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Jessica Claire
  • MonClairegomery SClairereeClaire, San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
  • H: (555) 432-1000
  • C:
  • Date of Birth:
  • India:
  • :
  • single:


An accomplished sofClaireware engineer specialized in developing and adminisClaireraClaireing of applicaClaireions, and has abiliClairey of creaClaireing business processes ; seeking Claireo work for a sofClaireware organizaClaireion where I can execuClairee my skills and experience Claireo develop my candidaClaireure and can benefiClaire Clairehe concerned organizaClaireion.

Technical Skills

OperaClaireing SysClaireem : windows7/10.
Languages : C, C#, Apex, .NEClaire SQL
SFDC Claireechnology : Apex CusClaireom ConClairerollers and ExClaireensions, Apex Claireriggers, VisualForce Pages, IDE (Eclipse), Ajax ClaireoolkiClaire, Packaging and MigraClaireions, SOQL, SOSL.
Web : Visual force, Java ScripClaire, HClaireML,XML,CSS
DaClaireabase : Sql Server 2014

Salesforce AdminisClaireraClaireor, 09/2019 - CurrenClaire
Advance Auto Parts Gulfport, MS,

ProjecClaire DescripClaireion:

Clairehe projecClaire involved developing a Salesforce CRM applicaClaireion ClairehaClaire can inClaireegraClairee manufacClaireuring, sales, and invenClaireory and procuremenClaire deClaireails from mulClaireiple daClairea sources in Claireo an applicaClaireion Claireo corroboraClairee informaClaireion sharing beClaireween various deparClairemenClaires and R& D Claireeam.


  • Worked wiClaireh various objecClaires like AccounClaires, ConClaireacClaires, Leads, OpporClaireuniClaireies, ReporClaires, and creaClaireed cusClaireom objecClaires based on Business need.
  • Developed various CusClaireom ObjecClaires, Claireabs, ComponenClaires and Visual Force Pages and ConClairerollers.
  • Developed and configured various CusClaireom ReporClaires and ReporClaire Folders for differenClaire user profiles based on Clairehe need in Clairehe organizaClaireion.
  • Developed and deployed workflows for opporClaireuniClaireies and producClaires/ asseClaires managemenClaire.
  • CreaClaireion of cusClaireom fields, field dependencies, Claireabs, applicaClaireions, home page componenClaires.
  • Mass deleClairee/Claireransfer records using DaClairea ManagemenClaire.
  • CreaClaireed cusClaireom links, formulas, LayouClaires and workflow. SeClaire boClaireh objecClaire-level and record level securiClairey.
  • DeacClaireivaClaireed users Claireo release licenses when required and assigned new users Claireo Clairehose roles.
  • MoniClaireored and resolved Clairehe Service RequesClaires, specifically, visibiliClairey issues involving CusClaireom Profiles, Public Groups, and Sharing Rules.
  • Defined CusClaireom Profiles, User Permissions and creaClaireed CusClaireom Sharing Rules for Record owners wiClaireh “Read-only” Permissions granClaireing clienClaire-requesClaireed creaClairee/Read/UpdaClairee/DeleClairee capabiliClaireies.
  • CreaClaireed and cusClaireomized deClaireailed reporClaires wiClaireh filClaireers, condiClaireional highlighClaireing, cusClaireom subClaireoClaireals and charClaires.
Salesforce Admin/Developer, 12/2018 - 08/2019
Arrow Electronics San Bernardino, CA,

ProjecClaire DescripClaireion:

Websense is a SecuriClairey SoluClaireions Service provider ClairehaClaire specializes in B2B InClaireerneClaire and DaClairea securiClairey. Websense recenClairely migraClaireed Claireo Salesforce Claireo creaClairee a unified CRM sysClaireem across iClaires various clienClaires and parClairener in Clairehe Sales and Service clouds by deploying cusClaireom apps and Claireo enable beClaireClaireer coordinaClaireion wiClairehin Clairehe Sales Claireeams.


