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The first step to take when beginning the job hunting process is to create a professional synopsis that makes you stand out among all other candidates. Your resume should be formatted perfectly, hold no spelling errors, and feature your most impressive and pertinent skills, achievements and experiences. Use our security guard resume template for Word and following guidelines to build a stunning document and learn the best methods for writing your summary statement, skills, work history and education sections of your resume.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement provides employers with their very first impression of you. What you write here may determine whether recruiters will read the rest of your resume or immediately discard it. Create an impressive summary with our security guard resume template for Word.

Avoid making this section too convoluted. Be concise by using no more than three sentences or three bullet points to showcase your top qualifications. Include the following:

  • Job title

  • A few key hard and soft skills

  • Applicable work experience or achievements

Consider the security guard summary examples below:

Example 1

Physically fit security guard with certifications in CPR and first aid. Able to patrol and remain alert for up to 12 hours per day. Skilled in identifying, analyzing and remedying threats in a safe and secure manner.

Example 2

  • Efficient security guard with 10 years of experience in patrolling and managing various security systems

  • Skilled in handling cameras, alarms and other security equipment

  • Utilize danger prevention and emergency response methods to ensure the safety of customers and employees

Example 3

Assertive security guard adept at monitoring and handling security systems of all types. Alert professional with a high level of physical fitness and understanding of safety protocols and procedures. Proficient in incident reporting and documentation.

Example 4

  • Accomplished security guard practiced in responding to theft, violence and other emergency situations

  • Expertise in threat identification, evacuation procedures and safety inspections

  • Excellent written and verbal communicator with certifications in CPR and first aid

Writing Your Skills Section

Your resume’s skills section is where you emphasize your aptitude for your desired job by highlighting your top six to eight skillsets in bullet point form. This part of your document should list your most important skills first and include some industry keywords that will capture hiring managers’ attention as they skim through the section. To successfully craft your skills section, use the security guard resume template for Word and follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it concise by using short phrases with no end punctuation

  • Keep it relevant by including only skills that are directly applicable to the job

  • Keep it honest by listing only the skills you actually have

These skills are often desired in candidates for security guard positions. Feel free to include any that apply to you and the job to which you are applying.

  • Security system management

  • Threat identification and analysis

  • Emergency response methods

  • Camera and alarm control

  • Case reports and documentation

  • First aid and CPR certification

  • Danger prevention techniques

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section provides employers with brief descriptions of your responsibilities and accomplishments in your previous jobs. This is where you show what you are capable of professionally and how you have benefitted your previous employers. Try to follow the guidelines below when filling out the work history section of the security guard resume template for Word.

  • Aim for between five and eight bullet points per job description

  • Incorporate key phrases and words in the job listing to show you are a suitable candidate for the position

  • Use metrics to quantify your responsibilities and accomplishments

  • Start every line with a dynamic action verb to grab and hold the readers’ attention

To better understand what might be included in a security guard work history section, consider these examples:

  • Patrolled and monitored security systems for a commercial building of 200,000 square feet

  • Reduced theft and profit losses by 15 percent each year with updated threat identification and preventative measures

  • Conducted safety inspections on a daily basis to minimize potential hazards to staff and customers

  • Performed immediate response techniques to remedy theft, violence and other emergency situations

Writing Your Education Section

Some positions require candidates to have a certain degree of education. That’s why it is important to include an education section that succinctly describes your academic background. The security guard resume template for Word and the following guidelines show you where and how to write this final section.

  • List your highest level of education first

  • Unless you recently graduated, do not include your GPA

  • Include any relevant professional development courses, certifications or other training

These examples show what the education section of a security guard’s resume may look like:

Example 1

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice – 2008

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, New York

Security Guard License – 2007

New York Department of State

Example 2

Security Guard License – 2009

Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security

High School Diploma – 2007

Kings County High School, Kingstown, Delaware

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