Sixty-one percent of hiring managers consider a customized resume the No. 1 tactic for applicants trying to boost their chance of getting an interview, according to a Career Builder study. Fifty-eight percent of recruiters said they would dismiss a resume if it has typos. With Resume Check, we will instantly check your resume for 30+ issues and make sure it’s customized for the job you want. We will tell you if it’s organized properly, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Plus we can recommend skills and keywords that will get you past the resume screening software.

With Resume Check, we will catch mistakes for you, so hiring managers can focus on what makes you a highly qualified candidate.

Upload your current resume to get feedback, or create a brand-new document with LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.

What We Check:

Whether you are updating your resume or building a new one, Resume Check will help.



Strong summary

Measurable Results

Word Choice



Clear Contact Info


How It Works:

  • Once you’ve built your resume, you will find Resume Check on your Dashboard.

  • Click Check.

  • View your score and a summary of the areas where there’s room to improve.

  • Select Add a Job.

  • Choose or add a Job Title.

  • Paste the Job Description for your ideal job.

  • Add the Employer’s Name.

  • Click Save.

  • See your new score.

  • Review your suggestions and make your edits.

What Happens After I Submit My Resume?

Alexus Smith just built her resume with LiveCareer’s Resume Builder and is now applying to a cashier job at Elior. According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a 95 percent chance that her resume will not make it into the hands of a recruiter. Why?

A majority of companies are using a screening software called applicant tracking systems (ATS) to collect, organize and filter applicants. While the goal of the screening software is to rank and filter out applicants, some highly qualified candidates — such as Alexus — may not make it past the ATS and get eliminated.

What is the Screening Software Looking for?

Relevant job titles

Tailored to the job title

The ATS will scan Alexus’ resume to see if it has the job title “cashier” in her resume and may reject her if she does not.

Relevant experience and skills

Elior is looking for candidates who have “customer service” and “creativity” skills. The ATS will then review the resume to see if it has “cashier,”“customer service” and “filling orders.” Candidates that do not include these keyword skills will be weeded out.

Resume Check can help catch these mistakes. By adding the Elior job description, Alexus learns that she only has one out of the nine skills needed. If Alexus does in fact have these skills, she can either add them to her resume’s skills section or work them into her work history.

Into the Hands of a Recruiter:

Alexus is one of the 25 candidates whose resume made it past the screening software and into the hands of a recruiter. What should she expect moving forward?

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume. Before applying, Alexus made sure that she demonstrated why she is a good fit for the job in the first few sections. To do this, she added measurable results and made sure that there were no typos to stand out from the competition.

Resume Check provides feedback on these critical areas and can help increase the chance of Alexus landing the job at Elior.


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