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Taking the time to develop your resume and putting together a strong document is a great way to improve your chances of being called for an interview. Employers have a high standard when they are considering candidates for a position, so you should make sure your resume is well written. It can be difficult to tackle this task, however. The best resumes include a summary statement, skills section, work history section, and education section. This medical assistant resume template for Word further details how to make your resume as strong as possible..

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The first part of your resume should be your summary statement, which is intended to get the attention of employers and serve as an introduction to your resume. This section can be a paragraph or a bulleted list, but it should be brief and outline a few skills and experiences. This medical assistant resume template for Word will help you understand how to write your summary statement. Additionally, these examples show the different formats and what kind of information you can include.

Summary Statement Example 1:

Registered nurse with more than eight years’ experience in a clinical and hospital environment ready to deliver compassionate patient care. A candidate with a long history developing excellent communication skills and building caring relationships with patients and physicians alike.

Summary Statement Example 2:

Professional medical assistant holding extensive organizational and managerial abilities. Excited to apply 10-year history in medicine to new position. Master of collaboration in the medical environment and providing support to all physicians and patients.

Summary Statement Example 3:

  • Dedicated and compassionate nurse

  • Strong attention to detail and communication skills

  • Fully certified, completed nursing degree program

Summary Statement Example 4:

  • Results-driven medical assistant

  • Two years’ experience aiding in physical therapy

  • Excellent bedside manner

Writing Your Skills Section

Moving on from your summary, the skills section is the first in-depth section of your resume. This section gives employers some more information about why you are qualified. Review this medical assistant resume template for Word to get started. These recommended writing practices are also beneficial to follow.

  • Your skills section should include at least five bullet points, but not more than eight or nine. It should be readable at a glance.

  • Referencing some of the skills that are listed on the job description is a good way to appeal to specific employers.

  • Only include skills that you would feel comfortable explaining. If called for an interview, you will have to provide examples of how you have utilized these abilities.

This example skills section includes some common skills that are relevant to the medical assistant field.

  • Clinical experience

  • Drawing blood and wrapping dressings

  • Organization and management

  • Fully certified

  • Excellent interpersonal communication

Writing Your Work History Section

Because your work history information is what employers are most interested in, it is important that you develop this section as much as possible, including a lot of information and making sure it is all strong. This will likely be the longest section in your resume. Keep these simple writing practices in mind when you are creating your work history section:

  • Include at least three bullet points for each position you mention. Every bullet point should begin with a strong action verb to emphasize what actions you have been taking.

  • The more important positions should be longer. Your current job should include as many as 10 or 11 bullet points.

  • Your current position should be in present tense, while all others should be in past tense.

  • Reference the job description to get an idea of what readers will be looking for. You can use specific words from the posting to strengthen your resume.

Use this medical assistant resume template for Word and the following examples to write your own work history section.

  • Administer patient medicine and treatment

  • Relate information to patients

  • Provide support to physicians

  • Complete administrative tasks

  • Interact with guests and fill prescriptions

  • Organize store room

  • Aid nurses and physicians with all tasks

Writing Your Education Section

It is considered standard to conclude your resume with a section that outlines your education information. This section is less important for certain positions, but it should always be included unless otherwise specified. In the medical assistant field, employers are more interested in experience than education, although it is important that they can ensure that you are trained academically as well. Keep this section brief, include the highest level of achievement first, and review the medical assistant resume template for Word to make sure you write your education section correctly.

Nurse Certification Ð 2012

School of Nursing Programs, University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Ð 2010

Phoenix Community College

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