database of existing and potential customers in [Software]
  • Sorted incoming mail and faxes and expedited urgent correspondence for immediate attention
  • Developed team communications and information for [Type] meetings
  • Generated new business leads through direct customer engagement, deploying inbound and outbound marketing tactics and developing and optimizing informative content
  • Partnered with cross-functional teams to conduct thorough discovery and due diligence on existing processes
  • Tracked customer shipment requirements to improve customer satisfaction while increasing service efficiencies
  • Worked with [Type] customers to understand requirements and provide exceptional [Type] service
  • Created and managed knowledge base to offer staff and customers immediate informational access to products, services and organization
  • Conducted office management and emergency preparedness orientation to provide special skills and test specific emergency plan components
High School diploma: basic journalism, computers, year book editor, drum major, basketball manager., Expected in 05/1992
New Deal High School - New Deal, TX

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  • Cafe Manager


  • High School diploma

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