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Landscape architects are highly educated professionals who plan and design outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, urban centers and playgrounds. Their work concentrates on planning outdoor spaces and  adds to the well-being of society by designing spaces that are both beautiful and functional. In this competitive field, a stand-out resume is critical to landing the job you want. Our team of certified resume writers have drafted a landscape architect resume example to show you how to write a resume that focuses on your strengths and qualifications.


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What is a Landscape Architect ?

Landscape architects design structures in outdoor spaces incorporating nature and natural elements like grass, water, soil, flora and fauna. They plan layouts for outdoor gardens, parks, building surroundings, universities, sidewalks, amphitheaters, resorts, private estates and other outdoor areas.

They must develop a deep understanding of their clients’ requirements and use their creativity, knowledge of history, and understanding of nature in order to design these spaces. They play a valuable role in urban planning and decide areas of construction and free spaces’ allotment to create a vibrant neighborhood. Landscape architects require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a license to practice.

What Makes This a Great
Landscape Architect Resume Example?

Whether you are seeking your first job as a landscape architect or have years of experience, you need a resume that is going to get the attention of hiring managers. Using our landscape architect resume example is a great step towards achieving your goal.

Here are three ways our landscape architecture resume example can help you craft a resume that will enhance your job search:

Here are some ways in which our examples give your resume the edge over others:

  • Offers professionally written content: Our landscape architect resume example is designed to show you what a strong landscape architect resume looks like. To accomplish that, our certified resume writers create documents that contain sought-after skills and experience and job-specific keywords. Study them as you write you own, or use our Resume Builder, which will offer pre-written content suggestions to help you complete every section of your resume. 
  • Helps you choose the right resume format: Choosing the right resume format is critical to showcasing your experience and career growth. The resume example above uses a chronological resume format, which showcases the applicant’s impressive work history. Less experienced candidates should consider a functional or combination format. 
  • Shows appropriate resume designs: Choosing a resume template that is appropriate for the role you seek is simple when you use our builder, which offers an array of designs. Landscape architecture is considered a creative field, which makes a colorful resume template like the example above appropriate. For roles in more conservative industries, such as large hotel chains, job seekers might choose a more traditional resume template.

3 Landscape Architect Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the essence of a resume, as it’s usually the first part that recruiters read. A compelling summary is a good way to get your name on the recruiter’s shortlist of candidates. Use our landscape architect resume example as a guide to draft it, or use our builder, which will suggest pre-written content for this critical section.

Here are three examples our builder might recommend for your landscape architect resume:

  1. Accomplished landscape architect with 12 years of experience working with public institutions involved in urban planning. Experience in designing modern urban parks. Certified in building schematic maps and trained for using GIS software and CAD. Strong communication, collaboration and project management skills.
  2. Licensed landscape architect with eight years of experience in designing private estates. Strong knowledge of the latest landscaping trends, landscaping materials, green architecture and development laws. Proven track record of leading teams of up to 12 members achieve success through effective communication and strong management skills.
  3. Award-winning landscape architect with eight years of experience in designing 11 vibrant public parks in a variety of demographics. Strong land surveying and mapping skills with knowledge of environmental laws, budgeting, and cost estimation. Effective team leader with strong organizational and interpersonal skills and experience managing small teams.

3 Landscape Architect Work Experience Examples

The work experience section is a crucial aspect of your resume and must highlight the notable achievements of your professional career. Our landscape architect resume example can teach you how to succinctly write work experience entries that will get you noticed. Or, use our Resume Builder, which will offer pre-written, customizable content to add to your resume.

Here are some work experience section examples that our builder might recommend for you:

  1. Specialize in the successful restoration of land parcels degraded by strip mining, including three sites in 2019.
  2. Designed layout for a 5,500-acre coastline beautification project.
  3. Sustainably planned a 400-acres public park with play areas, concession stands and seven-miles of walking tracks.

Top Skills for Your Landscape Architect Resume

The skills section displays your strengths to the recruiters. It is essential to have the right mix of  hard and soft skills to land the job you want. Our Resume Builder will recommend the  skills that are most sought by recruiters, or choose from this list of hard and soft skills for your landscape architect resume:

Hard Skills

  • Eco-friendly designing
  • GPS and GIS software
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking

Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Excellent communication
  • Team management
  • History and sociology

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Landscape Architect FAQs

Do landscape architects need a certification?

Certification is not mandatory for landscape architects. They can opt for certification from the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) to gain a competitive advantage and enhance their career prospects. This certification is widely respected in the industry and gives you credibility for dealing with high-profile clientele. However, licensure is compulsory for all landscape architects.

What is the difference between a landscape architect and an architect?

Landscape architects and architects pursue different degrees altogether. Architects have a B. Arch (Bachelor’s in architecture degree, whereas landscape architects have a BLA bachelor of landscape architecture or a BSLA bachelor of science in landscape architecture degree. Landscape architects concentrate on public spaces like parks and gardens, whereas architects design buildings and structures.

Where can landscape architects work?

Landscape architects work across public and private institutions. They can work in federal and state government departments involved in urban planning. The majority of landscape architects work in architectural or engineering services firms. Another career path for landscape architects is to spread their knowledge by teaching landscape architecture in universities.