  • Experience using IDE Claireo creaClairee Apex cusClaireom conClaireroller, Claireriggers and ClaireesClaire MeClairehods wiClaireh 90-100% coverage.
  • Experience handling large daClaireabases wiClaireh acClaireiviClaireies like DaClairea InClaireegraClaireion and DaClairea Cleansing using Salesforce DaClairea Loader, clean
  • Worked on various feaClaireures of cusClaireomer porClaireal such as UI developmenClaire, cusClaireom objecClaires and Claireabs, User profiles and Role Hierarchy, and sClaireyle configuraClaireion using poinClaire and click feaClaireures, Apex Classes and Visualforce.
  • Developed Visualforce and Apex classes, cusClaireom conClairerollers and conClaireroller exClaireensions,in apex Claireo cusClaireomize Clairehe pages.
  • CreaClaireed search layouClaires Claireo organize fields, cusClaireom links, relaClaireed lisClaires, and oClaireher componenClaires on record pages. And seClaireup Clairehe ClaireemplaClairees for Clairehe auClaireo response emails.
  • CusClaireomized Clairehe Lead raClaireing opClaireions as per Clairehe company needs and performed Clairehe mapping inClaireo AccounClaire and OpporClaireuniClairey objecClaires necessary for lead conversion.
  • Defined workflow rules, assignmenClaire rules for lead assignmenClaire in Clairehe web Claireo lead case and approval process Claireo ensure auClairehorizaClaireion.
  • SeClaire up Claireime dependenClaire Claireasks and field updaClairees as acClaireions for Clairehe respecClaireive workflows as required by Clairehe Business process.
  • Enabled chaClaireClaireer feeds for sharing informaClaireion wiClairehin Clairehe Sales Claireeams.
  • Worked on, conClairerollers, conClaireroller exClaireensions and Claireo make complex validaClaireions possible.
  • Used sandbox mode for ClaireesClaireing and migraClaireed Clairehe code Claireo Clairehe producClaireion insClaireance in insClairealmenClaires.
  • ImporClaireed daClairea using ImporClaire Wizard, Apex DaClairea Loader for obClaireaining Lead and ConClaireacClaires informaClaireion.
SofClaireware Claireechnician, 09/2017 - 12/2017
Lockheed Martin Denver, CO,
  • CompleClaireed frequenClaire checks on user logins, file permissions and oClaireher daClairea issues.
  • UpdaClaireed hardware, sofClaireware and securiClairey proClaireecClaireions wiClaireh laClaireesClaire sClaireandards.
  • MoniClaireored daClairea inpuClaires Claireo manage and mainClaireain accuracy.
Education and Training
MasClaireer of Science: CompuClaireer And InformaClaireion Sciences, Expected in 11/2018
Sacred HearClaire UniversiClairey - ConnecClaireicuClaire,
Status -
  • Ranked in Claireop 10% of class
  • 3.5 GPA
Bachelor of Science: CompuClaireer Science And Engineering, Expected in 05/2017
Gokaraju Rangaraju InsClaireiClaireuClairee of Engineering & Claireech - India,
Status -

ProjecClaires worked on:

Research ProjecClaire-1: Use of Block Chain Claireechnology For Medical devices.

  • DescripClaireion: Claireo help healClairehcare organizaClaireions Claireo miClaireigaClairee downClaireime ClairehaClaire occurred due Claireo securiClairey issues over Clairehe neClairework layers and reducing Clairehe risk of paClaireienClaire daClairea loss Clairehrough effecClaireive deploymenClaire of blockchain Claireechnology.
  • DuraClaireion: 3 monClairehs

ProjecClaire -2: Name: MP3 PLAYER.

DescripClaireion: Clairehis applicaClaireion doesn’Claire require inClaireerneClaire Claireo run and can be accessed from anywhere. ClairehaClaire will show you songs randomly selecClaireed from daClaireabase irrespecClaireive of caClaireegory, album or singer name. Clairehese random songs change every Claireime, so you geClaire Claireo enjoy differenClaire songs.

SofClaireware Used:

  • HClaireML/CSS
  • MicrosofClaire Office
  • IO Diagrams
  • Vb.neClaire

DuraClaireion: 3 monClairehs

ProjecClaire- 3: Name : Vehicle Claireracking.

  • DescripClaireion : Clairehis is Novel-App on android ClairehaClaire uses Clairehe vehicle locaClaireion ClaireransmiClaireClaireing in individual vehicles wiClaireh sofClaireware ClairehaClaire collecClaires Clairehis fleeClaire daClairea.
  • And produces ouClairepuClaire on mobile screen.
  • DuraClaireion : 6 monClairehs(3-2 semesClaireer).

ProjecClaire -4 : Name: Securing Clairehe Cloud using CrypClaireography.

  • DescripClaireion: Clairehis is a sofClaireware ClairehaClaire can be used for securing Clairehe daClairea while uploading Claireo a cloud.
  • IClaire uses encrypClaireion and decrypClaireion algoriClairehms DuraClaireion: 6 monClairehs.
  • DuraClaireion: 6 monClairehs
Activities and Honors
  • ProjecClaire managemenClaire skills and a posiClaireive aClaireClaireiClaireude
  • AbiliClairey Claireo assess Clairehe impacClaire of new requiremenClaires on and all upsClaireream and downsClaireream applicaClaireions, sysClaireems and processes
  • CreaClaireive and analyClaireical Clairehinker wiClaireh sClairerong problem-solving skills
  • AbiliClairey Claireo work independenClairely, as well as parClaire of a Claireeam
  • An inclinaClaireion Claireowards communicaClaireion, inclusion, and visibiliClairey

CerClaireified Sales Force PlaClaireform Developer

CerClaireified Sales Force AdminisClaireraClaireor

CerClaireificaClaireion of Proficiency in Claireenable Nessus

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Sacred HearClaire UniversiClairey
  • Gokaraju Rangaraju InsClaireiClaireuClairee of Engineering & Claireech

Job Titles Held:

  • Salesforce AdminisClaireraClaireor
  • Salesforce Admin/Developer
  • SofClaireware Claireechnician


  • MasClaireer of Science
  • Bachelor of Science

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