Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary

Experienced installation and repair technician with work history setting up, repairing and configuring telecommunications equipment. Talented at building relationships with customers and solving problems with little oversight. Excellent communication and planning skills.

Hardworking HVAC professional offering proven history in managing residential, commercial and industrial HVAC needs with skillful and efficient repairs. Adept at testing and inspecting systems to isolate faults and implement repair plans. Effectively align systems to meet manufacturer specifications and maximize performance.

Customer-focused Tire Technician with skill repairing leaks, balancing tires and completing alignments. Familiar with oil changes, fluid flushes and other services. Adept at learning new technical skills quickly.

Complete efficient and well-organized stock replenishment with appealing displays to drive sales. Smoothly locate and palletize desired stock to support timely floor stocking. Driven and team-oriented with good sense of business and customer needs.

  • Educating customers
  • Safety practices
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Good listening skills
  • Configuring equipment
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Organization and Time management
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Written Communication
  • System Repair
  • Package and split systems
  • HVAC change-out procedures expert
  • Focused on safety
  • Customer-focused
  • Chillers
  • RS sheets and floor plans
  • HVAC and refrigeration systems
  • Single compressor systems
  • Recovering and recycling
  • Blueprint Interpretation
  • Soldering
  • Brake system service
  • Diagnostic skills
  • Shop Cleaning
  • Cleaning Skills
  • Repair
  • Power Tools
  • Tire Mounting
  • Cleaning
  • Tire Rotations
  • Hand Tools
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Tire Installation
  • Fluid Checks
  • Oil changes
  • Tire balancing
  • Customer Service
  • Multitasking abilities
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Teambuilding
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Mounting Expertise
  • Stocking and replenishing
  • Product restocking
  • Security Monitoring
  • Heavy lifting
  • Safety processes and procedures
  • Shelving of products
  • Customer relationships
  • Performance improvement
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Leadership
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Computer skills
  • Equipment operation
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Proficient in [Type of Equipment]
Work History
12/2019 to Current Cable Linemen J.B. Hunt | Kokomo, IN,
  • Operated equipment, vehicles and tools with optimal safety procedures to prevent injuries.
  • Coordinated installation of new users and relocations of existing users.
  • Responded to service requests during and after business hours.
  • Read blueprints and schematics to correctly place equipment.
  • Installed and configured new devices and system components.
  • Planned layouts and ran cable into buildings and through walls, attics and crawl spaces.
  • Conducted research, gathered information from multiple sources and presented results.
  • Performed duties in accordance with all applicable standards, policies and regulatory guidelines to promote safe working environment.
  • Delivered exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions.
  • Ordered, maintained and distributed supplies and inventory.
  • Resolved problems, improved operations and provided exceptional service.
  • Worked closely with network administrators and server engineers to deliver quality service.
  • Removed old poles and hardware and replaced with new equipment.
  • Resagged loose lines to prevent failures.
  • Installed and maintained overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment.
  • Responded to emergencies and outages that required additional labor and assistance for repairs.
  • Observed company safety rules and regulations to minimize workplace accidents and reduce electric shocks.
  • Performed maintenance and reconducting work in varied weather conditions.
  • Maintained solid safety record with no OSHA-recordable incidents.
  • Actively listened to customers, handled concerns quickly and escalated major issues to supervisor.
  • Collaborated with [department or management] to achieve [result].
  • Prepared reports and schedules with accuracy.
  • Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
  • Developed and maintained courteous and effective working relationships.
  • Worked with construction crews to route and re-route power lines around new builds either via above-ground lines or below-ground utilities.
  • Responded to emergency repair calls to conduct line switching or sectionalizing to reroute current and speed service restoration.
  • Positioned boom trucks and man lifts to reach lines, transformers and existing connections.
  • Traveled to [Location] as part of disaster recovery response following widespread destruction resulting from storms and wildfires.
  • Used climbers, bucket lifts and safety equipment for work at heights reaching as much as [Number] feet above ground.
  • Used radios and hand signals to enhance performance and safety while effectively communicating between boom operator and ground personnel.
  • Used tree climbing equipment, harnesses and boot spikes to remove branches from powerlines and areas near powerlines.
  • Applied use of vehicle stabilizers preventing possible vehicle tipping upon extension of boom.
  • Responded in emergency capacity during bad climate weather to restore utility services and provide disaster recovery.
  • Utilized tools such as chainsaws, pole saws and other tree clearing equipment in elevated positions and near high voltage powerlines.
  • Positioned boom truck and operated lift on uneven and all-terrain conditions.
  • Completed routine maintenance on truck to keep in working order, including fueling and recharging batteries.
  • Fastened chains, straps, covers and binders to secure load during transit.
