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Valparaiso Jobs At A Glance

Valparaiso At A Glance

Porter County, Indiana, is home to the mid-sized city of Valparaiso, a locale whose name literally means ‘vale of paradise’. Valparaiso contains 31,730 residents, as of the 2010 census, and is located on the northern Indiana border in the far northwestern portion of the state, very near Michigan City. With multiple colleges and universities within its borders, along with a plethora of recreational areas and parks, Valparaiso has plenty to do. To find out more specific information about the economic climate of the area, such as how to find jobs in Valparaiso, what the average wages are and what the major industries are, keep reading.

Job Market in Valparaiso

Job Market in Valparaiso

Valparaiso enjoys steadily positive economic prospects, in part because of its thriving local culture and valuable educational institutions. In Michigan City, which is nearby and comparable to Valparaiso, the unemployment rate is 5.7 percent, which is slightly higher than the national average of 5.3 percent. Trade, transportation and utilities is the most major employing sector, though it dropped nearly 5 percent between 2014-2015, followed by manufacturing. Government ranks in third place, followed by education and health services, and finally, leisure and hospitality. Retail salespersons, cashiers and waiters and waitresses represent the top three occupations in the Valparaiso-Michigan City area. The average weekly wage in the nearby South Bend locality, which is comparable to Valparaiso, is $763, though the national average weekly wage is $1,048.

Resume Tips For Valparaiso Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Valparaiso  Jobseekers

If you’re applying for jobs in Valparaiso, chances are that an awesome resume will get you your best shot at your dream position. Whether your resume is in need of polishing, updating, streamlining or building from scratch, here are some tips to keep in mind.
1. Consider adding a headline to your resume that brings the focus to your specific skillset and passions. These can be phrased like snappy, catchy sales pitches that tell the reader why they should be interested.
2. These days, resumes are trending shorter and shorter. While going over one page is acceptable if you have an extensive and impressive work history, going over two pages is generally not preferable.
3. If you have specific qualifications that you want to include, add a section titled affiliations, licenses, certifications or qualifications to your resume.
4. Consider the appearance of your resume. Don’t use justified text blocks, more than two font styles, any dark-toned paper color or consistent italics.
5. Do use bullet points, light colored heavyweight paper, bold text when appropriate and typographic variations to draw interest to your resume.

How to Find Jobs in Valparaiso

How to Find Jobs in Valparaiso

Most successful job searches start out with some kind of strategic plan, especially in the digital age when job hunting is so dependent on virtual networking. Include the following tips as part of your winning job hunt strategy.
1. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your specific occupation, industry or area of expertise when it comes to finding your next job. Sometimes your professional life can benefit from a complete overhaul, and you will always have your valuable transferable skills.
2. Identify overlooked or underused skills that you might possess by using professional assessment tests that analyze your personality and capabilities to see what occupations best suit you.
3. In your personal life, the weeks or months of a job search make a great time to do some self-care and exploring. Consider what is you do best and enjoy most and how to make that into a viable profession.
4. Try making a weekly or daily schedule of job search activities that includes time for things like browsing job boards, attending networking or support groups, brushing up on your skillset and working on polishing your resume.
5. Doing freelance work while you’re between jobs or waiting for the job market to pick up is a great idea. You benefit by making some money in the interim, and you usually don’t have to make any kind of commitment as a freelancer.