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A radio host presents on-air news, music, sports or weather updates for a radio station. The job may also require you to conduct on-air interviews with guests or be a moderator for an on-air panel discussion. Despite the internet boom, radio remains a favourite source of entertainment for many Americans.

In addition to live, on-air reporting, a radio host may also be hired to narrate podcasts, which have gained prominence in recent years. The state of California has the highest employment level for broadcast announcers and radio disc jockeys.


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What is a Radio Host?

A radio host presents news, sports and entertainment updates or airs music on the radio station. The primary responsibilities are to stay informed on current affairs and social issues, research new topics, write scripts for the show, understand the audience, and keep them engaged by encouraging them to provide their thoughts and feedback.

Radio hosts may also need to host live or recorded interviews. The job requires you to have an excellent voice, an outgoing personality, improvisational skills and quick thinking in case of emergencies or faulty equipment. The median salary for broadcast announcers and radio disc jockeys in 2019 was $61,987.

What Makes This a Great
Radio Host Resume Example?

Our radio host resume example demonstrates how to feature your skills, qualifications and achievements on your resume to secure the job you want. Study the example, written by a certified resume writer who knows what it takes to be successful in this role. Here are a few advantages of using our resume examples:

  • Professionally written content: Recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan submitted resumes for job-specific keywords and identify top candidates. Our radio host resume example includes relevant keywords such as “music selection,” “interviewing guest” and “breaking news coverage” that will catch a recruiter’s attention. For more help, use our Resume Builder which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Resume format selection: Selecting the resume format that is right for your level of experience is critical to creating an impressive resume. Our radio host resume example, above, uses a combination format, which is ideal for job seekers with both solid work experience and an impressive skill set. In this format, the skills and experience accumulated so far, are given equal emphasis. Entry-level job seekers or those with extensive work experience should choose a different format.
  • Appropriate resume template: Choose a resume design that reflects the work environment of the role you seek. Our radio host resume example above uses a hint of color yet projects a professional image. However, for roles with conservative employers, choose a more traditional resume template.

3 Radio Host Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary for a radio host needs to express the right mix of technical skills and creative instincts. Our radio host resume example shows you what a strong yet concise professional summary should contain for this role.

Here are three additional examples to consider:

  1. A vibrant personality with over five years of experience in live broadcasting. Rich experience in conceptualizing shows and writing scripts, monitoring commercial and transmitter logs, and proactively running contests and promotions. Scripted and hosted “The Late Night Show” that increased the listenership to one million people in six months.
  2. An award-winning radio host with over nine years of cumulative experience in the top two radio stations of California. Extensive knowledge in broadcasting, production control, handling the social media and managing advertising accounts. Radio host for the top-rated ‘Morning Show’ on Prime Radio and won the Marconi Radio Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year Award.
  3. A creative and self-driven professional with two years of experience in live broadcasting. Conceptualized, researched and wrote news scripts and entertainment updates. Hosted a popular show at the local radio station and interviewed over 50 guests on-air during the tenure. A talented writer and avid photographer with a personal blog that has 15,000 monthly visitors.

3 Radio Host Work Experience Examples

The work experience section should be more than just a list of work responsibilities. It should highlight your professional achievements to demonstrate the value you’d add to a future employer. Our Resume Builder will make pre-written content suggestions for this critical section, or study these additional examples to write your own:

  1. Prepared and hosted a live radio show that increased listenership by 5% month-over-month
  2. Communicated with 50 callers for a weekly music request show
  3. Wrote and delivered 100 on-air commercials and promotions

Top Skills for Your Radio Host Resume

Many radio stations use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to identify job seekers that have the right mix of skills and experience. Our radio host resume examples use the hard and soft skills hiring managers seek out in top candidates. Use them as a resource to write a solid skills section on your resume.

Here are some hard and soft skills to consider for your radio host resume:

Hard Skills

  • Voice and tone modulation
  • Adept with audio equipment
  • Knowledge of current affairs and social issues
  • In-depth research and excellent interviewing skills

Soft Skills

  • Empathic
  • Quick thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong communication skills

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Radio Host FAQs

How do I write work experience for a radio host job?

List your work experience in reverse-chronological order starting with the current job responsibilities. Also, group your tasks rather than mentioning a laundry list of duties. Back your experience with data and performance metrics. For example, “Produced and hosted the number one radio chat show in the state” or “Wrote and edited 20 scripts per week.”

What educational qualifications are required for a radio host?

A radio host usually requires a minimum of a high school diploma. Some employers also look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Mass Communications or English. Many universities provide training in radio broadcasting and may also offer opportunities to students to intern at the college radio station. On-the-job experience through internships at radio stations will help you understand voice modulation, knowledge on broadcasting software and hardware, and a keen sense of listener engagement.

How is the work environment for a radio host?

Some radio hosts work in studios, while others may broadcast their shows for their homes. A radio host may have to work odd hours, depending on the time their show airs. Depending on the live show timing, the radio host may have to work early mornings or late nights.