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Floral designers are artists who use flowers and plants to design events, parties, weddings, sets and other events. They use their creativity and knowledge gained through training and experience to create designs that meet customers’ vision and needs, using flowers as the main prop. To make your career as a floral designer blossom, it’s essential to create a strong resume that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Our floral designer resume example shows you how to highlight your skills and expertise to land the job you desire.


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What is a Floral Designer ?

Floral designers create beautiful flower designs and arrangements like bouquets, wreaths, arbors, table designs and more for clients using flowers, plants and other materials. Floral designers work with clients to design arrangements that suit the occasion. They should have deep knowledge about flowers, and be able to use that knowledge to create floral designs that are safe and visually attractive.

In addition to strong communication with clients, floral designers must have the ability to create a strong rapport with wholesale flower suppliers. Customer service skills are also critical for creating and maintaining long-term relationships with hotels, restaurants, event planners and decorators.

What Makes This a Great
Floral Designer Resume Example?

If you are a floral designer, a strong resume is critical to making a name for yourself in this competitive industry. Here’s how our floral designer resume example can help you write your own resume:

  • Examples of strong content: Our floral designer resume example features industry specific text that has been crafted by our team of professional resume writers to show you what a strong floral designer resume looks like. The resume example above uses keywords like “vintage pieces,” “complex installations,” “wedding arches” and “customer inquiries” to highlight her skills and expertise. For more help with creating stellar resume content, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions to help you write every section of your resume.
  • Selection of a resume format: The resume format you choose should be determined by your level of experience. The resume format shown above is a combination format that emphasizes skills, accomplishments and recent work history, which is perfect for a mid-career professional. Highly-experienced professionals might opt for a chronological resume format, while those who are making a career change or are new to the workforce should consider a functional resume format.
  • Appropriate templates for the industry: Selecting the wrong resume template can send a signal that you don’t understand the industry. Since floral design is a creative industry, using a colorful resume template like the example above is appropriate in most cases. However, if you are applying for a role doing flowers for a conservative company, a more subdued resume design might be in order. Our Resume Builder offers a variety of template styles, including modern, traditional and creative designs.

3 Floral Designer Professional Summary Examples

Floral designers must have a professional summary that exhibits their best qualities and most significant achievements. Applicants can gain inspiration from our floral designer resume example with professional summaries that have been written by our team of certified resume writers.

Here are three examples to consider for your floral designer professional summary:

  1. Enthusiastic floral designer skilled at maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers. More than 10 years of experience in designing and creating visually striking floral displays for a variety of special occasions. Executed floral concepts for gift baskets and window displays.
  2. Passionate floral designer with seven years of experience crafting stunning lobby arrangements for 10 of Manhattan’s top boutique hotels. Proven track record of designing and creating displays using fresh, dry and silk floral arrangements for all seasons. Strong communication and customer service skills.
  3. Creative floral designer with experience working with event managers for five Fortune 500 companies. Proven success in bringing clients’ visions to life on time and under budget. Original floral designs have appeared in several top magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings and GQ.

3 Floral Designer Work Experience Examples

Use our floral designer resume example to see how to craft an eye-catching work experience section. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder for pre-written text suggestions written by our team of professional writers. Here are three examples of strong bullet points our builder might recommend:

  1. Maintained floral stock and ordered supplies necessary for up to 25 events per quarter.
  2. Priced, wrote and submitted 125 bids for events in 2018.
  3. Participated in special training to learn new floral techniques to stay abreast of industry trends.

Top Skills for Your Floral Designer Resume

Floral design requires both technique and strong people skills, which means that incorporating the right mix of hard and soft skills is critical to landing the job you want. Our resume example highlights the most sought-after skills in floral design today and shows you how to incorporate them into your resume. Here are some skills to consider for your floral designer resume:

Hard Skills

  • Organizational
  • Customer service
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Time management

Soft Skills

  • Google Sketchup
  • AutoCAD
  • Proficiency with computers
  • CPR/First-Aid certification

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Floral Designer FAQs

Does a floral designer need to have a specific educational background?

While one may not need a formal education to become a floral designer, there are industry specific certificates that may help. There are certificate and diploma courses offered by private institutes and vocational schools in floral design and caring techniques for flowers. An associate degree or a certificate in Floriculture or Floristry operations and management will also help in broadening your career as a floral designer.

What are the duties of a floral designer?

Floral designers maintain a good relationship with wholesalers and flower suppliers to maintain stock as per their needs. They need to work according to the client’s budget and recommend the right choice in selecting flowers and greenery for each arrangement. They need to understand the client’s needs and do justice to the occasion by presenting a style or design that is suitable.

How to be professionally trained in order to become a floral designer?

For a career as a floral designer, seek out hands-on experience by assisting experienced floral designers to gain knowledge of a variety of techniques. You will also get first-hand experience on how to take proper care of flowers and plants if they have to be stocked for a few hours or days, and what types of flowers can cause allergies to humans and pets.