Intensive Care Nurse Cover Letter Examples

Creating a strong cover letter when you apply for a job significantly improves your chances of getting called back for an interview. It is easy to neglect your cover letter when focusing on your resume or CV, but this will only hamper your application. Follow the advice of these do’s and don’ts and use the following intensive care nurse cover letter example to your advantage.

  • Do be as real and natural as you can. Describe who you really are and detail your professional history in a relatable and human way, as this cover letter example does, to show the compassion a nurse needs.
  • Don’t include fluff in your cover letter. Notice that this example does not use generic phrases such as “team player” or “self-motivated.” Employers see right through these meaningless clich├ęs.
  • Do keep your cover letter short. A few brief paragraphs are plenty to catch the attention of hiring managers. If it is too long, they will lose interest.
  • Don’t be afraid of bragging. You do not want to be boastful or disrespectful, but you are essentially describing your best qualities. It is okay to show off a little.

Intensive Care Nurse Advice

The cover letter examples below are intended to help make creating your intensive care nurse cover letter easier. An intensive care nurse has many responsibilities, including caring for patients in intensive care, often those who are critically ill. Our cover letter examples are designed with pre-written text as a guide for creating your own cover letter. Click on any of the examples below to get started today.

Intensive Care Nurse Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Tips for
Intensive Care Nurse

Finding jobs as an Intensive Care Nurse, as well as the rest of the United States, can be a daunting task, but taking the proper actions can make the process significantly easier. Follow these simple tips.

  • Fully utilize your network. Now more than ever, acquiring a job comes down to who you know rather than your skills or experiences. Make sure you are taking advantage of your network.

  • Always follow up. Just because you do not hear anything back initially does not mean you do not have a chance at being hired. Being the one applicant that follows up and calls a few days afterward really sets you apart.

  • Understand that the job search will likely be very long. Stay calm and do not panic if you are not hired right away. Before starting your search, think about how you will pay for necessities while on the job hunt.

  • Know what you are doing. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, you will likely never find a job. Know what field you are pursuing, what skills are necessary, and what is expected of this kind of professional.

  • Seek help. cover letter review services, assessments, and job center consultation can really help streamline the process of looking for a job.

Intensive Care Nurse Cover Letter Template

Intensive Care Nurse Job Seeking Tips

One of the most important aspects of looking for jobs as a Intensive Care Nurse, and the rest of the nation, is a polished cover letter. While you should strive to be unique and stand apart, there are some common rules that every cover letter should follow.

  • Keep things brief. You should be able to fit your entire cover letter on a single page, or two pages if you have an extensive work history. Never go above two pages, and try to condense it to one page if you just barely bleed onto a second page.

  • Eliminate large blocks of text by utilizing bullet points to make your cover letter appealing to read. After you finish writing, try to take a broad look at your cover letter and imagine what an employer will think before they even begin reading.

  • Be as specific as possible. Each position you apply for should have a unique cover letter attached to it that focuses on the specific qualifications and skills necessary.

  • Ensure the formatting is correct. Use strong action verbs and avoid personal pronouns. You should also list your experiences in reverse chronological order.

  • Be accomplishments oriented, instead of job description oriented. Show the reader what unique benefits they can enjoy if they hire you.

Intensive Care Nurse Cover Letter Sample

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