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Working as an animator is not only a dream job for many people, but it can also be a lucrative career. Multimedia artists and animators earn a median annual wage $27,140 greater than that of other art and design workers. LiveCareer’s animator resume examples can inspire your own resume writing process to help you land your ideal job in the field. Below, you will find examples of top-notch animator resume sections that will help you customize your own and give your job search a boost.


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What is a Animator?

Animators are artists who design two- and three-dimensional graphics to create the illusion of movement in film, television and other media. This may involve drawing frames individually or using computer software to help produce advanced animations in less time. It is common for animators to work in groups, each taking on different sections of a project. This profession is ideal for those with artistic and investigative interests, or creative people who enjoy figuring out problems.

What Makes This a Great
Animator Resume Example?

Finding a professionally fulfilling  job as an animator becomes easier when you have a strong and engaging resume. LiveCareer makes writing a great resume simple and effortless. Follow our animator resume examples to inspire your own resume-writing process, or simply personalize the content provided by our resume builder. Here are a few ways we’ll help you present sought-after animator capabilities:

  • Pre-written content from experts: Crafting compelling resume sections is easier when you have an example to follow. LiveCareer has professionally written suggestions that you can copy directly or modify to fit your needs. Check out the stellar content in the above example, such as “provided first-rate hand-drawn animation for television and cinematic use.”
  • Demonstrating proper format use: The right resume format places your most interview-worthy qualifications front and center. Our example job seeker selected a combination format. This emphasizes their skills including hand drawing and storytelling while still including a chronological work history. Our resume builder makes it easy to write a resume in chronological, functional and combination formats.
  • Illustrating appropriate template use: Improve your odds of getting an interview with a resume template that suits the position and the organization. In our example, the job seeker selected our “insightful” template. This includes a relatively conventional layout with a bold, red highlight. It provides a good fit for a traditional animation job.

3 Animator Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary of your resume presents an opportunity to highlight your most desirable attributes. Impress hiring managers with previous animation credits, project successes and years of experience. LiveCareer will help you grab the attention of employers with our animator resume examples and resume builder suggestions. Here are three illustrations of how you can use suggested content as the basis of your own professional summary:

  1. Creative and dependable animator with six years of experience in film animation. Capable at hand drawing, computer-aided animation and compositing. Hard-working team member who excels at taking directions and contributing to multi-animator projects.
  2. Enthusiastic animator with a bachelor’s degree in animation and production. Excited to bring classroom knowledge to a professional setting. Portfolio includes 10-minute animated short film created in three months with a team of six. Reliable and creative team player.
  3. Experienced animator who has worked on solo and team projects over the past 10 years. Over 20 film and television credits include working as an animator and assistant animation supervisor. In-depth understanding of both computer animation techniques and the animation production pipeline.

3 Animator Work Experience Examples

Show employers that you bring unique experience and knowledge to the table with your work history. As an animator, you should include details about your specific contributions to projects. Take advantage of LiveCareer’s animator resume examples and builder. You can use our resources as-is or customize them with metrics and other details. Here are a few examples of animator work history bullet points:

  1. Developed and designed character animations for 15-minute action sequence in a feature-length film.
  2. Created background animations and environments for 23 episodes of a 22-minute animated television show.
  3. Coordinated with animation supervisor and six other animators to ensure consistency and quality of work.

Top Skills for Your Animator Resume

Every animator job opening requires certain artistic and interpersonal skills. You can increase your chances of getting interviews by identifying which of these job-relevant skills you possess. LiveCareer will help you do this with our animator resume examples. You can also add your own skills in our resume builder. These are some in-demand hard and soft skills for animators:

Hard Skills

  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Illustration
  • Visual storytelling

Soft Skills

  • Creativity
  • Team collaboration
  • Production communication
  • Multitasking

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Animator FAQs

What is animation in multimedia?

Animation is a method of creating moving graphics by playing multiple images (called frames) in rapid succession. It is commonly used in film, television, video games and other multimedia. Computer software that simplifies the process of creating successive frames often aids the production of animation, which can be either three-dimensional or two-dimensional. An animator may choose between these for stylistic reasons and/or time constraints.

What are animators responsible for?

Animators are artists who are responsible for creating animations in various media. They often work in teams with each animator responsible for a different section of the project. Animators may break the project down by sequences (each working on a different scene) or art type (one working on a character, another on an environment.) They are also often responsible for coordinating their work and figuring out how to produce the best end result.

What are the 5 types of animation?

  • 3D computer animation is often used in feature-length films (such as those made by Pixar) and video games.
  • 2D vector-based animation is a type of animation used in many modern animated television shows.
  • Traditional animation involves drawing individual frames of animation.
  • Motion graphics are simple, moving illustrations used as backgrounds and similar media.
  • Stop motion is animation created by moving physical models or cutouts.