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An illustrator uses creativity and design to communicate through drawings, pictures and images, and work across industries. In advertising, illustrators create posters, storyboards, print ads and other materials, while illustrators in marketing might create brochures, catalogs and flyers. From fashion to merchandising, an illustrator works to inform, convince and entertain. Illustrators might also specialize in rendering images for medical and scientific use, which requires specific training.


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What is a Illustrator ?

An illustrator is an artist who gives a visual representation to make text more engaging to viewers. This includes books, newspaper and magazine articles, corporate publications, magazines or websites. They create two-dimensional images for books, manuals, advertising, fashion and more. Each illustrator has a specific area of expertise and qualification, depending on their skills and aptitude for the industry. For example, medical illustrators may specialize in rendering medical drawings and diagrams, which could require premedical courses or a master’s degree in anatomy.

What Makes This a Great
Illustrator Resume Example?

To obtain a fulfilling job as an illustrator in any industry, you need to build a strong resume highlighting your valuable skill sets. Our illustrator resume examples will demonstrate how to highlight your skills and qualifications to help your resume stand out. Here’s how our resume example can help you:

  • Professionally-written text: Our team of certified resume writers craft each resume example using the most up-to-date industry keywords to show you how to write a standout resume. By using industry-specific writing suggestions like “texture painting,” “visual communication expertise,” “Patchwork Alphabet” our resume example shows you what employers seek. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Effective formats: When applying for work, it’s critical to select a resume format that best showcases your skills and qualifications. The resume example above uses a combination resume, which is perfect for a mid-career job seeker who wants to emphasize both their strong skill set and an impressive work history. Entry- and executive-level applicants should consider a functional or chronological format, respectively.
  • Appropriate templates for the industry: Illustrators are creative, which means that it’s usually appropriate to choose a resume design that highlights their strong visual style through bold design choices. However, if you wish to work in a conservative industry, a more traditional resume template would be appropriate. Our Resume Builder features a library of resume designs for every job seeker.


3 Illustrator Professional Summary Examples

Our illustrator resume example will help you write a professional summary that highlights both your skills and accomplishments. Here are three professional summaries to consider for your illustrator resume:

  1. Detail-oriented illustrator with eight years of experience in advertising. Skilled in delivering visually-appealing content to clients and for the in-house team. Creative mind with a strong background in print and production with the ability to collaborate with other artists to share ideas and meet deadlines.
  2. Effective medical illustrator with a B.S. in anatomy and seven years of experience with pharmaceutical companies. Designed various labels for packaging with constant briefing schedules and follow-ups.
  3. Motivated illustrator with six years of experience working at well-known fashion magazines, including Women’s Wear Daily and Elle. Exceptional skills creating images using Adobe Illustrator. Expertise in all aspects of Photoshop, Digital Flats, ePortfolio and CAD.

3 Illustrator Work Experience Examples

An illustrator must demonstrate their past achievements and expertise that added value to the projects undertaken by previous employers. Here are three examples that illustrators can study or customize to match their own quantifiable achievements:

  1. Illustrated 15 educational posters for distribution in schools throughout Washington state for the American Cancer Society’s youth anti-smoking campaign.
  2. Brainstormed new ideas and collaboratively worked with other artists to create engaging content for 16 Oxford University Press textbooks.
  3. Created hundreds of sketches for JCrew’s Fall 2016 ready-to-wear line.

Top Skills for Your Illustrator Resume

An illustrator’s skills are unique, and to get noticed, you will have to use specific keywords relevant to this profile. One has to analyze the job description thoroughly to understand the key skills that recruiters seek and add those skills in your resume appropriately.

Hard Skills

  • Corporate identity branding 
  • Video game product development
  • Photoshop
  • Composition

Soft Skills

  • Creativity 
  • Time-management
  • Collaboration
  • Multitasking

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Illustrator FAQs

What are the duties of an illustrator?

An illustrator has to visualize and create concepts as per industry standards and client’s needs. They are required to possess technical skills like orthographic, isometric and schematic techniques. They need to follow-up and collaborate with authors, designers and editors for approval and identify when issues need to be escalated.

Does an illustrator require any kind of training?

Illustration training teaches character creation and design, sequential illustration, figure and observation art, and various other concepts. Some training programs include:

  • Digital illustration
  • Figure drawing and anatomy
  • Illustration in children’s books

What are the educational qualifications of an illustrator?

There is no fixed route to become an illustrator. An illustrator can have a degree in illustration or any other art-related subject. Specializing in specific subjects like fashion, printmaking and visual art may increase their chances to find a job easily. Relevant degree subjects include graphic design, fine art and illustration.