Writing A Merchandiser Retail Representative Recommendation Letter

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Recommendations are often one of the first things that employers want to see, and that’s because they provide a level of insight and information about the applicant that they cannot provide themselves. The best merchandiser retail representative recommendation letters, first and foremost, project authoritatively and communicate convincingly.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Darrell Dukakis for the position of merchandiser retail representative at your company. Darrel worked for me as a representative for over six years, and always excelled at conducting high quality research and implementing successful merchandising and product plans. He had particular foresight for trends and was diligent in gathering information and making the right decision, so he was critical to ensuring the success of my company.

Darrell was tasked with coordinating with vendors and merchandisers to purchase products, conducting market research and demographics, projecting sales, managing budgets, negotiating with suppliers and developing product plans. He was integral to many different processes of the company, ensuring that we got the proper supply of products and that our range and volume were ideal. His close attention to detail, along with his skill, made him indispensable.

Darrell’s primary duty was to make business decisions and coordinate logistics with vendors and suppliers, and he did this with consistent excellence and acumen. Moreover he’s a friendly and sociable man and popular around the office, so I recommend him highly for any position.


Roger Mangold

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