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A caregiver recommendation letter lets employers tell potential employers about the reasons why they should hire a former caregiver. Employees may seek a new job after moving, attending school or for any other number of reasons. A recommendation letter will explain the good traits associated with that individual and what he or she learned and did while on the job.

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Felicity Weeks,

Sam Davis requested that I write a letter of recommendation based on his job performance while working under my supervision. As a member of Easton Home Healthcare, David went above and beyond in regards to his patients. He spent approximately three years working under me and spent time making his patients feel more comfortable and assisting them with their daily needs.

Traveling is an important part of working as a caregiver, and caregivers must possess strong time management skills. Davis worked with a rotating list of clients and often spent eight or more hours working with patients every day. His schedule required that he manage his time effectively and drive between homes every day.

As part of our home healthcare team, Davis remained up to date on laws that governed what he could and could not do. He also maintained a positive and upbeat attitude that helped patients and clients feel more relaxed and comfortable. Davis also possesses an understanding of personal care, housekeeping and how to help patients with everything they need throughout the day.


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