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Westfield Jobs At A Glance

Westfield At A Glance

Within the borders of the Indianapolis metropolitan area lies the city of Westfield, a town of 30,068 residents and just over 27 square miles. This central Indiana city combines all the best aspects of both an urban and suburban area, with plenty of residential, retail and commercial space along with a huge 400-acre sports campus called Grand Park. Those who are seeking jobs in Westfield will be interested in the economic market of the area, along with major industries, top occupations and more information which follows below.

Job Market in Westfield

Job Market in Westfield

Westfield, and the metro Indianapolis area as a whole, enjoys low unemployment rates and good earning potential for workers. The unemployment rate in Hamilton County, which contains Westfield, is 3.3 percent, far below the national average of 5.3 percent. Trade, transportation and utilities is the overall top performing industry in the area, followed by professional and business services. Education and health services ranks third, while government ranks fourth, followed by leisure and hospitality in fifth place. Between 2014-2015, leisure and hospitality jobs experienced a significant growth rate of 5.5 percent. In the Indianapolis region, the top occupations are retail salespersons, physical laborers and stock, material and freight movers. The average weekly wage for all workers in Hamilton County is $908, which is not far below $1,048, the national average.

Resume Tips For Westfield Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Westfield  Jobseekers

A resume is your one-stop-shop for organizing and presenting your accomplishments to the world in a formal manner. To get the most out of your resume, follow the simple guidelines below.
1. Put your most valuable skills towards the top of your resume. These include transferrable skills as well as required necessities for the job at hand.
2. If you are an entrepreneur returning to the workplace, emphasize your ability to handle startup and turnaround situations. Focus on your entrepreneurial successes and accomplishments.
3. The trend is leaning toward short, non-wordy resumes that stay within one page. However, two pages are acceptable for those with rich backgrounds and much experience.
4. Listing references directly on a resume is no longer encouraged; if you are required to give references, feel free to use a separate page altogether.
5. As best you can, try not to leave gaps and missing information in your resume. If you were between jobs for some time, frame that period as a time of self-employment, project work or other structured activity.

How to Find Jobs in Westfield

How to Find Jobs in Westfield

If you’re hunting for jobs in Westfield, it’s a good idea to get a solid understanding of the new technology being used in the job market. Pay attention to the advice below, which will help you secure a meaningful job even in the post-recession world.
1. More and more, employers are recruiting new hires online. Using job boards, resume posting websites and online networking events, hiring managers are scouting the virtual world, so get online and make your presence known.
2. Take social media seriously. Studies show that the majority of employers screen their potential employee’s online presence before hiring, so make sure whatever they find – whether it’s on your personal profile or professional networking site – is impressive.
3. Even in the digital age, it’s still important to make face-to-face contact with prospective employers. Attend hiring fairs and career days in your area to connect in person with those who have potentially valuable job leads.
4. Following up will never go out of style. A simple email message or phone call will suffice to let a recruiter know that you are still actively interested in the job.
5. Persistence, diligence and thoroughness are some of the best tactics you can use in your job search. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to sniffing out job leads, and conduct as deep a job search as possible.