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Sushi is a signature component of Japanese cuisine. To create it requires not only culinary skills but also artistry. There are culinary schools that specialize in teaching to prepare sushi, but the best way to become an expert is to learn from a respected and experienced sushi chef.

Study our sushi chef resume example, crafted by a certified resume writer who knows what recruiters seek in top candidates, to learn how to write a resume that leaves a positive impression on recruiters.


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What is a Sushi Chef?

Sushi chefs use sushi-rolling techniques to prepare sushi dishes based on a set of food health and safety guidelines set by the restaurant or employer they work for. They usually work in restaurants, grocery stores, cafes and hotels. They chop, slice and fillet different kinds of fish while also preparing traditional Japanese sushi rice. Beautiful plating and presentation techniques are also skills sushi chefs should develop.

Sushi chefs also are responsible for storing food, training junior chefs, creating and updating menus and designing the sushi recipes. As of 2019, there were 148,700 professionals employed as chefs and head cooks, including sushi chefs.

What Makes This a Great
Sushi Chef Resume Example?

Our sushi chef resume example was written by a certified resume writer to show you all the elements of a strong resume. Here’s are three ways studying our example can help you in write your own resume:

  • Professionally-written content: Restaurant owners and entrepreneurs expect a high degree of creativity and professionalism from sushi chefs. Our sushi chef resume example shows you how to write a resume that uses industry-specific keywords and phrases and strong language. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Selecting the right format: Your work history, skills and qualifications are important factors when it comes to selecting the correct resume format. However, deciding which to emphasize will determine the resume format you choose. The example above uses the combination format, which is perfect for a mid-career professional who wants to show off both skills and relevant work experience.
  • Resume template selection: Sushi chefs work in a creative field and therefore can use a colorful resume template. Our Resume Builder offers several resume templates to choose a design that suits you the best. Visit our library of designs for more conservative resume templates.

3 Sushi Chef Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary for a sushi chef needs to outline the right mix of technical skills and creative instincts. Our sushi chef resume example shows you what a strong yet concise professional summary looks like. Study it to learn to write your own.

Below are three additional examples to consider for your sushi chef resume:

  1. Disciplined sushi chef with seven years of experience creating a variety of sushi specialties. Experienced in collaborating with a team and also working as a sushi bar head. Specialized in prepping madai, maguro and salmon. Experienced in training entry-level chefs in sushi culinary, menu preparation and plating.
  2. Motivated sushi chef experienced in maintaining health, safety and sanitation standards as per statutory requirements. Adept at providing authentic Japanese experience through artful sushi preparations. Track record of precise ordering to maintain effective cost control to maximize profits.
  3. Detail-oriented sushi chef with five years of experience working in three of the top sushi bars in Hawaii. Expert sushi-making skills, menu creation and scheduling staff. Proficient in using state of the art software for inventory control, projecting food costs and menu planning.

3 Sushi Chef Work Experience Examples

Your work experience plays a vital role in showing potential employers the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success. Study our sushi chef resume example to learn how to weave quantifiable skills and achievements into descriptions of your past duties.

Here are three additional examples to consider for your sushi chef resume:

  1. Developed three signature dishes for the restaurant’s regular menu and create daily specials using the freshest seasonal ingredients.
  2. Successfully trained a team of four junior chefs in cooking procedures and plating.
  3. Created a menu of 14 hard to find Japanese beers and sakis to complement the restaurant’s offerings.

Top Skills for Your Sushi Chef Resume

Sushi chefs must have a unique mix of hard and soft skills to be successful. Study our sushi chef resume example to learn how to strike this balance, or use use this list of sought after skills for your resume’s skills section:

Hard Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of fish handling
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Fluent in spoken Japanese
  • Menu development and presentation

Soft Skills

  • Friendly attitude
  • Leadership skills
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Team player

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Sushi Chef FAQs

What should I include as accomplishments in my sushi chef resume?

Mention any commendations or awards that you have received. Focus on providing details that demonstrate your expertise in any aspects of sushi preparation. For instance, “Created a special sushi menu using only local and seasonal ingredients for visiting foreign dignitaries.” Do not mention your daily duties; mention only those aspects that had a lasting impact for your organization.

How to become a successful sushi chef?

The best way to become a successful sushi chef is to learn on the job, starting from the bottom. Some entry-level workers start by learning to prepare perfect sushi rice, the technique for which is unique to each kitchen. Climbing up the ladder, next you would be required to slice fish and cut other ingredients. Once you are found to be well-versed in these aspects, you will then be provided with your own sushi knives that are known as “Hocho” in Japanese.

What are the educational requirements for sushi chefs?

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in culinary arts is a good beginning. There are also sushi academies in the United States, where one can undergo formal training. These degrees and certifications do help; however, the key for budding sushi chefs is to undergo on-the-job training under a master chef for some years.