Explain How You Would Be An Asset To This Organization.

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When being interviewed for a position, you may be asked to explain how you would be an asset to the organization. Many common questions that come up in interviews have hidden meaning, but this one is generally pretty straightforward.

Even so, if you understand exactly what the interviewer is interested in, you can answer in a way that plays at those desires specifically and appear especially appealing.

The first aspect you should realize is that the hiring manager is only, or primarily, concerned with how their company will benefit from hiring you.

Asking for you to explain how you would be an asset is a polite way of discovering what they will get out of the deal.

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Points to Emphasize

If the hiring manager wants to know what the company has to gain by hiring you, you should be open-minded about simply telling them exactly that.

Talk about which unique qualities or experiences you have that they can only take advantage of by hiring you.

Keep the following points in mind when responding to the question and you should hopefully be successful:

  • Emphasize success stories you may have from previous employment in related fields.
  • Include any ideas you have for improving performance or productivity.
  • Make it clear why you are a perfect fit for the position.
  • Try to stay positive in every aspect of your answer.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Remember, the employer is mostly interested in their own gains. Avoid dedicating any portion of your answer, no matter how brief, to anything outside this.

Do not talk about how the position is an excellent opportunity for you to advance your career or earn money.

  • Do not focus on the negative aspects of passing on hiring you or what they will miss out on. Stay positive.
  • Be careful not to exaggerate what you can bring to the table. It is better to be honest.
  • Avoid portraying yourself as a hotshot. Be gracious in your attributes.

Be sure you remain focused. It can be easy to stray into your goals or aspirations, especially since you are talking about yourself, but it should always be in the context of the company.

Sample Answer

If you are asked to explain how you would be a valuable asset, you might answer in a way similar to this:

Unlike most people in similar positions, I thrive on going above and beyond. I’m confident that I would bring many unique qualities to your company and provide many opportunities for improvement. You can confirm with my references that I improved success at my last place of employment, and I believe I can provide similar results here.

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