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The growing popularity of volleyball in the United States has opened up volleyball coaching employment opportunities in the industry. According to the Northern California Volleyball Association, an estimated 46 million people play volleyball either recreationally or competitively in America. With more schools and colleges joining volleyball teams, it has become a very popular sport in the US. Our volleyball coach resume example is written by certified resume writers who are well-versed in crafting a strong resume. Study it to build your own impactful resume.


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What is a Volleyball Coach?

A volleyball coach is a certified sports athlete, focused solely on players’ growth and understanding of the game. They are responsible for honing the players’ strengths and improving their game tactics. A volleyball coach develops customized routines to educate and enhance the fitness and mental capabilities of players. They may work at schools and university levels, high profile sports clubs or train state and national-level players.

While they train players to become the best, a good volleyball coach possesses a motivating and competitive attitude. They use their extensive knowledge of the game, nutrition, and physical fitness to push players in an innovative and demanding way. A professional volleyball coach can help players reach their true potential.

What Makes This a Great
Volleyball Coach Resume Example?

A strong resume can be an important factor in landing your first interview. Our certified team of writers are well equipped in understanding what recruiters seek in a candidate. These professionals use highly structured and proficient language that makes your profile appealing. Here is why our volleyball coach resume examples compel hiring managers to choose you:

  • Job-specific content: Our volleyball coach resume example is written by certified resume writers who use sport-specific language to show you how to write a powerful document. Study our volleyball resume example as you write your own resume, or use our Resume Builder which will offer pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the right resume format: The resume format you choose should be based on your level of experience. In the resume example above, the applicant utilizes a combination format, which allows her to highlight both her career progression as a volleyball coach and her skill set. Highly-experienced job seekers should consider a chronological format, while entry-level applicants should consider a functional resume format.
  • Selecting a suitable template: Volleyball coaches work with a variety of clients in varied settings. Consider the employer you seek to work for when selecting your resume template. For example, a role as a volleyball coach at a private school might call for a conservative resume design, while a more colorful design might work for a role as a camp volleyball instructor. Our builder offers a library of resume templates to suit every type of employer.

3 Volleyball Coach Professional Summary Examples

Your resume summary can be the deciding factor in getting an interview. Our resume summary examples are written by professional resume writers who know how to attract a recruiter’s attention. Here are three examples of strong volleyball coach summary examples to consider for your resume:

  1. Accomplished and motivated professional with 5 years of experience as an assistant volleyball coach. Driven towards enhancing players’ core strength and abilities. Extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, ability to work with younger as well as elder individuals.
  2. Seasoned volleyball coach skilled at building versatile high school teams for the last 15 years. Highly skilled in all aspects of volleyball instructing and training techniques. Adept at being open and communicative to help players push through challenges.
  3. Committed and hard-working volleyball professional with an eye for raw talent. Responsible for recruiting 10 college athletes in 2018-19 and led the team to a winning season. Focused on improving players’ form, technique, and stamina while pushing them to achieve their true potential.

3 Volleyball Coach Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section should give recruiters a clear picture of your expertise and knowledge. It must be comprehensive and include your career highlights using data and metrics to show the impact your work has had. Our volleyball coach resume example shows you what a strong work experience section looks like.  Study it as you write your own or use our builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for this critical section. Here are three examples:

  1. Implemented a new team fitness regimen in 2016, which has improved players’ strength season after season.
  2. Assisted six injured players through physical setbacks by designing customized fitness programs to allow them to remain strong and resume play when healed.
  3. Worked closely with players ages 9-12 to educate them about the principles and competencies of the game.

Top Skills for Your Volleyball Coach Resume

To craft a robust volleyball coach resume, you must include the right mix of skills on your resume. Our volleyball coach resume example will provide you with a variety of hard and soft skills that are essential to this position. Use it as inspiration, or choose from this list when writing your volleyball resume coach resume:

Hard Skills

  • Coaching Accreditation Program Level 3 
  • CPR certified
  • Program Management skills
  • Exercise nutrition and physical fitness

Soft Skills

  • Enthusiastic and communicative
  • Patient and first aid skills
  • Complete knowledge of volleyball
  • Adaptable and intuiting

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Volleyball Coach FAQs

How to be a good volleyball coach?

Being a volleyball coach requires knowledge of the sport and a dedication to teaching. Apart from the required technical and tactical skills, a good volleyball coach must be a good mentor as well as a good friend. Having the personality traits required to maintain a strong relationship with the team helps in understanding each other better and improves the overall atmosphere in the locker room.

What are the traits of a successful volleyball coach?

Other than the required skill and knowledge of volleyball, the coach must be patient and tolerant. Coaches should give each player the time to develop themselves. They need to be realistic while setting goals and should be tough on players who under perform consistently. A successful coach should be flexible in one’s approach and should be sensitive to the emotional needs of the player and team.