  • Coordinated efficient routes for optimal delivery scheduling and maximum daily performance.
  • Completed regular inspections and maintenance actions, as well as basic equipment repairs, to keep equipment operating at peak levels.
  • Managed daily transportation of materials, freight and goods using trucks with capacities of more than [Number] tons.
  • Completed preventive maintenance checks and basic repairs to vehicles.
  • Inspected truck for defects and safe operating condition before, during and after trips.
  • Inspected load security and checked for any damages.
  • Complied with all truck driving rules as well as company policies and procedures regarding safe vehicle operations.
  • Mapped out destinations ahead of time to ascertain quickest and safest routes for delivery.
  • Documented mileage, deliveries, pickups, customer issues and damages.
  • Spoke professionally with customers regarding complaints, gathering all necessary information to make educated decisions and address issues.
  • Used GPS system to plan travel routes in accordance with bulk cargo transportation laws.
  • Completed daily inspections, basic maintenance and common repair actions to keep equipment operating at full capacity.
  • Inspected trucks and trailers before each trip to assess safety and identify maintenance concerns.
  • Maintained organized, clean and professional vehicle to protect company reputation with customers.
  • Climbed trees using climbing hooks, belts or climb ladders to gain access to work areas.
  • Used chainsaws, hooks, handsaws, shears and clippers.
  • Organized materials, tools and equipment to supply team members.
  • Quickly learned new skills and applied them to daily tasks, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved operations through consistent hard work and dedication.
  • Worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.
02/2018 to 11/2019 Tire Technician Parker & Sons | Phoenix, AZ,
  • Checked, installed and repaired brake system components such as rotors, pads and drums.
  • Operated equipment such as [Machine type] and [Machine type].
  • Dismounted, mounted and repaired tires according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Flushed and refilled radiators, alternators and transmissions.
  • Evaluated fluid levels, battery functioning and vehicle leaks.
  • Inflated tires to prescribed PSI per load requirements to optimize tire safety.
  • Maximized efficiency by coordinating changing and rotating of tires.
  • Rotated, mounted and balanced tires on cars, trucks and vans.
  • Repaired punctures by locating leaks, removing embedded objects and patching holes.
  • Assisted team by keeping shop tidy, clean and free of safety hazards.
  • Used shop machinery to balance tires and align vehicles for optimal performance.
  • Helped mechanics with general maintenance work such as battery and oil changes.
  • Worked closely with [job title] to maintain optimum levels of communication to effectively and efficiently complete projects.
  • Offered friendly and efficient service to all customers, handled challenging situations with ease.
  • Recommended automotive services and repairs to promote good vehicle operation and enhance road safety.
  • Assisted other lube technicians and mechanics in vehicle diagnostic and repair work to enable timely completion of service tickets.
  • Mounted and balanced tires to promote even wear and decrease on-the-road safety hazards.
  • Worked alone or in team-based systems to complete up to [Number] oil changes each day.
  • Installed wiper blades and headlamps and confirmed items' functionality to promote safe vehicle operation.
  • Applied lubricants to moving parts of vehicle engines to prevent premature engine wear.
  • Suggested additional services to customers in order to meet upsell goals.
  • Performed tire rotations and recommended necessary tire replacements to promote tire functionality and vehicle safety.
  • Cleaned automotive service bays and removed debris and [Type] to promote organized work environment.
  • Topped off all fluids in vehicle engines to lubricate, protect and cool engine.
  • Removed trip hazards and other obstacles to maintain safe vehicle service work environment.
  • Conducted safety checks for leaks to repair damage on undercarriage of vehicles.
  • Inspected vehicles to determine need for changing oils and filters and provided feedback to customers.
  • Used [Equipment] to dismount and mount tires to perform air checks, rotations and rebalances.
  • Kept shop areas neat, clean and free of safety hazards.
  • Completed fluid checks on automobiles through [Action] and [Action].
  • Utilized [Type] and [Type] electronic tools to locate and correct malfunctions such as wheel bearings issues and ignition problems.
  • Checked fluids, tires, brakes and other systems as part of [Number]-point inspection.
  • Greeted customers and answered questions about oil changes and other services.
  • Changed oil and filters in customer vehicles and safely disposed of used oil in approved receptacles.
  • Checked tires for correct air pressures and inflated or deflated tires to meet air pressure requirements.
  • Maintained and stored tools daily to enable retrieval from proper storage locations.
  • Inspected vehicle tires to identify service needs and informed customer of issues to enable completion of tire services.
  • Unloaded and stacked tires in proper locations to facilitate easy retrieval for use on customer vehicles.
  • Noted irregular tire wear and advised customer of repair or replacement options to promote vehicle safety.
  • Worked with [type] customers to understand needs and provide excellent service.
  • Actively listened to customers' requests, confirming full understanding before addressing concerns.
05/2016 to 01/2018 HVAC Installer Macy's | Baltimore, MD,
  • Maintained environmental conditions by rebuilding and replacing faulty components.
  • Increased longevity of HVAC systems by performing preventive maintenance.
  • Assembled auxiliary components to heating or cooling equipment, including air ducts, pipes, discharge valves and flues.
