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Event specialists promote the products and services of a company through custom events and innovative marketing campaigns. These events and campaigns are designed to create a buzz and generate publicity to raise interest in the company’s products and attract customers. Study our event specialist resume example to learn what recruiters look for in top candidates as you craft your own professional resume.


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What Is an Event Specialist?

Event specialists plan, promote and often host events designed to generate interest in the products and services of a company. One of the most effective methods of promotions is organizing campaigns and spreading awareness in public places, such as bars, stores, sporting events and other spots. With easy access to the general public, the event specialist helps a company gain maximum outreach.

They may also organize corporate events, marketing campaigns, and also represent their organization at trade exhibitions, summits and seminars. They interact with potential customers at such events and provide free samples and brochures as a part of the company’s PR strategy.

What Makes This a Great
Event Specialist Resume Example?

Our event specialist resume example was written by a certified resume writer who understands the event planning industry and knows what recruiters look for in top candidates. Here are three ways our event specialist resume example can help you:

  • Provides professionally-written content: Study our event specialist resume example to see how to incorporate industry-specific keywords and phrases, such as “customer interaction,” “managing displays,” and “negotiate contracts” into your resume to make it effectively stand out from the rest. If you need more help, our Resume Builder offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume that can be customized.
  • Proper format selection: Your resume format plays a crucial role in effectively highlighting your skills and experience. Choose the format that best showcases your work experience and qualifications. The event specialist resume example shown above uses a combination format, which highlights the candidate’s skills and experience equally. Entry-level applicants or those with significant experience should consider another format.
  • Appropriate resume template selection: The resume template you choose should match the industry in which you are applying. Since being an event specialist is a blend of creativity and practicality, you can use a template like the example above, which is straightforward with a pop of color, is perfect for the field. You can also visit our resume template library for more options.


3 Event Specialist Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary should capture the recruiter’s attention by putting forth your most impressive credentials. Study our resume examples to learn how to present your work experience, skills and qualifications in an eye-catching manner.

Following are three examples of professional summaries to consider for your event specialist resume:

  1. Self-motivated event specialist with three years of experience in organizing marketing events using interactive augmented reality tools, promotional campaigns and setting up 3D display boards. Track record of improving brand awareness and solidifying prospective leads for 12 high-profile clients.
  2. Event specialist with seven years of hands-on experience doing promotions for a roster of 25 regular clients. Reputation for conducting intense customer-engaging events that drive revenue growth on a year-on-year basis. Strong communication skills with proficiency in using social media tools like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to drive promotional activities.
  3. Outgoing and enthusiastic event specialist with 10+ years of experience in product marketing. Experience in working for Fortune 500 brands and developing key customer relationships through live events and social media. Proficiency using Salesforce, Zoho and MS Office.

3 Event Specialist Work Experience Section Examples

Study our event specialist resume examples to learn how to write your work experience effectively and show the impact your work has had on your clients through the use of data and metrics. Here are three work experience examples you might consider for your resume:

  1. Organized six simultaneous flash mob events across New York involving 3,000+ participants attracted through various social media platforms; event increased client’s online store traffic by 50%.
  2. Used augmented reality tools for generating 3D motion ads in marketing booths at public parks and shopping centers for a new cartoon franchise that drew significant crowds and generated approximately $15,000 worth merchandise sales per month at each booth.
  3. Implemented bulk-advertising deals with print advertisers that reduced advertising budget for clients by at least 15%.


Top Skills for Your Event Specialist Resume

Highlighting the right set of skills on your resume is the key to grabbing a hiring manager’s attention instantly. Following are the list of job-specific hard and soft skills recommendations for your event specialist resume:

Hard Skills

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales coaching
  • Social media expertise
  • Product marketing

Soft Skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Multitasking
  • Scheduling

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Event Specialist FAQs

What are the educational qualifications of an event specialist?

An event specialist must have a bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing or related fields. Additional certification or experience in managing school or college events is an advantage and helps them stand out from the rest.

What kind of problems or challenges can an event specialist face?

An event specialist may encounter several challenges such as vendor-related issues, issues with venue availability, or low event turnout. An event specialist has to be prepared to pivot and problem-solve to resolve unforeseen problems.

What are some benefits of being an event specialist?

An event specialist may be permitted to travel for events. It may also allow for them to interact with celebrities and other high-profile individuals, which can create new connections. This job also allows people to develop new hard and soft skills that will become useful later in their careers.