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School administrators are at all education levels, from elementary to postsecondary. Duties vary, but they may determine the number of students to be admitted, review applications, register students for classes, schedule spaces and times for classes, and prepare transcripts. They also establish curricula, set budgets and help with behavior management. Some postsecondary administrators specialize in specific areas.

Your school administrator job description should detail educational and professional requirements. Good candidates are adept with computers and multiple programs, and they are organized problem-solvers. They also are detail-oriented, as they may form academic policies and make staff hires and appointments.

Your job description should list key personality traits as well as professional skills. School administrators should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and they must be able to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships.

School Administrator Job Description Template

Job Summary

Our company is reaching out to all school administrators committed to helping both schools and students reach their full potential. Your leadership skills and dedication to providing students with a solid education are needed to lead our institution to success. If you have ideas for school programs and services designed to enrich the student body and the community, we’d love to help you put them into action by hiring you as our next school administrator. We hope you’ll see this as the perfect opportunity to make a positive change not only in the lives of our students but also possibly around the globe as our students take the lessons learned and wisdom gained from your direction and go out into the world.

Job Responsibilities

  • Review and observe current teaching methods and learning materials as needed for areas of improvement and to ensure they meet the current local, state and federal requirements.
  • Work with teachers and necessary staff to establish and uphold curriculum, school mission statement/culture and performance goals and standards.
  • Meet with parents and work with teachers during scheduled conferences to review school policies, educational activities/events and student performance while offering information on upcoming changes to curriculum, programs and the like.
  • Approve job postings, hire, interview and onboard new teachers and additional staff members as they join the team.
  • Create, review and modify school budget and resources at least once a month. The job also entails looking for supplemental funding opportunities and grants at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Draft, proofread and submit all financial reports according to latest deadlines.
  • Help with the yearly accreditation process, which involves reviewing and sending reports, grants and contracts to state licensing boards.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Master’s degree
  • Current state professional certification in educational leadership
  • At least two years of experience as a school administrator
  • Former teaching experience
  • Knowledge of the most current educational computer software and programs

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