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Special investigators are in charge of seeking out and collecting evidence of wrongdoing, such as theft or fraud. They may be responsible for evaluating records, conducting surveillance, interviewing subjects, researching relevant topics, or monitoring an organization for signs of trouble. A special investigator must also organize evidence, keep careful records, and, in some cases, collaborate with law enforcement organizations in order to ensure justice is done.

Special investigators tend to have at least bachelor’s degrees, as well as some degree of training in their chosen field. Employers often prioritize candidates who come from a law enforcement background or who have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations.

Useful skills for to include in a special investigator job description are communication and organization. A strong sense of initiative is also often important.

Special Investigator Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are you looking for a thrilling career opportunity that has you on the front lines of the action? If so, you could be our next Special Investigator for our company’s fraud department. You could help by identifying instances of fraud, which cost our organization and our customers millions of dollars per year. Through your duties, you would be working toward the good of the industry to help catch dishonest people and stop them in their tracks. A typical day in this line of work may bring a variety of unique challenges and experiences to you, which can give the ideal candidate an exciting and fulfilling career.

Job Responsibilities

  • Participate in surveillance in the field when required to help document and build a case of suspected fraud.
  • Begin investigations into possible fraudulent activity when recommended by analyzing claims, reviewing documents and evaluating financial records.
  • Conduct interviews of people associated with potential fraud cases either as witnesses or suspects by recording statements in order to get as much information as possible.
  • Record all findings, results and data related to investigations in a database and share this information with the appropriate supervisors.
  • Partner with local or federal law enforcement when necessary to get assistance during an investigation into possible fraud cases and when fraud is deemed a criminal manner.
  • Organize evidence and materials for possible use in a court of law and prepare to testify when asked for cases that venture into the criminal or civil judiciary court.
  • Flag and monitor cases that demonstrate some of the common characteristics of potentially fraudulent activity and prepare to take action and pursue an investigation when needed.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in this or other related field
  • At least two years of experience in the insurance industry
  • Excellent ability to communicate in writing and speaking
  • Strong organizational skills and task management
  • Experience in a law enforcement setting
  • Solid understanding of federal, state and local insurance laws and regulations

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