  • Located and marked pipe positions, hole passages and duct connections in walls and floors through [Action] and [Action].
  • Utilized pressure gauges and soap-and-water solutions to test pipe and tubing joints for leaks.
  • Installed bypass dampers, low voltage wiring, smoke detectors, split systems and package units in over [Number] commercial or residential buildings per [Timeframe].
  • Removed old equipment from customers' homes and cleaned up areas to prepare for new installations.
  • Operated portable metal-working tools or [Type] welding equipment to fabricate, assemble and install ductwork and chassis parts.
  • Discussed heating and cooling system malfunctions with customers to isolate problems and verify corrected malfunctions.
  • Installed components such as [Type] and [Type] to improve HVAC system performance.
  • Worked on both home and business units for maintenance, repairs and new installations.
  • Kept selection of supplies on hand to handle common requirements efficiently.
  • Repaired or replaced defective equipment, components or wiring.
  • Discussed heating or cooling system malfunctions with users to isolate problems, verify repairs or correct malfunctions.
  • Removed malfunctioning parts and replaced with new components or refurbished pieces to return full functionality.
  • Installed [Type], [Type] and [Type] units as part of new constructions and renovations.
  • Installed supporting components such as fuel lines and wiring to complete systems.
  • Connected heating or air conditioning equipment to water, fuel or refrigerant sources to form complete circuits.
  • Joined pipes or tubing to refrigerant and water sources to form complete circuit.
  • Maintained and repaired industrial chillers weighing up to [Number] tons.
  • Repaired and replaced heating and air conditioning systems for commercial customers in [Type] industry.
  • Consulted with project management during group installations.
  • Read blueprints, wiring diagrams, piping schemes and engineering specifications to diagnose and repair units.
  • Surveyed building layout and gathered materials before beginning repairs.
  • Reviewed work of external and internal contractors to guarantee consistency with quality and safety standards.
  • Maintained comfortable environmental temperatures in city facilities.
05/2014 to 05/2016 Stocking Associate Foodlion | City, STATE,
  • Maintained clean and organized stockroom by sweeping, mopping and removing empty boxes.
  • Orchestrated re-organization of stockroom merchandise to promote successful inventory and cycle counts.
  • Evaluated supplies and product inventory to check for quality and quantity issues and returned unacceptable materials to vendors.
  • Operated manual and electric pallet jacks, safely relocating heavy merchandise on sales floor for timely stocking.
  • Answered queries and concerns and assisted customers with product selections.
  • Examined and inspected stock items for defects and reported damages to supervisor.
  • Used [Software] to maintain and update records of inventory, prices, shipments and shortages.
  • Completed floor replenishment to guarantee customer satisfaction and size availability.
  • Set up advertising displays and arranged merchandise on counters and tables to promote sales, boosting sales [Number]%.
  • Helped customers locate desired items and transfer oversized items to vehicles.
  • Blocked and faced products on displays and shelves in accordance with company policy.
  • Used hand-held devices and computers to record and monitor inventory levels and completed audits to uncover and address inaccuracies.
  • Maintained effective team member communication.
  • Answered customer questions and provided detailed product information.
  • Assisted in development of trainees, providing instruction and support to optimize readiness.
  • Changed sales floor signs to show current pricing and support product promotions.
  • Consistently lifted materials weighing as much as [Number] pounds.
  • Maintained inventory and ordered new supplies to meet expected needs.
  • Maintained fitness in order to move merchandise efficiently and safely.
  • Unloaded daily delivery trucks using equipment such as [Type] and [Type] to quickly remove and stage products.
  • Alternated goods in inventory by observing first-in and first-out approach to keep shelves organized and properly stocked.
  • Assisted maintenance team with organizing and cleaning warehouse, stockroom and store near shift close.
  • Placed products in correct storage locations to keep stock areas organized and inventory counts accurate.
  • Created balanced pallets to support efficient and safe sales floor replenishment.
  • Performed inventory control, such as counting and stocking merchandise.
  • Placed special customer orders for custom or special order merchandise.
  • Rotated stock correctly to prevent out-of-date products and removed aging items from main shelving to build special promotional displays.
  • Volunteered to assist [Job title] with [Type] projects, demonstrating willingness to learn new tasks and increase skill levels.
  • Removed all debris and packaging from boxes and separated for recycling or disposal.
  • Collaborated with backroom and receiving team, working night shifts to support inventory fulfillment goals.
  • Applied proper safety procedures in warehouse, stockroom and store and immediately informed management of safety concerns.
  • Greeted customers and directed to requested products.
  • Acknowledged safety issues and contacted shift supervisor regarding concerns and for quick resolution.
  • Organized warehouse and stockroom areas using forklift and pallet jacks.
  • Checked and pulled defective or expired products from shelves.
  • Assisted customers with large and heavy loads by transporting packages to customers' vehicles.
  • Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
  • Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions.
Expected in 2016 High School Diploma | Person High School, Roxboro, NC, GPA:

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