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With 62% of U.S. homeowners carrying a mortgage, mortgage underwriters have always played a significant role in the loan industry. Today, the demand for mortgage underwriters is surging and the mortgage industry is actively hiring candidates with relevant experience and skill sets to meet that demand.

Our mortgage underwriter resume example was crafted by a certified resume writer to show you all of the characteristics of a strong resume. Study it to learn how to craft your own.


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What is a Mortgage Underwriter ?

A mortgage loan underwriter is a financial professional who evaluates your application, assesses the risk, and determines if a borrower is eligible for getting a mortgage loan. They are detail-oriented individuals responsible for reviewing finances, credit history, assets and tax returns of the borrower to eliminate any risk factors. A mortgage loan underwriter can approve or deny an application based on his review.

A mortgage loan officer typically requires a bachelor’s degree or major in business administration, banking, finance or related subjects. Additionally, they must possess relevant job training to become certified. The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters also offers certification courses to professionals who wish to gain higher employment positions.

What Makes This a Great
Mortgage Underwriter Resume Example?

A well-written resume helps recruiters shortlist you from a pool of resumes. It must mention industry-specific experiences and skills to catch a recruiter’s interest. Our mortgage underwriter resume examples are written by certified resume writers thorough in their research and knowledge. Here’s how our resume examples will assist you in writing an impressive resume:

  • Professionally written content: Applicants for mortgage underwriter must emphasize job-specific skills and experience to make a strong impression on recruiters. Our resume example, above, was crafted by a certified resume writer who understands the requirements of the role and knows how to articulate them. Study the example or use our Resume Builder, which will offer pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the right resume format: Choose the resume format that will best emphasize your level of professional experience. The mortgage underwriter example above uses a chronological format to emphasize the job seeker’s lengthy work experience. Entry-level or mid-career professionals should consider a functional or combination resume format, respectively.
  • Industry-appropriate templates: Choose a resume template that reflects the industry in which you are applying. Since the banking industry is conservative, a simple design, like the example above, is more appropriate than a whimsical design. For other options, peruse our extensive selection of resume templates.

3 Mortgage Underwriter Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should be a snapshot of your most impressive skills and experience. LiveCareer’s mortgage underwriter resume example was written by a certified resume writer who is experienced in crafting compelling summaries. Here are three additional examples to consider:

  1. Experienced mortgage underwriter with 12 years of expertise. Reputation for accurately reviewing and processing loans. Strong customer service and communication skills and a laser-focus on maintaining continued growth and profit.
  2. Professional finance official with five years of experience as a senior mortgage underwriter. Diligently guide business development managers while reviewing annual goals with supervisors. Manage to expedite loan closings and develop a direct relationship to provide tailored advice.
  3. Accomplished mortgage underwriter dedicated to making appropriate and fair loan lending decisions. Expert data analysis skills. Strong written and verbal skills allow for effective communication which results in a satisfying customer service experience.

3 Mortgage Underwriter Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section should showcase your professional achievements through the use of data and metrics. Study the example above to learn how to use numbers to show the impact your work has had on past employers. Here are three addition examples to consider for your mortgage underwriter work experience section:

  1. Boosted growth for commercial accounts by 30% while clearing a loss ratio of 26% as a business mortgage underwriter.
  2. Developed monthly training for 40 junior mortgage underwriters to improve risk assessment and underwriting efficiency.
  3. Authorized, reviewed, and analyzed risk factors of over 50 clients to determine loan eligibility and minimize risk or loss to the organization.

Top Skills for Your Mortgage Underwriter Resume

Our mortgage underwriter resume example shows you how to achieve a solid mix of hard and soft skills on your resume  Here are some additional examples to consider:

Hard Skills

  • Certified mortgage underwriter
  • Risk management analysis
  • Data analysis skills
  • Proficiency in automated underwriting software

Soft Skills

  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Accurate data entry

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Mortgage Underwriter FAQs

What are the promotional positions for mortgage underwriters?

With adequate experience, a mortgage underwriter can be promoted to senior underwriter or underwriting manager position. They can subsequently opt for a role as a mortgage loan processor or consumer loan underwriter.

What skills do you need to become a mortgage underwriter?

A mortgage underwriter must possess the ability to review, assess, and make proper judgment decisions. This requires proficiency with the Lending Regulatory Compliance, underwriting and rating software, and excellent mathematical skills. A mortgage underwriter must be analytical, reliable and thorough in his work.

Is mortgage underwriting a good-paying job?

A mortgage underwriter earns anything between a median annual wage of $63,270 to $132,680. With relevant experience and positive recommendations, they can be promoted to higher positions in any bank or financial organization.