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A contract manager drafts, evaluates and negotiates contracts with suppliers on behalf of their employer. While forming these agreements with vendors who supply products to sell, provide raw materials needed for production and more, contract managers do their best to keep costs low to strike the best deals possible.

Among the 76,900 purchasing managers employed in 2019, contract managers can be essential to any business that needs to move or manage a large inventory. If you’re looking to fill this critical role yourself, studying our contract manager resume example can help you learn to write the resume that will get you hired.


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What is a Contract Manager?

A contract manager’s primary responsibility is to analyze, prepare and review contracts related to the purchase or sale of products, materials and services by their organization. They act as a liaison between their employer and suppliers, vendors or independent contractors.

A successful contract manager ensures the entire contract management process is streamlined to be efficient and cost-effective, typically following a set of best practices along the rest of a company’s purchasing department. Certified contract managers need a bachelor’s degree in business administration, contract management or law to qualify for their roles.

What Makes This a Great
Contract Manager Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s team of certified resume writers know what recruiters look for in every industry. Each of these expert-crafted resume examples demonstrate how to build an impressive resume so you can fill the specific role you want.

Here’s how our contract manager resume example aids your writing process:

  • Best-in-class content: Our contract manager resume example utilizes recruiter-sought, job-relevant key terms like “financial analysis,” “negotiation compliance” and “procurement expertise” to help you get noticed by hiring managers. Use this example as inspiration for your own resume, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content for more help.
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3 Contract Manager Professional Summary Examples

Hiring managers are most likely to read your professional summary first, so it’s vital that you use it to make a solid first impression. You can easily customize this section with our Resume Builder or simply follow our example as resume-writing inspiration.

Here are a few examples of summaries we might recommend:

  1. Dedicated contract manager with over seven years of experience in inventory management, vendor relations and contract negotiation. Developed key partnerships with numerous vendors and acted as liaison for many successful ventures. Proactively created contract templates and processes for leading retail chain and trained 50 employees to follow purchasing best practices.
  2. Contract manager with an extensive background in vendor negotiation and project management. Ten years of experience managing teams, drafting proposals, planning procurement, and terminating contracts. Awarded “Top Performer of the Year” for three consecutive years.
  3. Goal-oriented professional and team player with five years of experience in contract management. Key skills include budget supervision, drafting cost-effective contracts and managing supplier contracts within budgets over $150 million. Negotiated contracts to increase average annual cost savings by $5 million.

3 Contract Manager Work Experience Examples

Back your achievements with quantifiable data to prove that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Use our pre-written content from our Resume Builder to match your work experience or study our examples to write your own:

  1. Negotiated and supervised over 200 subcontractor partnerships
  2. Executed 100 contracts yearly and renewed 150 contracts for an extended period of 10  years
  3. Managed international vendor contracts with a yearly spend of up to $200 million.

Top Skills for Your Contract Manager Resume

Our Resume Builder recommends the sought-after skills recruiters look for. Use these, along with our contract manager resume example, to add industry-relevant keywords to your resume and help you make a strong first impression on hiring managers.

Here’s a list of hard and soft skills our builder could recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Bid coordination
  • Vendor performance measurement

Soft Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Risk management

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Contract Manager FAQs

What educational qualifications are required to become a contract manager?

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, business law or contract management is typically required to become a contract manager. You can also study further for a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). For another added edge when applying, you can also become certified as a Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM), Certified Federal Contracts Managers (CFCM) or Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) by the National Contract Management Association.

What are a contract manager’s duties?

A contract manager’s key role is to analyze, negotiate, review and prepare contracts for buying or selling products and services. The job requires ensuring seamless communication between all stakeholders of the contract, risk management and contract compliance with corporate guidelines. A contract manager also needs to stay up-to-date with contract trends and analyze the impacts of new laws and regulations on their business.

What is the typical work environment of a contract manager?

A contract manager usually works in office settings, but may be required to travel to vendor sites. These jobs have full-time hours and occasionally may call for extended hours in cases of prolonged contract negotiations. The job may become stressful for some when dealing with stringent contract timelines or handling high-risk contracts.