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Wilson Jobs At A Glance

Wilson At A Glance

Just 40 miles east of North Carolina’s capital city of Raleigh, Wilson sits in the Coastal Plains area of the eastern region of the state. Having enjoyed a population boost of more than 40% since 1990, due in part to the development of many new housing communities and retail centers, Wilson now ranks at number 18 of the 500-plus municipalities in North Carolina. Its 49,610 residents enjoy the benefits of a booming economy. Those who want to know more about the local job market and what it takes to find jobs in Wilson should look no further than the comprehensive information below.

Job Market in Wilson

Job Market in Wilson

Wilson is the county seat of Wilson County and enjoys a healthy economy of jobs in agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing. The unemployment rate in the Raleigh area is 4.7%, below the national average of 5.3%. The two top performing non-farm industries are professional and business services and trade, transportation, and utilities. Next, government ranks third, and is followed by education and health services and then leisure and hospitality. Education and health services sectors grew 2.4% between 2014-2015. Retail salespersons and food prep and service workers represent the two largest occupations of the Raleigh area. The national average weekly wage of $1,048 is just slightly higher than that of the Raleigh area, which is $1,006.

Resume Tips For Wilson Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Wilson  Jobseekers

Much has changed in the digital age, but resumes remain the primary document that future employers use to judge new hires. Learning the rules of a great resume is one of the most straightforward aspects of a job search.
1. The resume ingredients rule states that information on a resume should be listed according to what you want to impact the reader most.
2. Whether you choose to structure your resume in a chronological or functional manner, use bullet points to divide your experiences and descriptions.
3. List licenses, certifications, and skills only if they are relevant to the job you are seeking.
4. Always make sure your education section includes the following: degree name, major, college name, city/state, graduation year, minor.
5. List jobs as follows: job title, name of company, city/state, dates of employment, key accomplishments.

How to Find Jobs in Wilson

How to Find Jobs in Wilson

Regardless of whether you’re faced with a tough job market or an economy with myriad professional opportunities, hunting for a job can be stressful. If you’re on the lookout for jobs in Wilson, remembering these pieces of advice from seasoned job hunters can make your process easier.
1. With unemployment rates higher than recent history, finding a job in the new economy requires more than just checking up with job leads and putting in a few applications. Persistence and creativity are key to a successful job search.
2. If you are between jobs or have experienced a lay-off, do your best to structure your job hunt day by day. Make a daily schedule that involves time for filling out applications, browsing job boards, and attending networking events.
3. Store all the information relevant to you as a job candidate in one easily accessible spot online. Having your portfolio, resume, work samples, references, and skills assessments in one place makes for easy viewing by potential employers.
4. Keep track of hiring managers and local relevant companies by following them on social media, signing up for industry newsletters, and reading publications pertinent to your field.
5. In a recovering job market, both entrepreneurship and temporary work are viable options for employment. Consider these possibilities as ways to bypass traditional employment and still make a living.